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The Theme Is… Pancakes!

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Republished from our original Pancakes theme post circa 2010. If you’re thinking we’re doing this to whet your appetite for a possible part deux tomorrow to celebrate National Pancake Week and Shrove Tuesday, you may or may not be right. (Spread the word! You know, just in case you’re right.)

Tasty Kitchen: Perfect Pancakes from The Pioneer Woman.

Ready for another new Tasty Kitchen Blog feature? Today, we’re doing Theme Day, where a specific dish, ingredient, cooking method, or even cuisine gets the spotlight. Guess what today’s theme is?

If you’re like me, a quick way to make breakfast instantly special is to whip up a stack of pancakes. I don’t know what it is about fried batter that just makes mornings feel right. I think the whole “ceremony” involved plays a part in it, too. Pancakes are generally not a grab-and-go kind of breakfast. No, you sit down for pancakes. Pancakes demand that you use proper utensils, and when they’re ready, you’d better be sitting at the table. Pancakes wait for no one.

Pancakes rule.

Since pancakes are a special way to start a day, we thought it was only fitting that we start off this new themed series with, well, pancakes. Many of you already know PW’s Perfect Pancakes pictured above. It’s got all the usual suspects in the ingredients, but it’s made with cake flour and a good amount of vanilla. Ree feels strongly about adding vanilla to your pancake batter.

How about you? When it comes to pancakes, what’s your poison? Do you like them with fruit, either mixed in or on top? Nuts? Chocolate chips? Savory rather than sweet? Or are you a straight up pancake purist?

I thought I’d seen my share of pancake variations, but I was blown away by the wonderful creations you clever, clever members have shared with us. Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

Tasty Kitchen: Carrot Cake Pancakes, recipe submitted by TK member Heather of Multiply Delicious.

How gorgeous do these Carrot Cake Pancakes by multiplydelicious2 look? I found myself wondering how they might taste with some cream cheese frosting on them. Because carrots are vegetables, right? So they cancel out the cream cheese? Yes?

We’ve also got our own lineup of international pancakes: German Pancakes, Dutch Babies, Swedish Pancakes, French Crepes, and these beauties from down under:

Tasty Kitchen: Yoghurt Pikelets, recipe submitted by TK member Bindi.

These are Yoghurt Pikelets from Bindi. Bindi says they can be eaten warm or cold, although I’m not sure a stack of these would last long enough in my house to get cold.

Or, if you’ve got some leftover ricotta from last night’s lasagna …

Tasty Kitchen: Lemon Poppy Seed Ricotta Pancakes, recipe submitted by TK member A Cozy Kitchen.

… that ricotta can find a home in these Lemon-Poppy Seed Ricotta Pancakes from A Cozy Kitchen.

Because their base is so simple, pancakes are one of the easiest dishes to customize. You can add fruits, nuts, cheese, bacon, sausage, baking chips, different extracts, and with all the possible combinations, they can quickly be made seasonal, too. Or, they can also be turned into something completely different.

Tasty Kitchen: Mini Maple Chocolate Chip Pancake Muffins, recipe submitted by TK member Bakerella.

Have you seen these delightful Mini Maple Chocolate Chip Pancake Muffins from Bakerella? She says they can be served with butter, with a small bowl of maple syrup for dipping. Genius, I’m telling you. Sheer genius.

Tasty Kitchen: Easy Morning Gluten-Free Pancakes, recipe submitted by TK member tallmisto.

And look, we even have gluten-free pancakes. These Easy Morning Gluten Free Pancakes from tallmisto look so good, you can almost taste them.

These are only a few of the many wonderful pancake recipes here, and boy do I want to make them all. Check out the Pancakes category and see what strikes your fancy. Or come up with your own special blend, and share it with us!

Oh, and if anyone can get back to me on that whole vegetables-cancel-out-cream-cheese thing, please let me know. But only if the answer is yes.



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Linda O'Connell on 2.21.2012

Ree: Love your blog. You are sooooo funny! And so slim! No, you do NOT have to worry about the cream cheese. Carbs are where it’s at for making us fat – not the good fats or cheeses. Sugars and heavy carbs – watch out! Cream cheese – dance and shout! This is true. It is sugar, wheat, trans fats – but not cream cheese, unless you eat it in huge amounts. Go for it.

Harpo8 on 2.21.2012

One time I poured syrup on my pancakes and it looked like a smiley face!

Jenn Morse on 2.21.2012

About a year ago my husband stumbled upon a secret. A secret supposedly about IHOP’s pancakes. In order to get the yummy, hardier texture and taste, it’s assumed they add a little bit of vanilla malt mix into the batter. Not a lot. Maybe a tablespoon or two, depending on how much batter you have. We’ve tried this many times now, and I tell ya, they are mighty tasty! Especially when making buttermilk pancakes. MMMmmmm!

Now I need to make pancakes.

Emily on 2.21.2012

Clinton Street Baking Company Pancakes – my favorite recipe, hands down!

Holly on 2.21.2012

Love, love, love pancakes! I just posted a recipe for corn and blueberry pancakes today for Pancake Day too.
thank for sharing these recipes!

my_kabbit on 2.20.2012

I grate zucchini or yellow squash into pancake batter. My kids love it and it took them years before then learned what “green and yellow pancakes” were!

Stephanie @ Hugs, Kisses and Snot on 2.20.2012

At our house it’s not so much about fancy ingredients as it is fancy shapes. You can choose from sun, moon or saturn. There are Star Wars pancake molds, mini waffle shapes and the newest addition are Easter shapes. Good times.

Scentsy Wickless Candles on 2.20.2012

I also love to add sour cream and a couple of squirts of vanilla syrup ( the kind you put in your coffee). I also have a large bottle of Mexican vanilla extract that I got in Cancun and put some of that in also. My family likes our pancakes thin, so I add the milk and wisk until I get the desired consistancy.

Sara Mc. on 2.20.2012

If you haven’t already, you should make Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes. (From Ree’s cookbook.) I made them for niece a while back and she requested them again yesterday. They are the best pancake I’ve ever eaten. Light and delicious. My mom loved them too (tough critic) and next time, I’m going to add blueberries to them.

mary c. keenan on 2.16.2010

i use trader joe’s multi-grain pancake mix and add oatmeal—
soooo good.//with pure maple syrup.

sj on 2.16.2010

i never liked pancakes growing up. however, in my freshman dorm cafeteria, they made pancakes that literally soaked up syrup like a sponge and then they weighed a ton. i loved them. and you weren’t hungry again until dinner that night.

i would love to know how to make pancake sponges.

Heather on 2.2.2010

I put a couple of packs of flavored instant oatmeal (like Apple Cinnamon or Cinnamon Roll) in my batter. I have to increase the liquid some to compensate, but oh, yum! Some chopped pecans don’t hurt, either!!

Profile photo of grammie24

grammie24 on 2.1.2010

I bought malted milk powder to add to my pancake mix…I use either homemade most of the time but also bought a pancake mix from King Arthur Flour….should make my pancakes even better. I’m expecting it in a few days…can’t wait to try it.

Profile photo of MS Hospitality

MS Hospitality on 1.30.2010

Bring on the Japanese pancakes! I am very interested!

Courtney on 1.28.2010

Oooh I’m so hungry now! I love pancakes! :D

Jo on 1.28.2010

Well, I just could not stand it and came home Wednesday night and fixed pancakes for dinner….oh yum!

Shannonheather, I love Japanese food! I grew up next door to a wonderful lady from Japan and I learned to love it at an early age. Her mother would send her spices and items she could not get in the states from home (Kobe) and I do not think there was anything that she made that I did not like….lots of good memories of the times and the food.

Profile photo of alina70

alina70 on 1.28.2010

I like pancakes with sour creem and red caviar

Profile photo of sistersue

sistersue on 1.28.2010

I love pancakes (in small doses) Have you seen the commercial where the pancakes grow back! That does not appeal to me AT ALL

Profile photo of julip1882

julip1882 on 1.28.2010

We eat a lot of pancakes in our house and my kids are CRAZY, they LOVE to eat them frozen? straight from the freezer….I always freeze the leftovers for the quick breakfast.
Anyhow, here’s one of my favorites for days we have more time:
and for a quick batch of pancakes, I keep a bag of this in the freezer….the malt powder and BUTTER makes them taste fabulous!
I do the 3T vinegar in 1C milk instead of buttermilk, we never seem to have that on hand….

Profile photo of roby

roby on 1.28.2010

Ok, girls: cooked and eaten!
Like to say: cotto e mangiato!
My first pancakes win over (is right???) my kids.
No biscotti today.
It’s all from Italy.

Cindy in GA on 1.28.2010

So many ways to love good buttermilk pancakes! We mix in a mashed ripe banana (sorry, Ree!) w/ cinnamon, or chopped pecans, or mini chocolate chips (because everything’s better with chocolate), or blueberries, or RASPBERRIES (from frozen) – so yummy. I think pancake nirvana is when you make them with mini chocolate chips, then top w/ sliced strawberries in a little sugar, real maple syrup, and real whipped cream. I dream of strawberry season when we can have those!

Beckie on 1.28.2010

Oh, my goodness, I need a pancake NOW! We had breakfast for dinner last night. Could I get away with pancakes tonight? I need counseling.

Shirley on 1.28.2010

We like ours like crepes almost. I use bisquick the add more milk than required some sugar and lemon..They are thin and yummy!! each pancake cooks in 1 minute. Stack em up with butter on em and keep warm in over til whole batch is done…

Profile photo of MS Hospitality

MS Hospitality on 1.28.2010

OMGoodness… I am the world’s worse pancake maker…. truly the worse! As I read along, I have hope… yes, hope. Cute Husband may get a treat for supper. I have fresh blueberries in the fridge. ;o)

Profile photo of buckarooandco

buckarooandco on 1.28.2010

OK…I have a question.

This is The Pioneer Woman’s website.

So…who is TK/Erika?

Sandy on 1.28.2010

They’ve gotta be moist, really moist — eggy is good too. I love buckwheat pancakes, but sometimes they’re dry. I’m a purist: any kind of pancake deserves lots of butter and pure maple syrup.

Pat in Oak Ridge on 1.28.2010

the pancake recipe I use: 1 egg, 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of buttermilk. they’re great, easy to make, easy to remember.

Janette on 1.28.2010

I believe that cream cheese is a milk product and therefore is as good as drinking a cup of milk! Enjoy it with no guilt! Vegetables are an entity of their own.

Profile photo of mrsjaybob

mrsjaybob on 1.28.2010

I could eat breakfast food three meals a day. We just did pumpkin pecan waffles last weekend. Recipe is on my blog.
I need to get busy and get it added here as well.

Profile photo of texasebeth

texasebeth on 1.28.2010

I’m usually a Bisquick pancake girl but may have to try some of these from scratch. I don’t like syrup though. I sprinkle cinnamon sugar on my pancakes instead.

Jaime K on 1.28.2010

Oh and the ONLY acceptable syrup is 100% pure maple!

Jaime K on 1.28.2010

I grew up eating pancakes made from a mix (ew!), but I’ve been experimenting with lots of recipes as an adult (pancakes are my husband’s favorite meal) and I think the best I’ve come across are Robie’s Buttermilk Flapjacks. Light, fluffy, vanilla-y, and perfect!

Profile photo of flourgirl

flourgirl on 1.28.2010

We have Brinner (breakfast for dinner) at least once a week. My boys’ favorite is pancakes, followed closely by french toast and waffles. Lately, I’ve been using the Simple Fluffy Pancake recipe ( and it is fantastic!

I agree with Ree…vanilla is a MUST when it comes to pancakes. And waffles. And french toast.

My family likes store-bought syrup but i prefer the homemade stuff with Mapeline flavoring. Does anyone have an out-of-this-world syrup recipe to share??

Charla on 1.28.2010

I made the carrot pancakes for dinner last night. Served with omelets they were a great “dessert” for this meal!

ynaffit on 1.28.2010

Ooh, I will have to post my recipe for 1) swedish pancakeS and 2) swedish pancake! They are mostly the same ingredients, but a different outcome!

Profile photo of shannonheather

shannonheather on 1.27.2010

While we were stationed in Japan (and very pregnant) I developed a love for okonomiyaki which roughly translate into “as you like it, grilled” pancakes. You can basically use anything you want in it. I used things like sprouts, cabbage, different types of meat or seafood (mmmm…shrimp), katsuobushi, dashi, aonori, and the list goes on.

I think I may have to add the recipe I prefer here. Anyone like Japanese food?

Profile photo of audreyinez

audreyinez on 1.27.2010

I totally LOLd at Bethany’s Amish-I-Hate you bread… hahahaha GOOD ONE!

still want pancakes. its hard being stuck at work until midnight and reading food blogs. sigh.

Gina on 1.27.2010

yummmy pancakes!!
I definitely add vanilla to my batter and when they are ready to be devoured I like mine with “dulce de leche”..hmmmm

Gina on 1.27.2010

yummmy pancakes!!
I definitely add vanilla to my batter and when they are ready to be devoured I like mine with “dulce de leche”..hmmmm

Amanda Eacret on 1.27.2010

My hubby made pancakes for dinner one night. He used peanut oil to cook them and we have never gone back. We like our cakes with a crispy outside and soft inside…the peanut oil adds just that and an interesting nutty undertone.

Amy Wright on 1.27.2010

We ran out of syrup one day and came up with this topping! It makes my daughter’s skirt fly for sure! Spread your standard pancake with strawberry jam between each layer and squirt Whip Cream on top!!! To die for yummy!

Profile photo of momee4five

momee4five on 1.27.2010

Buttermilk or sour milk is the key to the best pancakes, oh and I love half wheat, or with blueberries or apples or with pumpkin, oh I just love pancakes!

Melissa on 1.27.2010

The best pancakes I have ever eaten- The Curtis Hotel – Denver, CO- would love to know the recipe- out of this world!!!!

Bethany on 1.27.2010

The last time I made pancakes, I subbed in banana for some of the oil and egg (‘cuz I forgot we were almost out of eggs) and dumped in chocolate chips. Topped them with peanut butter and chocolate syrup when they were done. All they were missing was whipped cream – they were so good! (and RICH!)

The time before that, I made cinnamon apple pancakes.

Before that, I mixed crumbled bacon into them.

And before that, banana nut pancakes made out of Amish I-Hate-You bread mix. (Seriously – if you wanna be a friend, just give people a loaf of the finished product. The division and multiplication of the batter should be left to thine enemies. I still have some batter in my freezer a friend’s mother gave me three years ago. I don’t know what I ever did to her to deserve that!)

ajira on 1.27.2010

Yes. That’s all I’m going to say.

Profile photo of maryloves2cook

maryloves2cook on 1.27.2010

I was reading all the comments from this blog, and remembered something my dad used to do (He made great pancakes! And, eggs. Otherwise, Mom did the cooking:) He would take plain ordinary buttermilk pancakes, and as he cooked them somewhat large, kept a warm plate in the oven (probably 200 degrees) and would butter each one and sprinkle a little brown sugar on each and stack them on top of each other. Then after making a good stack of 6 or so, he would serve them. He’d cut them like a pie. I hadn’t thought of that in years! Yummy!

Jo on 1.27.2010

Light, fluffy made from scratch buttermilk pancakes. Melt the BUTTER and syrup separately and the pour over each pancake one by one……oh my is that yummy! For a change up, every now and then I like to use cornmeal (grew up getting it fresh ground from the mill in town) and make hoecakes and top with BUTTER and REAL maple syrup. Oh my goodness, watch out waist as you are getting ready to expand.

Jana on 1.27.2010

Yum!!!! I like to add a bit of almond extract to my pancakes! It adds a little different flavor! And I like to top them with syrup and pecan pieces! But everyone in my family likes them a little different, so I generally make them different each time.

Crissy Maras on 1.27.2010

we do pancakes a couple times a month in my house, breakfast and dinner both. I especially love pumpkin pecan and corn meal pancakes. You really can’t go wrong =)

Profile photo of meeshiesmom

meeshiesmom on 1.27.2010

Also, the recipe that I have for pancakes you mix a large amount of the dry ingredients together and keep in the pantry as needed and then add all your wet ingredients including BUTTERMILK! YUM!