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The Theme Is… Pancakes!

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Republished from our original Pancakes theme post circa 2010. If you’re thinking we’re doing this to whet your appetite for a possible part deux tomorrow to celebrate National Pancake Week and Shrove Tuesday, you may or may not be right. (Spread the word! You know, just in case you’re right.)

Tasty Kitchen: Perfect Pancakes from The Pioneer Woman.

Ready for another new Tasty Kitchen Blog feature? Today, we’re doing Theme Day, where a specific dish, ingredient, cooking method, or even cuisine gets the spotlight. Guess what today’s theme is?

If you’re like me, a quick way to make breakfast instantly special is to whip up a stack of pancakes. I don’t know what it is about fried batter that just makes mornings feel right. I think the whole “ceremony” involved plays a part in it, too. Pancakes are generally not a grab-and-go kind of breakfast. No, you sit down for pancakes. Pancakes demand that you use proper utensils, and when they’re ready, you’d better be sitting at the table. Pancakes wait for no one.

Pancakes rule.

Since pancakes are a special way to start a day, we thought it was only fitting that we start off this new themed series with, well, pancakes. Many of you already know PW’s Perfect Pancakes pictured above. It’s got all the usual suspects in the ingredients, but it’s made with cake flour and a good amount of vanilla. Ree feels strongly about adding vanilla to your pancake batter.

How about you? When it comes to pancakes, what’s your poison? Do you like them with fruit, either mixed in or on top? Nuts? Chocolate chips? Savory rather than sweet? Or are you a straight up pancake purist?

I thought I’d seen my share of pancake variations, but I was blown away by the wonderful creations you clever, clever members have shared with us. Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

Tasty Kitchen: Carrot Cake Pancakes, recipe submitted by TK member Heather of Multiply Delicious.

How gorgeous do these Carrot Cake Pancakes by multiplydelicious2 look? I found myself wondering how they might taste with some cream cheese frosting on them. Because carrots are vegetables, right? So they cancel out the cream cheese? Yes?

We’ve also got our own lineup of international pancakes: German Pancakes, Dutch Babies, Swedish Pancakes, French Crepes, and these beauties from down under:

Tasty Kitchen: Yoghurt Pikelets, recipe submitted by TK member Bindi.

These are Yoghurt Pikelets from Bindi. Bindi says they can be eaten warm or cold, although I’m not sure a stack of these would last long enough in my house to get cold.

Or, if you’ve got some leftover ricotta from last night’s lasagna …

Tasty Kitchen: Lemon Poppy Seed Ricotta Pancakes, recipe submitted by TK member A Cozy Kitchen.

… that ricotta can find a home in these Lemon-Poppy Seed Ricotta Pancakes from A Cozy Kitchen.

Because their base is so simple, pancakes are one of the easiest dishes to customize. You can add fruits, nuts, cheese, bacon, sausage, baking chips, different extracts, and with all the possible combinations, they can quickly be made seasonal, too. Or, they can also be turned into something completely different.

Tasty Kitchen: Mini Maple Chocolate Chip Pancake Muffins, recipe submitted by TK member Bakerella.

Have you seen these delightful Mini Maple Chocolate Chip Pancake Muffins from Bakerella? She says they can be served with butter, with a small bowl of maple syrup for dipping. Genius, I’m telling you. Sheer genius.

Tasty Kitchen: Easy Morning Gluten-Free Pancakes, recipe submitted by TK member tallmisto.

And look, we even have gluten-free pancakes. These Easy Morning Gluten Free Pancakes from tallmisto look so good, you can almost taste them.

These are only a few of the many wonderful pancake recipes here, and boy do I want to make them all. Check out the Pancakes category and see what strikes your fancy. Or come up with your own special blend, and share it with us!

Oh, and if anyone can get back to me on that whole vegetables-cancel-out-cream-cheese thing, please let me know. But only if the answer is yes.



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Profile photo of meeshiesmom

meeshiesmom on 1.27.2010

We love blueberry pancakes and yes to vanilla in the batter along with cinnamon!

Has anyone made pumpkin pancakes? Those rock too!

ting on 1.27.2010

holy cow those look so good…

Profile photo of redfox

redfox on 1.27.2010

Don’t forget the Apple Pancake Cupcakes, they taste just like my grandma’s apple pancakes :D

Casey - The Baker Bee on 1.27.2010

And now my tummy is rumbling and I must go make pancakes. As a mid-afternoon snack. That’s not wrong, is it??

Laura on 1.27.2010

Wow! I havent had pancakes for a long time! Ill have to try them again soon! My dgd, whos 3 has to have them with chocolate chips and butter only! I will admit they taste like a warm cookie!

Profile photo of audreyinez

audreyinez on 1.27.2010

oh sweet delicious pancakes… they were a staple of childhood. i will never forget the time my little brother, levi, found out we were having pancakes for supper one night and in his joy he ran to the front door and yelled at the top of his 4 year old lungs to his little friend across the street “HEY CHRISTINA!!! WE ARE HAVING PANCAKES FOR SUPPER!!! PAAANNNCAAKKES!!!!!”

Profile photo of lunamoon

lunamoon on 1.27.2010

Pancakes are the universal comfort food, right? I once had some in a little place in Austin’s SoCo district, they were Gingerbread Banana Pancakes. Too die for! And I will always love corncakes – pancakes made with Jiffy Corn Bread Mix – especially cooked outside camping. And finally, my mamma’s potato pancakes are not to be missed. I must get the recipe posted for those….

DeDe on 1.27.2010

Homemade buttermilk pancakes with warm syrup and a sausage patty to dip in that syrup too. I think I like pancakes because of the syrup!

CHSmith on 1.27.2010

Our specialty is pancakes with homemade chocolate syrup. I also have a recipe for brown sugar syrup that is very good, but the chocolate usually wins out.

Deanne on 1.27.2010

Seeing all these has me wanting potato pancakes. Better yet, I’d like to pull some of the sweet corn out of the freezer and make corn cakes.

Married to an Aussie in OK on 1.27.2010

OHHHHHhhhhh… if we lose power in this stupid impending ice storm, I know what I can still make!!!!!

Ashley on 1.27.2010

I love huckleberries mixed in.

Profile photo of boschka

boschka on 1.27.2010

I adore both sourdough and plain( can a pancake in fact ever be ” plain ” …that’s just not right ) . I like to throw nutmeg in my batter either way..hell..nutmeg in the syrup if need be.

Have a great day .

Spruce Hill on 1.27.2010

I am not a big pancake person but we tried your sour cream pancakes and they are so god. I can usually pass up a pancake but not those!

Lesa on 1.27.2010

For years I keep telling my family that I get to have a candy bar because I’m drinking a Diet Coke along with it. I’m sure that vegetables and cream cheese fit this logic!! ;)

Profile photo of kaycarrasco

kaycarrasco on 1.27.2010

Cornbread batter pancakes are *wonderful*–I’ll make a stack of those to go with chili now, in place of cornbread. And CeeGee, don’t give up on making pancakes, just get a *non-stick* flat griddle pan (so you don’t have to bother with cooking spray); it made all the difference in the world for me. I used to have to apologize all the way to the table, but now my pancakes are as pretty as they are GOOD.

Renee in Seattle on 1.27.2010

Once I put dried cranberries in the pancake batter, and then used cranberry syrup on them, and that was the best EVER!

Julie Seamons on 1.27.2010

To make our pancakes special we add huckleberries, picked from the wild, to the top of our pancakes. Everyone goes crazy over them!!! They are absolutley delicious!!! I make my pancakes from a package but actually prefer homemade. That is what I was raised on and that is preferrably the best!

Tracey T. on 1.27.2010

I love mine with lots of blueberries! My kids always spread peanut butter on theirs…weirdos!

Mandy on 1.27.2010

As I reading about all these yummy pancakes, I actually thought I smelled syrup! :)

melissa on 1.27.2010

This is perfectly timed, since tomorrow is supposedly National Blueberry Pancake Day!

Profile photo of Nama

Nama on 1.27.2010

I have a recipe for 4-grain pancakes made with oats and cornmeal that are simply amazing! Especially with some chocolate chips thrown in for good measure and a touch of maple syrup. I might just have to post it here soon!

Sarah on 1.27.2010

I have two favorites. Just a lemon ricotta, never tried the poppy seed, and a whole wheat mix from the organic sections. (Bob’s mill?) Wonderful!!

kara on 1.27.2010

The bacon chocolate chip version sounds interesting (maksbestfriend), but I am completely confused by the term “leftover bacon” – pretty sure I have never seen any such thing :)

delaine on 1.27.2010

I always make Swedish pancakes. They’re the best!

Katie on 1.27.2010

My aunt adds 7-up to her batter – it makes the lightest, fluffiest pancakes and waffles! I love toasted pecans or walnuts on mine with real maple syrup!

Profile photo of maksbestfriend

maksbestfriend on 1.27.2010

Ok, this is going to sound weird, but my husband chops up leftover bacon and then adds chocolate chips for his wife that loves anything chocolate, even her pancakes!

Profile photo of angelfood

angelfood on 1.27.2010

*drooling* I am so trying the Carrot Cake Pancakes this weekend. My family loves pancakes, I really need to make them more often. Now I have some yummy new recipes to inspire me.

Linda K. Gill on 1.27.2010

The carrot cake pancakes will definitely be made soon!

Profile photo of terri

terri on 1.27.2010

Call me crazy, but try topping basic pancakes with your favorite chili. Sounds really wierd, but it’s marvelous! This was an old camping meal we used to have while in Colorado. It’s great!

michelle on 1.27.2010

I spent the 10 days after christmas making pancakes every day…..I was craving them since I got this fancy batter bowl and some mixes from maine with real syrup….but my favorite tricks….I love to make them from scratch, I add malt extract and let the batter sit and ferment for about 30 minutes before I griddle them, the batter seems lighter and foamier and makes fluffier pancakes, but i also love to make dutch babies, overnight soaked french toast, oatcakes and scones from the same basic ingredients!

Sandybee on 1.27.2010

My grandmother used to make crepes. Instead of syrup, she squeezed a lemon over them and then sprinkled them with sugar. Out of this world.

Lori T. on 1.27.2010

I am really enjoying the whole ricotta addition I’ve been seeing everywhere -but a good crepe with nutella and strawberries is also something I can’t refuse!

cheryl on 1.27.2010

We LOVE pancakes at our house too! I’m dying to make the ricotta cheese version.

Leslie on 1.27.2010

I finally got a griddle for Christmas. Making pancakes is so much faster now! :) I can’t wait to try these recipes. Thank you!

Oh, and we LOVE Bakerella’s mini chocolate chip pancake muffins at our house.

Judy from Kentucky on 1.27.2010

Oh my goodness! I WAS a straight-up regular pancake type of girl, but now after seeing the above recipes may have a change of heart. I will be making the carrot cake and lemon-poppyseed variations! Yummy!!!!!

anotherlisa on 1.27.2010

practice! truly, if you have a recipe that tastes good, the only thing left is the look of the pancake, and practice helps you.
you may “stink” because of your pan or spatula or cooktop. all are things practice will help you figure out. and if they taste good, my family doesn’t care if an occasional “ugly” gets in the stack.
i hope you love making them soon. all 3 of my girls are glad they learned how, and practice was the key.

Profile photo of Carol

Carol on 1.27.2010

OK….I’ll confess…I totally STINK at making pancakes. :( Seeing all of these versions makes me want to take the plunge and try my hand at it again. I can’t make ‘em, bit I sure do love ‘em!
I’m inspired to give it a go………….


pati mk on 1.27.2010

I hate to admit it but I’m the same as Pammy. I’ve never made them from scratch. I usually mix the wheat with regular but I’m definitely trying your recipe. I’m sure homemade is best. They look so good.

Profile photo of kaylabird

kaylabird on 1.27.2010

Now I know what to do with the extra ricotta and carrots in my fridge. Hope the fam doesn’t mind pancakes twice this week…..yeah, right!

Fran on 1.27.2010

We often have pancakes for dinner. I just use a boxed mix, but I am going to try a few of these out. The pancake muffins look especially interesting as I have 3 mini people who will eat almost anything in muffin form

Profile photo of carolinagirl

carolinagirl on 1.27.2010

Yes, Erika, the carrots cancel out the cream cheese!!! I showed the carrot ckae pancake recipe to my son last nite and I have a feeling that we’ll be making them this weekend! I’ve made banana, chocolate chip and pumpkin (not all mixed together!). My kids love, love, love pancakes!

Rhonda on 1.27.2010

Pancakes are special in our house too…just about anyway. My son came up with cornbread pancakes made from the Jiffy cornbread mix. Ever tried leftover frosting spread between two yet? Sort of like an old-fashioned stack cake. It was dessert, not breakfast!

This would be a great lodge theme too, like an OK-HOP.

Profile photo of maryloves2cook

maryloves2cook on 1.27.2010

Found the recipe that my husband has been making…IHOP Pancakes by “typeamommy!” You have to try these. They are really good and about as easy as making a pre made mix!

Wendy2 in WA on 1.27.2010

YUM, and now I am thinking that dinner tonight is going to be… Carrot Cake Pancakes. I’ve been stuck in the blueberry rut, which while delicious, is so predictable for my family.. here come the carrots!

Profile photo of maryloves2cook

maryloves2cook on 1.27.2010

Yum! I should post the recipe my husband has been making for a few years! These all look delicious!

Profile photo of Pam  (Bored Cook)

Pam (Bored Cook) on 1.27.2010

I’m ashamed to admit this, but I feel now that I must.

My family LOVES pancakes, and I have never once made them from scratch. Why? I don’t know.

But this has now made me decide I definitely want to try them.

Profile photo of Brooklyn

Brooklyn on 1.27.2010

I love mine with butter and a spreading of peanut butter. Soooo rich!

TR on 1.27.2010


Now you know “What’s for supper” !! :D