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The Theme Is … The Grill!

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Just in time for Labor Day, we’d like to sharing this fabulous bunch of grilling recipes from Tasty Kitchen. There are some magnificent jewels in here!

(Republished from May 2010.)

Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is The Grill!

I thought about asking you to guess what today’s theme is just by looking at the collection of some of Ree’s recipes above. But then I realized that the title might—just might—give it away.

I’m smart.

This weekend is Laborl Day weekend, and as is customary for most warm weather holiday weekends, lots of folks will be breaking out the grill. Grilled food has that lovely, smoky flavor enhanced by those little charred bits, and it can make even a plain ol’ burger or hotdog taste special. But of course, why stick to plain and old when you have a wealth of choices like we do here at Tasty Kitchen. Let’s look at some of them, shall we?


Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is The Grill! (Burgers)Clockwise from top left: Western BBQ Burgers from patiodaddio, Grouper Sandwich from big2beautiful, Brooklyn Style Sausage and Peppers from calou84523, Greek Burgers from meeshiesmom, Vietnamese Sandwich – Bánh Mì from nancyvnjourney that features grilled pork, Ultimate Umami Burger from whiteonricecouple, Losh Kebab (Armenian Style Lamb Burgers) from jennifera, and Garlic Parmesan Shroom Burgers from julie23.

Of course, the grill isn’t just for burger-style sandwiches. Jaden, for example, loves her Grilled Lobster with Garlic Butter Sauce. And believe me, if lobsters are in your horizon, do try her recipe. It’s all kinds of amazing. Or if you prefer chicken, lamb, pork, or even salmon, maybe one of the recipes below has your name on it.


Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is The Grill! (Meat)Clockwise from top left: Candy Chicken from Chez Us, Spicy Chicken Peanut Noodles from gitskt, Tandoori-Spiced Grilled Butterflied Lamb from ThreeManyCooks, Southwest Summer Pork Chops from Karly Campbell, Grilled Chipotle Chicken from lifesambrosia, Audrey’s Pork Tenderloin from julip1882, Charcoal-Grilled Chicken Kebabs from bethanderson, and Grilled Teriyaki Salmon from savorysweetlife.

One thing I’ve come to realize about grilling is that, while the meat or vegetable being grilled is the star of the show, the marinade or seasoning can sometimes be just as essential. Or sometimes, it’s the sauce that you serve on the side that really brings it all together. Offer your guests a choice of sauces, and just like that, you add instant variety to the meal with minimal effort.

I raided our Condiments category to find some great spice rubs, marinades, and sauces. I even found cosibar’s Chocolate Spice Rub for Ribeye Steaks, which gives you an excuse to grill chocolate. Here are a few others you might want to try.


Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is The Grill! (Condiments, Rubs and Marinades)Top row, left to right: Smoky Citrus Seasoning from patiodaddio, Smoky BBQ Sauce from ericalea, Thai Marinade from cilantrolime, aka Beth, and Jalapeno Tequila Lime Hot Sauce from paxye. Bottom left: Cilantro-Lime Chimichurri with Avocado from erinmcb33. Middle row, center to right: All-Purpose BBQ Seasoning from patiodaddio and Chimichurri Sauce from missinthekitchen. Bottom row, center to right: Kona Crusted Steak from julip1882 and Chicken Marinade from oneordinaryday.

Don’t forget one of our most popular marinades, the Firehall Steak Marinade (Works on Chicken, Too!) from themomdept. Many members have tried and loved it!

How about some appetizers, snacks, and sides to go along with your lovely entrees? Here are some options that—you guessed it—are also made on the grill. Hey, I’m serious about keeping you out of the kitchen! Unless, of course, your grill is in your kitchen. Then I would have failed miserably.


Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is The Grill! (Appetizers, Snacks, and Sides)Left column, top to bottom: Grilled Salad from patiodaddio and Mexican Corn from daxphillips. Center column, top to bottom: Grilled Guacamole Salad from culinarysherpas, Grilled Cherry Tomato and Bread Skewers from steamykitchen, and Marinated Zucchini from Bindi. Right column, top to bottom: Grilled Loaded Potato Skins from Dana (The Homesteading Housewife) and Shiitake Mushroom Yakitori from fujimama.

Finally, this wouldn’t be a Tasty Kitchen post without rounding out the meal with dessert. Oh yes, I’m serious. Dessert on the grill? You betcha.


Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is The Grill! (Dessert)Clockwise from top left: Grilled Peaches with Ricotta Cheese and Balsamic Reduction from savorysweetlife, Grilled Pineapple with Toasted Coconut and Lime from HowSweetEats, and Grilled Strawberries with Gingersnap Meringue from cookincanuck.

And you thought I was kidding, too.

So what are your plans this upcoming weekend? Will you be putting the backyard grill to use like many of us? What’s your favorite thing to make on the grill? Do share, because as we all know, Fire plus Food equals Good. Very, very good.



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Debbie J. on 9.7.2010

We (DS 17 yrs old) and I decided to forego the usual Labor Day hoopla and instead took a long hike for a couple of hours and eat cheese, salami and chips out of a backpack. We both had a great time. And it was so much less work.

Window On The Prairie on 9.6.2010

I grilled some pork steaks, and then slathered them with BBQ sauce. Also grilled some corn on the cob and fresh from the garden potatoes. Suzanne

Tabitha - From Single to Married on 9.5.2010

mmm… grilled salmon! Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

AGinTO on 9.5.2010

YES YES YES! I love BBQing and I’m sad that Summer is slowly coming to an end…

MadeYouLook NATURAL Skincare

Profile photo of Sex, Food, and Rock & Roll

Sex, Food, and Rock & Roll on 5.28.2010

All I have is a George Foreman grill right now, but this is definitely cementing my need for a nice charcoal grill. Everything looks so delicious!!

Paula on 5.28.2010

oh, I wanna go to grill! :)

Profile photo of

on 5.27.2010

I want to try those grilled peaches. I’ve seen the done with an egg white meringue in the middle instead of cheese.

Martha on 5.27.2010

I made a Lemon Poppy Seed Yogurt cake last weekend that is absolutely divine grilled. I lightly grill slices and top with ice cream and berries – yum!

Katie on 5.26.2010

We are all about fish and shrimp tacos on the grill right now. Just chunk or shred up a bunch of fresh veggie toppings and take them out to the grill with a platter of spiced shrimp and corn tortillas to cook. Just posted a new recipe for them on my site. This is going to be a staple meal with us this summer especially with my husband filling our freezer with fish that he catches every weekend!

Julie Seamons on 5.26.2010

I have given up on restaurant burgers but absolutely can not pass up a homemade burger fresh off the grill. Then there is the marinated chicken breast, and the grilled salmon and veggies. Heaven help me! I love summer and grilling!

Nicole Lizon on 5.26.2010

This is great. I was planning on buying a grill this weekend.

Elizabeth on 5.26.2010

My husband’s birthday occupies our Memorial Day weekend every year. And of course we grill! Though in Portland this can involve rain, which makes it a bit trickier. (It’s pouring right now, but the weekend is supposed to be dry. Fingers crossed.)
We’ve got a mix of vegetarian and carniverous friends, so we usually grill kabobs. Twice as many chopped veggies as meat, for the veggie-only skewers. Sometimes we throw in the Arabic shish kabobs that my grandmother makes. And always tabouli and hummous on the side, with lots of pocket bread!

Profile photo of patiodaddio

patiodaddio on 5.26.2010

Thanks so much for the inclusions! I love the smell of burning charcoal in the morning. :-) -John

Mrs. W on 5.26.2010

Anything on the grill is my favorite. Just last night we had grilled pork chops. But we also hit all the other meat groups in our house with chicken, shrimp, mahi mahi, and of course steak and hamburgers! And BTW I am the grill master of my house… hubby grew up in a non-grilling home. He didn’t know what he had missed till he married me and I made him buy me a grill! : )

Mary B. on 5.26.2010

I’ll be poolside all afternoon – and there happens to be a grill next to the pool, so taking full advantage! Planning a big feast for probably 20 folks – lots of appetizers during the day and then a nice big meal at night (gotta give the cold beer some company).

My favorite thing to grill – which will be making an appearance on Sunday – is my Grilled Sausage and Cheese plate. It’s always one of the first things to disappear!

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

Jenn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) on 5.26.2010

I’m not sure what I’m making yet but I love all of these ideas!!! :D Definitely grilling. Definitely!


Cheryl O. on 5.26.2010

OH! Hallelujah!

I want to grill more this summer!!

Jessica @ How Sweet on 5.26.2010

I have to go with salad as my favorite grilled item! In Baltimore a few months ago I had my first grilled caesar salad and have been addicted ever since. They are incredibly delicious. Who ever thought that grilled romaine would be that brilliant?

This weekend brings many parties for me. Can’t wait. Happy Memorial Day!