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The Theme Is … Spring!

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is Spring! (Risotto Primavera, from Ree Drummond of The Pioneer Woman)

Ah, finally. Spring has sprung, at least for many of our members. It’s the season when we say goodbye to winter coats, snow shovels, and early sunsets, and start saying hello to those green things coming up from the ground, the sound of birds chirping, and rain showers instead of snow.

The advent of spring also means some of our favorite fruits and vegetables come into season. It’s when those young leaves and shoots of edible plants start emerging from the ground, and eventually end up in our plates as “field greens” or “spring mix.”

One of the lovely vegetables that enjoy their peak season in spring is asparagus. Did you know that a serving of asparagus (1 cup) will give you 114% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin K? It’s also loaded with folate, and vitamins A and C. We’ve got a wealth of recipes here that make use of this wonderful vegetable, so now that it’s in season, why not give some of these a try?


Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is Spring! (Asparagus)Clockwise from top left: Creamy Chicken Asparagus Soup from taracooks, Asparagus with Goat Cheese Dressing from whatmegansmaking, Soba Noodles with Grilled Sea Scallops and Asparagus from steamykitchen, Patsy’s Marinated Asparagus and Hearts of Palm posted by Ree, Meyer Lemon-Scented Farro and Asparagus Salad from activefoodie, and a beautiful Asparagus, Gruyere and Parmesan Tart from whatsgabycooking.

Of course, there are a lot of other vegetables also coming into their peak during spring. Like artichokes, which are high in fiber, calcium, potassium, iron, and phosphorous. They’re multitaskers, and they look pretty, too. Fennel is another one that really loves the spring, and it’s loaded with antioxidants. Vidalia onions and radishes are also at their sweetest and crunchiest in the spring, as well as new potatoes, peas, and beautiful greens like crisp lettuce and arugula.


Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is Spring! (Spring Vegetables)Top row, from left to right: Fennel in Bechamel Sauce with Parmesan Cheese, Radish Pickles from muskegharpy, and Grilled Salad from patiodaddio. Middle row, from left to right: Potato Parmesan Soup with Parsley-Fennel Pesto from runningwithtweezers, Swiss Chard and Caramelized Onion Tacos from ashleyrodriguez, and Artichokes with Orzo Salad from wynk52. Bottom row, from left to right: Lamb Chops and New Potatoes from bell’alimento, and Arugula Soup with Goat Cheese from A Cozy Kitchen.

Of course, with the abundance of the spring harvest, we don’t have to limit ourselves to featuring just one or two vegetables in a dish. After all, the dish named after the season, Risotto Primavera (in the photo at the top of this post), has all the lovely fresh vegetables of spring in it. So why not go on a true “spring mix” spree and combine all your favorites in one dish, whether it be in a salad, soup, or a nice hearty casserole?


Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is Spring! (Vegetable Medleys)Clockwise from left: Mixed Greens with Oranges and Balsamic Steak from goodlifeeats (hint: now would be a good time to grab some navel oranges, because they’re ending their season right about now), those wonderful Springy Shells from Ree, and a creamy French Spring Soup from barefootbelle.

Aside from vegetables, spring also ushers in the season for some lovely fruits, like strawberries. We’ve got tons of recipes here using strawberries, and not just as dessert items. There’s a delicious Fresh Strawberry Vinaigrette from butterbean, and a refreshing Strawberry Salad with Spicy Pecans from callimakesdo.

I’ll also mention strawberry’s usual partner rhubarb here, although rhubarb is technically a vegetable. But they like each other and play together all the time, so who am I to separate them?


Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is Spring! (Fruit)Clockwise from top left: Strawberry Rhubarb Freezer Jam from kathyingreendale, an impressive-looking Strawberry Pizza from oneordinaryday, a beautiful Strawberry Meringue Pie (Lovebird Pie) from Farmer Gal, wonderful Rhubarb Ginger Peach Muffins from Tracy (Sugarcrafter), and an elegant Strawberry Crostada from Karly Campbell.

There are so many things to look forward to now that spring is here! Of course, the specific vegetables and fruits that come into season around this time will really depend on where you live. So tell us! What are you looking forward to cooking in the coming weeks? Do you have any favorite ingredients that are just coming into season? Or maybe there’s that one special dish that just reminds you of spring and makes your heart sing. We’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a few more strawberry recipes that can help you celebrate the new season. To me, nothing says “finally, some warm weather!” quite like a refreshing drink, or a frozen treat. Here are some of my favorites.


Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is Spring! (Strawberries)Clockwise from top left: An irresistible ButterYum’s Strawberry Sorbet from, you guessed it, ButterYum, a thirst-quenching Strawberry Basil Lemonade from whatsgabycooking, and a tantalizing Meyer Lemon Strawberry Ice Cream from Dandy.

I hope you enjoy the season, wherever you may be. Happy Spring everyone!



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Joan Hakkinen on 5.5.2010

It is certainly interesting for me to read this post. Thanx for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more soon. By the way, pretty nice design this blog has, but how about changing it every few months?

Joan Hakkinen
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Traci on 3.30.2010

just made me hungry. Can’t wait to try some of these recipes.

Katie F on 3.29.2010

Goodness…where to start…

Profile photo of goodlifeeats

goodlifeeats on 3.29.2010

This all looks great! Thanks for featuring my salad. I am so ready for spring and lighter recipes with lots of veggies.

Demetria on 3.29.2010

Looks so good! I can’t wait for all the flavors of the season, but until then how about a few meals out of PW’s cookbook. Check this one out.

Michelle W on 3.28.2010

What is the recipe for the very first picture? It looks sooooooo good!

Kristen on 3.28.2010

I’ve already had baby lettuces and asparagus. I’m looking forward to the lavender festival now so that I can have a blueberry lavender slushie.

Marcia on 3.27.2010

I had dirt under my fingernails today. Spring has arrived in Atlanta, GA and I am getting ready. Garden plans made, of course paper planning is easy, but that pollen filled work gets me every time.

Have eaten about 10lb of fresh asparagus and 5lb fingerling potatoes, and goodness knows how many boxes of Florida strawberries.

Bring on Spring–I am past ready. Fifth coldest winter on record and you know the South does not do snow very well. I am tired of winter clothes. Bring on white skirts April 01. Will eat radishes, asparagus, new potatoes and pea salad, and have an avocado and pink grapefruit salad for dessert.

Alyssa in Minnesota on 3.27.2010

I made the Asparagus with Goat Cheese Dressing and it was delicious. I highly recommend!

sarah on 3.26.2010

all of these recipes make me smile! can’t wait to try them!

Sandy ( Your Life, Organized ) on 3.26.2010

Yum Yum Yum!! It all looks so yummy! :-)

Susie on 3.26.2010

Do you have a link to the recipe of the big pasta salad that is the first photo? Or did I just miss it?

Linda M. on 3.26.2010

How wonderful! Thanks for your work & ideas! Now WHY didn’t I think of this?! LOL I have too many Tasty Kitchen recipes bookmarked ……..but that by no means means I’ll not bookmark this one too………Thanks again & keep up the great work!

Emma on 3.26.2010

Aww, I was excited to see a spring theme as I’m currently putting together a menu for Easter, but none of those things are going to be in season here for another month at least! Well except (forced) rhubarb, and the shops are full of navels. Unfortunately the unusually harsh British winter has set spring back by almost a month here, so we’ve still got some time to go until we can start eating British veg, but I’m really looking forward to the locally grown salad bits coming onto the supermarket shelves.

kris10 on 3.26.2010

The asparagus tart looks amazing, and the sorbet. Oh my goodness. My stomach is growling at me now.

Crystal on 3.26.2010

I am so excited for fresh vegetables!

Profile photo of emilyjean

emilyjean on 3.26.2010

All of these recipes look delicious. I can’t wait to try a few of them.

Martha on 3.26.2010

What a feast for the eyes. I want to make and eat all of those recipes — now!

Dianne on 3.26.2010

What a fabulous post!! Everything looks so fresh and delicious.

Profile photo of MS Hospitality

MS Hospitality on 3.26.2010

Erika, you are an inspiration! Thank you for putting this breath of spring into my day…. and most of the recipes are healthy if I use portion control.
Bless your sweet heart!

Profile photo of Tickled Red ~ Eat Laugh Surf

Tickled Red ~ Eat Laugh Surf on 3.26.2010

Erika I adore your collages!! Spring has definitely sprung. Days and days of dirt under the nails and fresh veggie delights on the table :)

Melanie on 3.26.2010

Mmmmm. Bookmarking like crazy over here. I’m just going to search but wanted to let you know that I don’t think the Strawberry Basil Lemonade link is working. Looks divine.

Mary on 3.26.2010

I am so happy my favorite vegetables have started showing up in the produce section – corn on the cob and artichokes! Yay (and yum!) for Spring – I love grilling weather!

Profile photo of Erika (TK)

Erika (TK) on 3.26.2010

Katy, that’s Ree’s Pasta Primavera. It’s just like spring in a bowl! Or, in my case, a really big plate.

Katy on 3.26.2010

The Pasta salad in the beginning looks delicious, is there a recipe? Also somthing to add about asparagus, eating 8 T. a day helps fight cancer cells.

Joy on 3.26.2010

everything looks amazing. Who’s making lunch for us?

The Art of Doing Stuff on 3.26.2010

So my sister brings up a good point. I love asparagus and I bought the white asparagus for the first time last week. My sister mentioned that vegetables that are bright in colour are good for you. So, what about white asparagus? Is it as nutritious? Hmm … I ‘spose I could Google it.

Natalie on 3.26.2010

Someone help me! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!! …. and hand me some veggies… Everything looks so delightful!!!!

terry on 3.26.2010

ok, im drooling. thanks.

the domestic fringe on 3.26.2010

Boy it all looks great! It’s too bad it’s freezing here and doesn’t feel like Spring. Maybe if I cook some of these things up, I can trick my mind. ;-)


Heather (Heather's Dish) on 3.26.2010

i adore spring, and i’ve been looking for solid recipes for ALL of the things you mentioned, although asparagus is by far my favorite! bookmarking this page…NOW :)

Profile photo of cookincanuck

cookincanuck on 3.26.2010

Another great collection of recipes! To me, spring means cooking with plenty of asparagus, rhubarb and lemon (plenty of lemons – preferably something baked with lots of sugar and fat).

Profile photo of AMC

AMC on 3.26.2010

I love spring!! Here in the south the weather has been so beautiful. The flowers blooming and the grass growing and turning green. I a really excited about going strawberry picking in a few weeks. I like to make freezer jam, pies, salads, really there is so much good strawberry stuff!!!! thanks for all the great recipes!!!!!!!

Lea Ann on 3.26.2010

do you have a recipe for the pasta salad (?) dish at the beginning of this post?

Jessica @ How Sweet on 3.26.2010

Everything looks so delicious – Spring is such an amazing time. For Easter I will be making stuffed artichokes – I think that is one of my favorite Spring dishes!

Profile photo of maryloves2cook

maryloves2cook on 3.26.2010

I just love spring! All of this looks soooo good! Thanks!