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$150 Gift Card Giveaway (Winner Announced!)

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The winner of the gift card is:

#234 Jessica H: “Pot roast with potatoes.”

Congratulations! Contact [email protected] and start shopping!

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Giveaway ($150 Gift Card)

Happy Friday! Betsy and I have been trying to figure out what you might need in your kitchen this time of year. We’re failing. You might still be in summer mode and want an ice cream maker. Or maybe school is starting and you need a little help getting organized. Since we can’t decide, we’re putting you in charge! We’re giving away a $150 gift card to Chef’s Catalog. You can find just about anything you could possibly need there, so the shopping’s on us!


To enter this giveaway, just answer the following question in the Comments section of this post:

What are you planning on eating this weekend?

Just leave your answer below and you’ll be entered to win!


One entry per person, please. Contest ends tomorrow at 9PM PST.

The winner will be chosen randomly and announced this weekend.

Sponsored by Tasty Kitchen.



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georgene on 8.10.2015

It’s the weekend so we will be eating out.

Lizzzzzz on 8.10.2015

Will be making a great grilled salmon dish with a pineapple Jack Daniels sauce- YUM. Rounding it out with rosemary roast potatoes and a spinach salad with almonds and nectarines……

Sarah K on 8.10.2015

A big salad…it’s too hot to eat anything else.

Mary S. on 8.10.2015

Pizza and salad made from fresh garden veggies.

Robin C on 8.10.2015

Dinners were burgers and spaghetti and meatballs. Pancakes and sausage for breakfast on Sunday with some homemade plum compote. Lunch on Saturday was from the Mexican food truck in town. So good!

Kathy Asher on 8.10.2015

Chinese sounds good

Lyndsey Asher on 8.10.2015

Im getting married in 30 days so I am trying to be very good! Veggies upon veggies

Bethany K. on 8.10.2015

potato and cauliflower curry

Linda Mo on 8.10.2015

Eating out.

KimP on 8.10.2015

I’m going out to eat.

Stephanie Sharpnack on 8.10.2015

We will be bbq’ing this weekend in sunny Southern California!

Mickie on 8.10.2015

wedding food!

John's Wife on 8.10.2015

Hamburgers! Yum!

Helenska on 8.10.2015

Ice cream for sure!

Cindy on 8.10.2015

I’m planning on eating grilled chicken thighs.

Nancy on 8.10.2015

A whole lotta take-out!

Rebecca on 8.10.2015

Ham and cheese croissants with a flat white by the river.

Mary S. on 8.10.2015

Chicken Cordon Bleu

GD on 8.10.2015

SUSHI !!!!!!

Profile photo of Lisa Allman

Lisa Allman on 8.10.2015

homemade french onion soup!

Kelli B. on 8.10.2015

Pizza and brownies, I hope! Thanks for the giveaway.

Rachel L on 8.10.2015

Don’t usually plan in advance.

Lynn on 8.10.2015

Italian sausage on the grill and corn on the cob

Sandi W. on 8.9.2015

Thin crust pizza from an outdoor pizza oven!

ErinK on 8.9.2015

Probably eating out most of the weekend. Too much going on to cook!

Erin on 8.9.2015

Headed to Chicago, so probably pizza!

Jenny on 8.9.2015

We are Grilling everything!

Janeen Shaver on 8.9.2015

Grilled chicken, mac & cheese and peach crisp for dessert.

p.j. on 8.9.2015

Finally made my first tabouli salad of the summer, with homegrown garlic and parsley. The squirrels are eating my cherry tomatoes. Argh!

namacura on 8.9.2015

Looking for a house, oh so much fun!

Jeanne Coelho on 8.9.2015

pasta basil pesto salad and BBQ chicken

Lauren on 8.9.2015

homemade pizza!

Saipan Kim on 8.9.2015

Oven fried drumsticks with garlic mash!

Amanda on 8.9.2015


Laurie in Minnesota on 8.9.2015

Lots of salad!

mrsblocko on 8.9.2015

jack daniel’s grilled chicken

Deb on 8.9.2015

Steaks on the grill.

Beverly M. on 8.9.2015

BBQ Chicken! :)

Profile photo of Mary Lincoln

Mary Lincoln on 8.9.2015

Working the weekend

MiriamM on 8.9.2015

Potluck after church, sky’s the limit.

Christy Spurlock on 8.9.2015

We will be looking for a hike and bike trail for my husband and I to go to and spend quality time together. Will be eating healthy with chicken and veggies!

Janet on 8.9.2015

Lots of veggies from the garden. Fried okra and squash, stuffed peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.

Anastasia on 8.9.2015

Nothing special, but definitely strawberries and goat cheese :-)

Elizabeth on 8.9.2015

We had Rotisserie Chicken last night, with steamed Broccoli & Cauliflower and baked Sweet Potato. Tonight I’m fixing some Wild Sockeye Salmon.

Dena on 8.9.2015

This weekend we have family over for a family reunion.

Kathy Faberge on 8.9.2015

Spinach lasagna!

Profile photo of Laila Kuziez

Laila Kuziez on 8.9.2015

Sundaes with my cousins who are in town :))

Carolyn on 8.9.2015

clean house and read a book.

Louw on 8.9.2015

Homemade breakfast burritos with grilled veggies from our garden!

Sheilah C on 8.9.2015

Cleaning my house and then going out for an ice cream sundae.