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$150 Gift Card Giveaway (Winner Announced!)

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The winner of the gift card is:

#234 Jessica H: “Pot roast with potatoes.”

Congratulations! Contact [email protected] and start shopping!

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Giveaway ($150 Gift Card)

Happy Friday! Betsy and I have been trying to figure out what you might need in your kitchen this time of year. We’re failing. You might still be in summer mode and want an ice cream maker. Or maybe school is starting and you need a little help getting organized. Since we can’t decide, we’re putting you in charge! We’re giving away a $150 gift card to Chef’s Catalog. You can find just about anything you could possibly need there, so the shopping’s on us!


To enter this giveaway, just answer the following question in the Comments section of this post:

What are you planning on eating this weekend?

Just leave your answer below and you’ll be entered to win!


One entry per person, please. Contest ends tomorrow at 9PM PST.

The winner will be chosen randomly and announced this weekend.

Sponsored by Tasty Kitchen.



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Ellen@BakeItWithBooze on 8.7.2015

I am heading to New Orleans on Sunday, so my first stop is beignets! Thank you!

Sue McRae on 8.7.2015

Saturday it’s Chicken Cashew Stir Fry with Fried Rice and whatever my sister makes for us on Sunday!

Profile photo of Cathey

Cathey on 8.7.2015

Tonight I have leftover chicken and in the oven at this time I have a Tomato Pie and Broccoli-Carrot-Quinoa Casserole. Tomorrow I making a bolognese and Sunday is BBQ time. Wonderful weekend all.

Jo Shontz on 8.7.2015

I’m going to eat up the last of our vegetables from this week’s CSA. We need to make room for next week’s vegetables!

Sara Anderson on 8.7.2015

BBQ, ice cream, I don’t know what else.

Natalie on 8.7.2015

Birthday cake!

Amanda on 8.7.2015

Leftover lasagna and hopefully some pancakes at some point.

CharissaRenee on 8.7.2015

Whatever I can wrangle up at work! Three in a row coming up!

West TX Judy on 8.7.2015

Mexican Food

Profile photo of Erica E

Erica E on 8.7.2015

Leftovers and whatever else I can find.

Jeff on 8.7.2015

We’re making steak fajitas!

Tracy M. on 8.7.2015

Burgers tonight!

Brandy on 8.7.2015

Rotisserie chicken, quesadillas, cucumber pasta salad, eggs, ALLL THE FOOD…..basically

Pammi on 8.7.2015

Leftovers tonight, that may or may not consist of a tostada or a salad. Not sure about that & the rest of the weekend is going to be a surprise to me, because I just haven’t decided what to cook yet.

Beth C on 8.7.2015

I’m loving burrito bowls.

Yvonne on 8.7.2015

I am going to make esquites, and it will be glorious!!!!!

AnnaG on 8.7.2015

Anything I want — Sunday is my birthday! :)

Cindy W on 8.7.2015

I have no idea but it will be something that can be BBQ’d!

Susan McClellan on 8.7.2015

A just picked, warm tomato off the vine with a hint of sea salt…Yum-O!

Matt K on 8.7.2015

brazillian bbq to celebrate my Father in law’s bday!

Fran R on 8.7.2015

Smoked pork loin chops and oven baked potatoes
Maybe pizza too

tanja on 8.7.2015

i made a mac n cheese broccoli with chicken in it. it is great.

Doreen on 8.7.2015

? Not sure – but I know it will be on the grill!

Jonelle on 8.7.2015

Having friends over and having a BBQ

rebekah on 8.7.2015

Just picked up some beautiful heirloom tomatoes, thinking a simple corn, tomato and basil salad. Also picked up some delicious Porter peaches so maybe a blueberry and peach crumble! YUM!

Leilah Mooney Joseph on 8.7.2015

I’m thinking of making beef stew for the freezer, and eating grilled chicken and corn!

Michelle on 8.7.2015


Rebecca on 8.7.2015

Tonight it’s grilled pork chops, grilled brussel sprouts, corn on the cob, and grilled peaches. Tomorrow…leftovers!

grandmajohnnie on 8.7.2015

It’s more ‘what won’t we be eating’??? We have a yearly family pig roast with all the families bringing a dish to pass – for FOR SURE, I’ll be having pork – and it’s pot luck from there! MMMmmmm

Amber S on 8.7.2015

Definitely tex-mex food and some chocolate. Must have chocolate!

Denise on 8.7.2015

All the in-season fruits and veggies I can get my hands on.

Jamie on 8.7.2015

I honestly don’t know, although I am hoping for smoothies and ice cream…

Profile photo of Cindy S

Cindy S on 8.7.2015

I’m thinking roasted chicken but that could change depending upon the last minute plans of my family.

Lisa B on 8.7.2015

A sandwich ring. Making a few family favorites before my daughter goes back to school. Maybe a yummy Chocolate Angel Pie.

Profile photo of Patti McDearmon

Patti McDearmon on 8.7.2015

We are having neighbors over Saturday evening for fun and food! We do an annual Shrimp Boil dinner just before school starts back every summer.

KarlaJ on 8.7.2015

I’m making my Mom the sandwich she always orders when we’re out, a Reuben! She broke her hip in May and has been house bound. It’s time for something cheesy, messy, and delicious! Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Marsha Siperek on 8.7.2015

I need to have my kimchee the fermentation will help my tummy.

Jeff A on 8.7.2015

Quinoa fried rice

Cindy P on 8.7.2015

I have been craving BBQ for days, so hopefully bbq will be on our menu this weekend. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!