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Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed!

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed!

We’re getting ready to blow the lid off Mother’s Day here, friends. What, you might be asking, does every mom want more than anything in the world? The answer is simple and may inform your morning activities on Mother’s Day. Are you ready for it? Every mom’s dream is to NOT get out of bed in the morning. There you have it!

Now, we are under no illusion that it’s actually possible to sleep late. Most moms have been waking up in the wee hours far too long to stay asleep past about 7:30 a.m. Sleeping is not the point, though! The big treat is to stay in bed, reading, petting the dog, wallowing or just staring off into space. Doing nothing! It’s every mother’s dream.

So, now that we are armed with this information, let’s make a plan! Breakfast in bed sounds like a good one. We’ve got a few ideas for relatively simple breakfasts for mom that even the kids can pitch in and help to make.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed!

Baked eggs are impressive but relatively simple. This dish is hearty and satisfying but makes for a pretty presentation for Mom. And the kids could help assemble the ingredients among the ramekins before baking.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed!

Avocado toast is everywhere these days, and this one is easy but so delicious. Any mom will dig it!

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed!

Kids get excited to help make these fun eggs baked in muffin tins. Moms (and any other humans) get excited about eating them! Another method for cooking eggs that kids love is cracking them into cookie cutters for fun shapes.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed!

If the mom in your life is a smoothie lover, treat her to this rich, but healthy chocolate and peanut butter version. Yum!

If the kids want to help in other ways, we love having them squeeze fresh juice or spell “MOM” with food. Bacon strips or sausage links and biscuits work well for this. And of course, delivering the breakfast tray to mom in bed is a very important job!

Enjoy Mother’s Day! And if you’re a mom, we vote you stay in bed a little while. It’s the right thing to do!


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