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Back to School Granola Bites and a Lunch Box Giveaway (Winner Announced!)

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The winners of the Pottery Barn Kids lunch boxes are:

#38 Kelley HJ: “My girl loves turkey sausage in her lunch.”
#66 Lynne R: “My grandchildren would love new lunch boxes and they, of course, like anything mommie makes. In theory..”
#183 feistyfilly: “He’s such a good kid, he’d take carrots and apples every day. And pizza if I’d allow it, ha!”

Congratulations! You each win a lunch box in your choice of color and style. Contact [email protected] to claim your sweet loot!

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Back to School Granola Bites and a Lunch Box Giveaway!

School is starting! How is that possible? It’s sad to say good-bye to summer, but most of us actually welcome the return to school and a little more routine in our lives. We also start off the year with good intentions for lunch packing organization. We want to keep it interesting but also pack food the kids will actually eat! We love these No-Bake Healthy Granola Bites from TK Member Mel. They’re the perfect addition to a tasty lunch or a great after-school snack. And a little bit of chocolate never hurts!

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Back to School Granola Bites and a Lunch Box Giveaway!

To celebrate the start of school and our grand plans for lunch packing success this year, we’re giving away three (3) lunch bags from Pottery Barn Kids. Winners choice of color and style.


To enter this giveaway, just answer the following question in the Comments section of this post:

“What is your child’s (or your own) favorite thing to take for lunch?”

Shout out your answer below and you’ll automatically be entered to win!


One entry per person, please. Contest ends tomorrow at 12PM PST.

Winners will be chosen randomly and announced Sunday.

Giveaway sponsored by Tasty Kitchen.



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Sharon on 8.22.2014

Definitely PB & J with sliced sweet peppers and apples on the side.

shaunie on 8.21.2014

Would have to say that it would be ham sandwiches and apples

Patrice Ann on 8.20.2014

My daughter loves to eat anything that is hot like chicken quesadillas.

Vanessa Williams on 8.20.2014

My kids love taco cups. I buy the cup chips, put in some black bean, cheddar cheese, and pop them in the oven to melt and off they go.

SusanS on 8.18.2014

Salad and soup

Susie on 8.17.2014

My little gal loves chicken & cheese quesadilla triangles. Easy-peasy!

Julie Martin on 8.17.2014

They love to take Chicken salad and tortilla chips.

Carrie gaston on 8.17.2014

Sushi roll plain rice and nori, homemade fruit leather.

Profile photo of Shawna C

Shawna C on 8.17.2014

Soy pudding, and deconstructed sandwiches. She’d like more warm thermos food, but then we wouldn’t have any leftovers for dinner!

Jen Smith on 8.17.2014

she loves cheese sandwiches :)

Shannon on 8.17.2014

He loves leftovers warmed up in a thermos – they always stay warm and I’m always amazed!

Cheri S on 8.17.2014

Ants on a log, hard boiled egg !!

Alexandria P on 8.17.2014

Greek pasta salad for sure.

Profile photo of dottie1

dottie1 on 8.17.2014

ham sandwiches and chips

Karen Brown on 8.17.2014

Peanut butter and jelly!

kathy o on 8.17.2014

Ham and cheese, no butter.

vaishali on 8.17.2014

She loves a cold turkey and ranch sandwich

Donna on 8.17.2014

Pasta with meat sauce.

Dawn Cass on 8.17.2014

Turkey and cheese sandwich with a side of grapes for an eight year old. Grilled cheese for me.

Christy on 8.17.2014

My 7-year-old loves PB&J. He could eat it every day and not get tired of it!

Trisha on 8.17.2014


pat on 8.17.2014

carrots and ranch dressing

Katie J on 8.17.2014

Peanut butter and jelly!

K on 8.17.2014


Carol B on 8.17.2014

My homemade yogurt

tangkasnet on 8.17.2014

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Dianna S on 8.17.2014

I love fruit with crackers and cheese!

Donnalee on 8.17.2014

Fresh blueberries & strawberries.

Collette on 8.16.2014

He loves taking quesadillas or hummus and pita chips. My son, the carb king. ;-)

Gretchen on 8.16.2014

My daughter loves good ‘ol PB&J :-)

John Koon on 8.16.2014

It’s usually leftovers for myself

Donna in SC on 8.16.2014

Fresh fruit with cheese & some veggies

Tina D. on 8.16.2014

Salmon & quinoa

sandra sylvia on 8.16.2014

My grandson wants a lunchable- so sad

Angela S. on 8.16.2014

They love homemade pb&j uncrustables made with fresh peanut butter and homemade strawberry jelly :) and some cookies never hurt :)

Mary Beth on 8.16.2014

Boar’s head Jamaican jerk turkey sandwich with tomatoes….. I do not even know how my boys eat it, it is soooo hot! They LOVE it though:)

Niteowl Nancy on 8.16.2014

My DD loves edamame for lunch. Pomegranate seeds, too!

Bethy P on 8.16.2014

I love a peanut butter and banana sandwich with a little mayonnaise added as well.

Leanna on 8.16.2014

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

frank wightman on 8.16.2014

ham sandwiches.

heidi wightman on 8.16.2014


PattyP on 8.16.2014

Leftovers! Especially if I have made a big pot of soup!!!

Desirae Y on 8.16.2014

Meat and cheese sandwiches and fruite.

Tori on 8.16.2014

Chicken salad sandwiches are a big favorite in our family!

Profile photo of Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson on 8.16.2014

Honey Ham and Cheese kabobs with grapes and strawberries

Jeanne Wilcox on 8.16.2014

Chocolate pudding…you can’t beat it!

Kelly B on 8.16.2014

Tuna sandwich and watermelon

Kelly on 8.16.2014

Pickles. I can pack the healthiest meal or the unhealthiest meal in the world .. if it doesn’t have pickles, he feels gypped!

Leslie J on 8.16.2014

Peanut butter and jelly.

Kristen W on 8.16.2014

My daughters favorite lunch is a quesadilla!!

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