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Honey Caramel Sauce

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Honey Caramel Sauce. Guest post by Amy Johnson of She Wears Many Hats, recipe submitted by TK member Sally Darling of My Homemade Life.

Lately I’ve been doing a little reading about honey. It truly is an amazing food, straight from the hive, with no added ingredients or preservatives. There’s a slew of possible health benefits from eating honey, but I just enjoy the taste, one that you just can’t find with other sweeteners. And depending on the time of the year and where the bees gather the pollen, the flavor will change from one batch to the next. All thanks to the handiwork of busy bees all over the world.

I think many people usually reserve honey for adding to tea, or maybe for spreading on a biscuit (which is mighty yummy indeed), but there are so many recipes that use honey as a main ingredient. Here at Tasty Kitchen you’ll find a nice collection of tasty temptations utilizing the sweet, golden nectar, from baked treats to marinades and yummy sauces. One recipe I found is a honey caramel sauce, perfect for dipping apples or pears, or as a topping for ice cream or cake. And with a title like I’ve Been Called Evil Caramel Sauce from Sally Darling, how can you not be a little curious? Plus, it’s right up my ally in the level of difficulty: easy peasy.

Wanna see how easy?

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Honey Caramel Sauce. Guest post by Amy Johnson of She Wears Many Hats, recipe submitted by TK member Sally Darling of My Homemade Life.

For starters, you’ll only need four ingredients: honey, butter, brown sugar and sweetened condensed milk.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Honey Caramel Sauce. Guest post by Amy Johnson of She Wears Many Hats, recipe submitted by TK member Sally Darling of My Homemade Life.

Begin by adding the honey, butter and brown sugar to a sauce pan.

Hey, while we’re talking about honey, do you know the about the tip for measuring honey? Lightly spray your measuring cup with cooking spray before measuring the honey. It’ll glide right out. Nifty.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Honey Caramel Sauce. Guest post by Amy Johnson of She Wears Many Hats, recipe submitted by TK member Sally Darling of My Homemade Life.

Over medium to high heat, combine until well mixed, stirring constantly.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Honey Caramel Sauce. Guest post by Amy Johnson of She Wears Many Hats, recipe submitted by TK member Sally Darling of My Homemade Life.

When the mixture comes to a rolling, bubbling boil, continue to stir for two minutes.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Honey Caramel Sauce. Guest post by Amy Johnson of She Wears Many Hats, recipe submitted by TK member Sally Darling of My Homemade Life.

Next, add the condensed milk.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Honey Caramel Sauce. Guest post by Amy Johnson of She Wears Many Hats, recipe submitted by TK member Sally Darling of My Homemade Life.

Continue stirring over medium heat until thoroughly combined. And if you’re like me, have fun making designs in the pot of sweet stuff. Cool.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Honey Caramel Sauce. Guest post by Amy Johnson of She Wears Many Hats, recipe submitted by TK member Sally Darling of My Homemade Life.

It’ll thicken a bit into a smooth, lovely golden color.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Honey Caramel Sauce. Guest post by Amy Johnson of She Wears Many Hats, recipe submitted by TK member Sally Darling of My Homemade Life.

Serve right away, or let cool and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. The sauce will thicken as it cools and can be easily warmed up in the microwave.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Honey Caramel Sauce. Guest post by Amy Johnson of She Wears Many Hats, recipe submitted by TK member Sally Darling of My Homemade Life.

It was yummy over some sliced pears. Wouldn’t it make a lovely house warming gift, accompanied with a simple pound cake, or basket of pears?

And check out these Tasty Kitchen recipes that would also make a good partner for this delicious sauce:

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Thanks again to Tasty Kitchen member Sally Darling for this tasty temptation. Check out her blog, My Homemade Life, for more of her “evil” recipes!


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I’ve Been Called Evil Caramel Sauce

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I’ve been called “evil” because of this recipe. Finger in my face, “you are Evil for giving me this recipe!” You can make this delicious bit of heaven and dip Honey Crisp apples in it or pour it over vanilla ice cream. Now I know what the cooks on TV mean when they say: “Make your own caramel sauce.” I always would just buy store-bought. No more!


  • ½ cups Honey
  • 1 stick Butter
  • ¾ cups Brown Sugar
  • 1 can (14 Oz. Can) Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • To Serve: Apples Or Vanilla Ice Cream Or Whatever!

Preparation Instructions

Mix together honey, butter and sugar in saucepan. Turn on medium-high heat while stirring constantly. Bring the mixture to a rolling bubbling boil for 2 minutes while continuing to stir constantly. Add condensed milk and mix well, keeping the stirring and heat constant until completely mixed through.

Store in airtight containers in the fridge. To warm up, use a microwave on a low setting.


Amy Johnson is a blogger who writes about food, travel, the home (both inside and out), and various observations and random musings about anything and everything. Visit her blog She Wears Many Hats for a dose of deliciousness, practicality, hilarity, or just plain fun. She lives in South Carolina with her husband and two children.



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Kathy Leftwich on 2.14.2011

I made 11 recipes of the Honey Caramel Dipping Sauce found some cute little baskets with red and white paper and a basket full of apples and gave one to each of the people i work with. This recipe is awesome and so easy to make! Delicious!

Jacqueline on 2.4.2011

How long does this keep for? Can it be frozen? I’d like to make it but with only 2 people in my house (and only me with the sweet tooth) I don’t think I will go through it very quickly.

Profile photo of magpiesvt

magpiesvt on 2.3.2011

How long do you this would last for in the ‘fridge?

Profile photo of twopeasandtheirpod

twopeasandtheirpod on 1.30.2011

Looks fabulous!

Ginny on 1.30.2011

I made this the other night and we dipped apple slices in it and it was crazy good!

Melissa Clark on 1.28.2011

I made this a few days ago and it is delicious! I put a spoonful in my coffee this morning. I think I’ve found my new favorite morning drink.

Profile photo of kiernaa

kiernaa on 1.28.2011

Excellant. It was delicious with apples and what a treat. I did can 2 jars and should keep well. I did waterbath them to make extra sure. I find if I use hot sterile jars and lids and put hot food into the hot jars, put sterile lid on(use new everytime your canning),and then ring on. I then invert them on counter for about 5-10 minutes then return them upright. The principle being the air and all contents are sterilized and you will get a good seal on jars. Do not use if seal is not good when you go to eat it. It works well.

SandyRobarts on 1.27.2011

This stuff is amazing!!!! I fixed a special dinner for my family last night and made brownies, bought Haagan Dazs vanilla ice cream and made this for the topping. Needless to say, everyone was very impressed.

Profile photo of 929mattie

929mattie on 1.27.2011

Anyone know anything about canning? I just started this year, and have had great success with strawberry and blueberry jam. If I put this recipe in my jars, seal, and boil 10 minutes will it keep? I get to see my family next week and don’t want to go empty handed, but don’t want to get everyone sick either! ha!

Cindy Wallace on 1.27.2011

This looks heavenly. (hmmmm. That doesn’t go too well with the “evil” concept.) ;) I make delicious homemade caramels, and will have to add this to my repertoire. (My husband will be thrilled!)

Profile photo of Georgie

Georgie on 1.26.2011

Swoon! I’m on a diet and really should not be here, though I think this qualifies as a super-food! So it’s totally acceptable to add to my healthy diet.

EmJay on 1.26.2011

This looks absolutely delicious! I have a question before I try making it myself. When you pour the condensed milk into the boiling mixture does it spit and sputter and carry on? That would scare the heck out of me so I’d like to be prepared. Thanks!

Profile photo of Natasha @ Saved by the Egg Timer

Natasha @ Saved by the Egg Timer on 1.26.2011

Wow, that is all :)!!!

Amanda Spaulding on 1.26.2011

It’s a conspiracy–you all just want me to get fat. And by fat I mean rotund. But with this (and many other Tasty Kitchen recipes), I will enjoy the process!

Profile photo of Lark (SparkyLarky)

Lark (SparkyLarky) on 1.26.2011

I NEED this! I NEED this NOW!

Profile photo of shells

shells on 1.26.2011

Yum!!! I will definitely be trying this.

Mary Jane on 1.25.2011

wow, just made this. This is heavenly. So good and so easy to make!

Cuddley Duddley on 1.25.2011

BTW New bee keeper here also. I am waiting for my queen to arrive! I always have lots of bees on my land thought i’d c if i could give em a good home they do so much for me with making my garden so wonderful and bountiful.

Cuddley Duddley on 1.25.2011

Uh oh I can feel my hips growing.
Can the condensed milk be swaped out with full fat milk instead if i reduce it?

Profile photo of Haley

Haley on 1.25.2011

Yum! I want this on some sliced apples! Looks delicious!

Profile photo of eatdessertfirst

eatdessertfirst on 1.25.2011

Oh My….this surely sounds simplier than the water/sugar, in the sauce pan till it boils then swirl slightly to the left and a smidge to the right…well you get the point….sounds really good to go with my salted banana carmel pudding pie!!!!!!!!!! This is a keeper……..T-Dub

robyn on 1.25.2011

@Amy–excellent for you to start keeping bees! It is a wonderful and rewarding hobby! Ilove being out w/ the “girls,” watching them work and do their thing. They are certainly beautiful little bugs. They do get used to their keeper too–they will get to know YOU, and if you suit up a friend to come and observe, they may get bothered by the strange person. I’ve seen this happen several times.
@California Renie–very good point–buy local when you can–it does help w/ allergies to eat local honey.

little stay at home momma on 1.25.2011

Why do I always look at your dessert posts waaaay past the hour I should be thinking about eating? And why do your pictures always have to smell so good? It’s torturous.

Profile photo of California Renie

California Renie on 1.25.2011

It looks like from your photo that you are using honey purchased from a store. Did you also know that eating honey harvested and purchased from your local area is known to also help cut down on allergies to pollen? It may be a bit more expensive, but honey harvested locally is better for you and for your family, especially if you suffer from any type of seasonal or year-round pollen allergies. The bees make the honey from the local flora, which is specific to where you live and most likely the allergies you suffer from, and helps build your resistance to the pollen. In the last four years since I have been buying local honey at the farmer’s market, my spring allergies have all but disappeared, including the itchy eyes.

ChristinaLynn on 1.25.2011

OMG I am so making this tonight. Maybe to go on an apple crisp with vanilla ice cream? Anyone? Anyone?

Thanks for the great recipe!

Lisa East on 1.25.2011

I just made up a batch. Let me just say…OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I may have to hide the recipe from myself so that I don’t become addicted! It’s THAT GOOD!

Leslie on 1.25.2011

I made this last night and it is soooo good! The hardest thing about the recipe is waiting for the caramel to cool enough to eat it. I had to laugh at the “Makes 4 servings” part–as much as I love caramel sauce, 4 cups is a lot more than 4 servings.

teejay on 1.25.2011

My mother-in-law used to make a caramel sauce (I think in Mexican cooking it’s called dulce de leche) just cooking down sweetened condensed milk. Not sure how she did it, though. She said a popular quick dessert during the depression days was to boil or bake a can of SCM till it firmed, then chill and slice it, and serve with whipped canned milk.

Not sure why you’d have to add brown sugar to the very sweet sweetened condensed milk, but the butter sure would make it more caramel-y.

Great photography here. Very enticing.

Pam, in NC on 1.25.2011

Well, I made this last night! I also made my famous “Favorite Pound Cake” recipe, and I thought this would be delish drizzled over! But the sauce just seems to thicken up way too quickly! Though that would probably not be a big issue if I had a nice glass jar like the picture shows! No, I don’t think this should be drizzled. It’s really awesome just straight out of the Tupperware with a spoon! :) Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!!

Amy | She Wears Many Hats on 1.25.2011

Hey Robyn!

I’d love to talk bees with ya. I’m starting 2 hives for the first time this spring. Tons of info out there!

Thanks for sharing you tips!

robyn on 1.25.2011

Just a few words about honey, from a beekeeper. Be sure that the honey that you buy is PURE honey. A great deal of the honey coming from overseas (esp. China), and sometimes from the US, is adulterated with corn syrup, or contaminated w/ antibiotics or pesticides. Look for “raw and unfiltered”–unfiltered means that the honey hasn’t been heated to about 170 deg, thus destroying the natural enzymes (altho for many recipes this is moot anyway.). If the honey becomes solid (this means that it hasn’t been heated), this is a natural process–you can either use it as it is, or warm it in a pan of warm water. DON’T put it in the microwave, which will also destroy enzymes and other natural properties of honey. Honey never goes bad, so don’t throw this solidified honey away. The nectar that those particular bees collected determines how fast the honey will crystallize (ie, become solid)–alfalfa honey, for instance, will crystallize very quickly, within a matter of weeks of being taken from the comb. Ahh, I could talk all day about bees! =D

Julie on 1.25.2011

My 12-year old made this last night. A welcome relief after 2 disasterous attempts at caramel syrup…burnt sugar in the pan, etc, blah. Anyway this sauce is marvelous! She served it with a pretty brownie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream with this sauce over the whole thing. Wow!

Lori on 1.25.2011

You have no idea how glad I am this was posted! I have a great love for caramel and apples but I don’t like to buy it at the store because it can get pretty pricey. So excited to try it!

Profile photo of jd2crafter

jd2crafter on 1.25.2011

Definitely going to try this! Just ordered some smaller canning jars and this will fit nicely in one of them.

Also, thanks for the tip with measuring honey. I make honey wheat bread almost weekly & this nice little tip will come in handy.

Lara T. on 1.24.2011

This looks amazing! I’m a bee keeper and am always looking for yummy ways to use our “crop.”

Casper on 1.24.2011

Caramel sauce is the best… this looks like a nice easy recipe! I am craving anything sugar right now…. I might have to try this tomorrow!

Profile photo of Wenderly

Wenderly on 1.24.2011

I just wanna stick my finger under one of the gorgeous honey caramel ripples that are taunting me with their deliciousness! Gorgeous as always Amy!!

Cathy P. on 1.24.2011

If you can’t locate the recipe, the amounts are: 1/2 cup honey. 1 stick of butter, 3/4 cup of brown sugar and (1) 14 oz. jar of sweetened condensed milk.

Cathy P. on 1.24.2011

Tracie C. – To print the recipe,, click on the “I’ve Been Called Evil Caramel Sauce ” at the bottom of the recipe. It’s highlighted in red. It sure looks and sounds yummy! I’m hosting a baby shower soon and this looks like a “perfect” take home gift for the guests as we celebrate our new “little honey” about to arrive. Thank you, Missamy.

Julie on 1.24.2011

Jessica: I did the same thing to that TJ’s salted caramel last week!

AngelaRae on 1.24.2011

I made this recipe and found it to be delightful. I made extra’s to gift over the holidays. It keeps well in the fridge and heats up in a jif on low in the microwave.

Permit me to let you in on a little secret. This super easy, delightfully delicious honey caramel sauce will make a cup of coffee taste like the ones from the big city coffee places. Just stir in a big spoonful and you will swoon as the flavor of rich decadence warms your soul. Great on cheese cake, ice cream, and fruit… oh trust me this is a keeper. I’ve sampled it a variety of ways.

Give it a try today.

Emily @ Beauties and the Feast on 1.24.2011

This looks like heaven in a jar! And not too hard to make, can’t wait to try this!

AliciaC on 1.24.2011

How do you warm it back up? I’m corn-fused..

Tracie C on 1.24.2011

Looks great, but where’s the recipe? i.e. how much brown sugar, honey, ?? Did I overlook it?

Kathleen on 1.24.2011

That sounds tasty! The experimenter in me wonders: how would coconut cream work (and taste) instead of (all or some of the) sweetened condensed milk? Chemically impossible? Too weird or not sweet tasting enough? Hmmm…

Tracibub on 1.24.2011

This is a *fantastic* recipe. I made loads of it for my family for Christmas this year. It will last a LONG time, since it’s mostly sugar, we’ve had ours in the fridge a month and a half, and it’s still awesome. I also found that it made a little over three 8oz. jelly jars, so it’s perfect to share! :)

Ana on 1.24.2011

That looks so yummy!

My mom replaced honey for sugar many times for health reasons when I was young. I grew up pouring honey on my pancakes and waffles. Even now that my food rules have relaxed, I still prefer the taste of honey over syrup. :-)

laura @ alittlebarefoot on 1.24.2011

gorgeousness! ditto on the question about how long it will last.

Adrienne on 1.24.2011

This looks amazing! Do you have any idea how long it will last in the fridge?

Profile photo of soufflebombay

soufflebombay on 1.24.2011

YES!! I often wish caramel was it’s own food group! Never thought to add honey, great idea! I read that if you suffer from allergies and buy honey made within 10 miles of where you live…often you allergies are relieved…has to do with the pollen being gathered and eaten indirectly -I think it’s brilliant! My SIL swears by this – however for us I can’t find any local honey. Thanks for this.