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Coffee Toffee Bars

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I have a problem. I’m addicted to coffee-flavored anything. Coffee caramels, coffee ice cream, tiramisu, coffee itself. So as I was browsing the Desserts category yesterday for a sweet recipe to prepare, I grabbed at the first coffee-flavored treat I could find.

They’re Coffee-Toffee Bars, submitted by nhsweetcherry back in October, and I just knew they’d be something that would satisfy my coffee urges, at least for the afternoon.

When I read the recipe, I noticed right away that they’re not unlike these Spreads that I’ve made since I was a little girl—except with those, you bake the cookie base first, then spread melted chocolate chips over the top. These Coffee Toffee Bars are more of a chunky, substantial bar. Yum!

Here’s how you make them! Verdict is down below…along with a special surprise at the end.


The ingredients. Simple, pure, perfect…except I called the baking powder BAKING SODA. Why do I do this every time?



The “coffee” in these Coffee Toffee Bars comes from this ingredient—instant coffee granules. Did you know you can add a couple of teaspoons of instant coffee to most chocolate chip cookie recipes? Just throw it into the dry ingredients and it’ll add a delightful depth of flavor.



The recipe calls for 1 to 2 cups of chocolate chips. I decided to do 1 cup of semi-sweet and 1 cup of MILK CHOCOLATE chips. I’ll let you know how that turns out.



Begin by creaming softened butter and brown sugar.



Then you grab these four ingredients: instant coffee, salt, baking powder, and…almond extract! I wondered what that flavor would do the bars, since the standard choice would normally be vanilla.

Intellesting. Velly, velly intellesting.



Then you dump all of that into the bowl…



And mix it all together. You’ll want to scrape the sides of the bowl to make sure it all gets mixed together well.



After that, you dump in the flour. The recipe calls for approximately 2 1/2 cups of flour, so I decided to add the full amount in order to get a point of reference.



The result was a pretty crumbly dough; I had to really mix it in order for it to come together.



However, it turned out fine! I dumped it into a greased 9 x 13-inch pan…



And pressed it lightly into the pan.

Yes, I will be getting a new manicure, probably sometime in the year 2011.



Then I sprinkled the chocolate chips all over the pressed dough.



The recipe calls for 1 cup of chips…but UP TO 2 cups. I used about 1 3/4 cup of chips, just to see how far I could push it. ***More on this later***



Then you just pop it in the oven for about 25 minutes.



Mmmmm. It smells so, so good.



The dough isn’t a hugely rising, overly poufy thing since it doesn’t contain eggs or baking soda like the average chocolate chip cookie. But it does rise and pouf just enough to anchor the chocolate chips without completely swallowing them up.



Look at that yummy crust.



Cut the bars into squares or rectangles, depending on how many servings you’d like to squeeze out of the recipe.



Oh, yummy. How lovely!



And I’m sorry…



But I had to do this.

The devil made me do it.



THE VERDICT: These were really delicious. I definitely used too many chocolate chips, though—the chocolate overpowered the flavor of the cookie/bar below. When I make them next time, and I will make them again, I’ll use 1 cup of chocolate chips, tops. Maybe even less. You really want that cookie to shine through.

The almond extract is very interesting! It definitely comes through in the flavor of the cookie. I thought it was delicious, but if you aren’t a fan of almond flavor, I think you could easily substitute vanilla extract.

You could also sprinkle finely chopped pecans on top, before you sprinkle on the chocolate chips.

And vanilla ice cream, of course, would be a divine accompaniment!

Thank you, nhsweetcherry, for sharing such a delightful treat!

Here’s the recipe:

Coffee-Toffee Bars


And now for the fun part.

Not that Coffee Toffee Bars aren’t fun!


Today, Tasty Kitchen is giving away two (2) KitchenAid artisan stand mixers in the classic White color above. There are so many yummy dessert recipes on Tasty Kitchen, and you need one of these babies to facilitate all the baking.


To enter this giveaway, just answer the following question in the Comments section of this post:

“What’s the last dessert recipe you prepared?”

Did you make a chocolate cake last night?

Red velvet cupcakes last week?

Or was it that yellow Easy Bake Oven cake you made in 1974?

Just shout out the last dessert you prepared with your hot little hands (and feel free to include a link to the recipe if it’s online!) and you’re automatically entered to win a mixer.


One entry per person, please.

No entries after 11:00 pm Pacific Time Tuesday.

Winners will be selected at random and announced Wednesday morning.

Good luck!


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Profile photo of llarrimore

llarrimore on 3.2.2010

Molten chocolate lava cakes on Valentine’s Day! I wanted to make them again this week but I’m going on vacation tomorrow and unless I eat all four of them by tomorrow morning…

Don’t even go there.

Oh what a shiny, shiny mixer. :-D

Rebecca on 3.2.2010

Chocolate mayonnaise cake. Super easy and moist. :)

Profile photo of Gayle in GA

Gayle in GA on 3.2.2010

I made pink marbelized shortbread cookies cut in heart shapes with an almond glaze for my sweetie for Valentines Day.

Lydia Presley on 3.2.2010

I made your cinnamon rolls!

Teresa Stout on 3.2.2010

I made a lemon pie

rebecca d on 3.2.2010

Chocolate cupcakes w/ vanilla buttercreme frosting

Dorothy on 3.2.2010

Pear Tarts made with canned pears that my 91 year old mother-in-law put up! I made them with puff pastry and used raw sugar and cinnamon. They were delicious.

Jessica @ How Sweet on 3.2.2010

The coffee ice cream tops is off PERFECTLY!! YUM!

Last dessert I made were homemade peppermint patties. They were SO GOOD.

Lee on 3.2.2010

Peach cobbler! It’s my fiance’s favorite!

Karen on 3.2.2010

I made smittenkitchen’s chocolate sufflé cupcakes:


Katherine on 3.2.2010

I’ve got a pan of brownies in the oven as I type! And they smell heavenly!

Mad Yad on 3.2.2010

Chocolate pudding

Juliet on 3.2.2010

Chocolate Mayonnaise cake for my husband’s birthday…yum!

Montana Ranchgirl on 3.2.2010

BUTTERSCOTCH CHOCOLATE ooey gooey, drip over the pan and burn in the bottom of the oven REVEL BARS for the vet and Bangs Vaccine crew.

Karin B on 3.2.2010

choco chip cookies yum yum

Jenn E on 3.2.2010

I made cake pops (from Bakerella)! It was the first time and I think it too me way too long to make them…

Sarah Sanders on 3.2.2010

I made a batch of my yummy Double-Fudge Brownies! :o)

CEC on 3.2.2010

I made individual red velvet souffles with a warm cream cheese sauce for Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t find a recipe anywhere and since the idea just came from my head, I made one up. Seriously, these things should be mainstream- such warm gooey goodness!

Jenny on 3.2.2010

I made brownies last night!

Jamie on 3.2.2010

Homemade brownies (Hershey’s Best recipe), to try and impress a fella at Sunday dinner!

Homes on 3.2.2010

My roommate’s birthday was Saturday, so I made a yellow cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting. Yum! The most recent dessert I’ve eaten, though, was some Girl Scout cookies. Man, those things are evil! ;-P

Jana Jackson on 3.2.2010

Chocolate Delight…yummy to my tummy!

Becky MB on 3.2.2010

I made vanilla roasted pears (a la Smitten Kitchen) and they were divine!

Profile photo of TheFlaaFive

TheFlaaFive on 3.2.2010

I made Oatmeal Caramel Bars.

Tarra on 3.2.2010

Simple, delicious brownies over the weekend.

Lorie on 3.2.2010

We had banana splits last night – no baking involved but it still counts as a dessert at my house.

Jan K on 3.2.2010

I made cherry turnovers last night with cherry pie filling and phyllo dough. It was lower fat but I think I will use pastry dough next time for better taste!

Profile photo of hughes

hughes on 3.2.2010

I last made Brownie Pudding. It’s so incredible. After I described to my friends at Girls Night Out, they all wanted the recipe. Then I told people at work, and they wanted the recipe. Now you should all try this!

Profile photo of Cathie

Cathie on 3.2.2010

It was the carrot cake cupcakes that I found on this site. Tehy have been a favorite since I found it here!

Melissa P. on 3.2.2010

I made a fresh orange cake for my mom’s 70th birthday.

Barbara Williams on 3.2.2010

Pineapple Upside Down Cake for my son-in-law’s birthday in January!

Shannon on 3.2.2010

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. Double Threat.

Heather on 3.2.2010

The last dessert I made was for a dessert auction – a cherry chilled cheesecake from one of the “Company’s Coming” cookbooks.

Terra on 3.2.2010

Homemade sugar cookies last week. They were super yummy!

Cait on 3.2.2010

Cocoa brownies from Smitten Kitchen!

Sharon on 3.2.2010

I made the chocolate molten lava cakes Yum!

Nicole on 3.2.2010

We had leftover raspberries about to go bad so I heated them up on the stove with some (lots of) sugar and a splash of Maker’s Mark; let it cool a bit and then poured it over vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with dark chocolate chips. Yum!

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