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Coffee Toffee Bars

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Jamie M.“We made Cookie Salad last night with girl scout cookies, it was delish!”

Kimberly“We wanted something fruity and spring-like, even though it was February. I had 3 kinds of berries in the freezer, along with some rhubarb–and combined a few recipes to make a delicious rhuberry crisp!”

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Thank you, everyone, for sharing your most recent desserts.

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I have a problem. I’m addicted to coffee-flavored anything. Coffee caramels, coffee ice cream, tiramisu, coffee itself. So as I was browsing the Desserts category yesterday for a sweet recipe to prepare, I grabbed at the first coffee-flavored treat I could find.

They’re Coffee-Toffee Bars, submitted by nhsweetcherry back in October, and I just knew they’d be something that would satisfy my coffee urges, at least for the afternoon.

When I read the recipe, I noticed right away that they’re not unlike these Spreads that I’ve made since I was a little girl—except with those, you bake the cookie base first, then spread melted chocolate chips over the top. These Coffee Toffee Bars are more of a chunky, substantial bar. Yum!

Here’s how you make them! Verdict is down below…along with a special surprise at the end.


The ingredients. Simple, pure, perfect…except I called the baking powder BAKING SODA. Why do I do this every time?



The “coffee” in these Coffee Toffee Bars comes from this ingredient—instant coffee granules. Did you know you can add a couple of teaspoons of instant coffee to most chocolate chip cookie recipes? Just throw it into the dry ingredients and it’ll add a delightful depth of flavor.



The recipe calls for 1 to 2 cups of chocolate chips. I decided to do 1 cup of semi-sweet and 1 cup of MILK CHOCOLATE chips. I’ll let you know how that turns out.



Begin by creaming softened butter and brown sugar.



Then you grab these four ingredients: instant coffee, salt, baking powder, and…almond extract! I wondered what that flavor would do the bars, since the standard choice would normally be vanilla.

Intellesting. Velly, velly intellesting.



Then you dump all of that into the bowl…



And mix it all together. You’ll want to scrape the sides of the bowl to make sure it all gets mixed together well.



After that, you dump in the flour. The recipe calls for approximately 2 1/2 cups of flour, so I decided to add the full amount in order to get a point of reference.



The result was a pretty crumbly dough; I had to really mix it in order for it to come together.



However, it turned out fine! I dumped it into a greased 9 x 13-inch pan…



And pressed it lightly into the pan.

Yes, I will be getting a new manicure, probably sometime in the year 2011.



Then I sprinkled the chocolate chips all over the pressed dough.



The recipe calls for 1 cup of chips…but UP TO 2 cups. I used about 1 3/4 cup of chips, just to see how far I could push it. ***More on this later***



Then you just pop it in the oven for about 25 minutes.



Mmmmm. It smells so, so good.



The dough isn’t a hugely rising, overly poufy thing since it doesn’t contain eggs or baking soda like the average chocolate chip cookie. But it does rise and pouf just enough to anchor the chocolate chips without completely swallowing them up.



Look at that yummy crust.



Cut the bars into squares or rectangles, depending on how many servings you’d like to squeeze out of the recipe.



Oh, yummy. How lovely!



And I’m sorry…



But I had to do this.

The devil made me do it.



THE VERDICT: These were really delicious. I definitely used too many chocolate chips, though—the chocolate overpowered the flavor of the cookie/bar below. When I make them next time, and I will make them again, I’ll use 1 cup of chocolate chips, tops. Maybe even less. You really want that cookie to shine through.

The almond extract is very interesting! It definitely comes through in the flavor of the cookie. I thought it was delicious, but if you aren’t a fan of almond flavor, I think you could easily substitute vanilla extract.

You could also sprinkle finely chopped pecans on top, before you sprinkle on the chocolate chips.

And vanilla ice cream, of course, would be a divine accompaniment!

Thank you, nhsweetcherry, for sharing such a delightful treat!

Here’s the recipe:

Coffee-Toffee Bars


And now for the fun part.

Not that Coffee Toffee Bars aren’t fun!


Today, Tasty Kitchen is giving away two (2) KitchenAid artisan stand mixers in the classic White color above. There are so many yummy dessert recipes on Tasty Kitchen, and you need one of these babies to facilitate all the baking.


To enter this giveaway, just answer the following question in the Comments section of this post:

“What’s the last dessert recipe you prepared?”

Did you make a chocolate cake last night?

Red velvet cupcakes last week?

Or was it that yellow Easy Bake Oven cake you made in 1974?

Just shout out the last dessert you prepared with your hot little hands (and feel free to include a link to the recipe if it’s online!) and you’re automatically entered to win a mixer.


One entry per person, please.

No entries after 11:00 pm Pacific Time Tuesday.

Winners will be selected at random and announced Wednesday morning.

Good luck!


Contest sponsored by Tasty Kitchen, with cooperation from CHEFS Catalog.


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Tonya on 3.5.2010

I made Oreo & Fudge Ice Cream Cake with a youth group of 7 girls. My ears are still ringing from the noise!

Profile photo of suefarrant

suefarrant on 3.4.2010

My friend Carol’s Carrot Cake recipe..the OMG BEST carrot cake ever!! It’s the regularly requested birthday cake by my son’s nieces and nephews.

Llama on 3.4.2010

Did I miss the mixer winners? *keeps fingers and toes crossed*

Kevin on 3.4.2010

Chocolate Hazelnut “Puddle” cookies as a gift for the folks we house-sat for :)

Abby on 3.4.2010

Cheesecake Pie! AWESOME!!!

Jennefer on 3.4.2010

The last dessert was just two days ago. I made Apple Banana Oatmeal Raisin Cookies! Yum~! I did make Red velvet cupcakes last week! How funny!

Joanna on 3.4.2010

four dozen chocolate cupcakes, for the cast of Anne of Green Gables, for which I was doing props.

Sally Monster on 3.4.2010

Last dessert I made was a pecan pie. My first ever pecan pie. It was delicious!

Peggy Parker on 3.4.2010

I made chocolate chip cookies for my friends at work. I am a school bus driver and I try to take them treats at least twice a month. :)

Melissa Guay on 3.4.2010

Chocolate cupcakes. And Muddy Buddies, also known as Puppy Chow. Yummmy!

Mary K. on 3.4.2010

Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. YUM!

Busy Mom on 3.4.2010

Lovely Mango Pudding with Pomelo topping. My friends loved this to death!

Stephanie on 3.4.2010

I made “Pots de creme” last night…OH SO GOOD!

I can’t imagine baking life without a Kitchen Aid!! YES PLEASE!!

Kelly Ann on 3.4.2010

The last dessert I made was Puppy Chow Cookies! Holy mackerel. The deliciousness of the chocolate and peanut butter and powdered sugar was frightful!!!!!!

Kim on 3.4.2010

Blueberry Cheesecake for an office birthday.

Maggie on 3.4.2010

Crepes with cherry filling and whipped cream!

Bridgette on 3.4.2010

I made a jumble berry pie. (blueberries, strawberries and raspberries) oh so yum.

Rita Martin on 3.4.2010

I made a cheese danish casserole.

Amy Thompson on 3.4.2010

Oh no! I’m an idiot and just now realized the time to enter has passed! Woops!

Amy Thompson on 3.4.2010

The last dessert recipe I prepared was cupcakes for my Kindergarten class for our Valentine’s Day party. :)

Literally seconds before I saw this giveaway, when I was reading about the coffee toffee bars, I told my husband that “someday” I really want him to buy me a KitchenAid stand mixer.

Now how happy would my husband be if I won and he didn’t have to buy me one? ;) Not nearly as happy as I’d be, but pretty happy I’m sure!

Kaila on 3.4.2010

I made chocolate chip cookie dough brownies with a chocolate ganache. I got this recipe from the amazing Bakerella website and betty crocker had a version too. Super simple..super delicious.

Brenda Cobble on 3.4.2010

Boston Cream Pie for my husband’s birthday!

Flourgirl on 3.4.2010

It is now Thursday evening. Have the winners been announced? If so, where?

Amanda R. on 3.4.2010

I made my Grandma’s chocolate Wesson Oil cake. Deeeelish!

Kendra on 3.4.2010

Good ol’ chocolate chip cookies! Never disappoints!

Melissa on 3.4.2010

I made your Strawberry Shortcake Cake for my mom’s birthday! It was delicious!

Kelly Radford on 3.4.2010

I keep saying it! Homemade Yogurt! This time for dessert, with lemon curd.

Bridget Turner on 3.4.2010

Chocolate Chip cookies. The Nestles classic recipe. yum.

Niki on 3.4.2010

I made cookie dough filled cupcakes for my hubbys birthday! Way to sweet for me, but he loved them!

Leslie on 3.4.2010

I made an awesome chocolate stout cake!

adrienne on 3.4.2010

Yesterday I made a weight watchers strawberry cobbler. And for a low fat cobbler, it was pretty tasty! :)

Kare on 3.4.2010

attempted vanilla chai pudding. it tasted amazing, but didn’t quite set up. a little perfecting is in order. which means i’ll have to make more. bummer, huh?!

Erin on 3.4.2010

The last desert I made, shamefully was the quick and easy, can of applie pie filling, white dry cake mix sprinkled over the apples and then melted butter poured over that, bakes at 350 for about a half hour. I know its bad for you and not very good cooking, oh well my 19 year old son is easy to please..

Thanks for the great give away as always…


Teresa Akers on 3.4.2010

Chocolate dipped fortune cookies or my daughters volleyball team.

J Salvo on 3.4.2010

upside-down plum cake for a friend’s birthday dinner. it was lovely!

aimee on 3.4.2010

I made Pineapple Hummingbird cake… oh so tasty!

Brandy on 3.4.2010

I was craving chocolate cake. So… I made a small two layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I topped it with some chocolate curls. Can you say chocolate buzz?

Sheryl on 3.4.2010

I made a ladybug chocolate cake for my daughters 2nd birthday last weekend

Deanna on 3.4.2010

Best ever breakfast muffins.

Andrea on 3.4.2010

I made hamantaschen last weekend.

Carrian on 3.4.2010

We had peanut butter bars with milk chocolate topping

Nicole on 3.4.2010

Pazookie. A giant cookie covered in ice cream and hot fudge. The best part about it is that it is shared among friends!

Shauna on 3.4.2010

Pineapple upside down cake because my 3 year old daughter who loves to cook with me thought it was hilarious that the cake was upside down! :)

Kim on 3.4.2010

I think I’m too late…so sad!
Still need to share that I made Smitten Kitchen’s Rice Pudding (Arroz Con Leche)…I nearly dove into the pot while it was cooking it smelled so amazing (and it tasted just as good).

Donna on 3.4.2010

Cake balls!! I make it for every single occasion!

Johanna Schweers on 3.4.2010

The last dessert recipe I prepared was absolutely wonderful and so easy: I’ll admit I used a pouch mix of brownies and made them according to the directions. However, when I pulled them outta the oven, I generously sprinkled the top with chocolate chips, the same chips I’d bought in a ginormous bag thinking I’d use them all while baking Christmas goodies. Since that didn’t happen, I’m stuck with extra chips, so I let a bunch melt on the oven-hot brownies, then I spread the melty chocolate evenly over the top. Then I put them in the fridge overnight to let the chocolate harden. Nummy…easy and tasty! I’d love to win a KA to help me make from-scratch brownies, instead of the pouch kind! Thanks for a great site! Johanna from Texas

Danna on 3.4.2010

I do not know what happend but I did the Coffe Toffe and it has really toughned after it chilled… Is this normal?

Lori on 3.4.2010

Brownies…Chocolate with chocolate frosting…lots of chocolate frosting!! Yummm!

Katie on 3.4.2010

Who won the mixers? I didn’t see it posted anywhere?

Sheila Bequette on 3.4.2010

Yes I did! Just last weekend, I made your famous cinnamon rolls..except I added a bit of a twist. You see when I was growing up, my mother would make cinnamon rolls at least once every few months. She would let me help her make the dough (and I couldn’t seem to resist not tasting it). Then after the first rising, she would diligently pinch off a piece at a time, dip each piece in melted butter then roll in cinnamon and sugar and swirl it around her finger until she had worked her way through the entire ball of dough. Whew! What a process but it made the rolls soooo yummy you almost didn’t even need icing. I was able to pull off the same effect with this recipe without all of that labor. Not only did I put butter in the bottom of my pan, I added a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar too. Then after I placed all of the rolls (after the slicing part) in the pan, I brushed each with melted butter and sprinkled more cinnamon and sugar on top and then baked them. OMGosh!!! The lip-smacking goodness that happens on the bottom has this wonderful cinnamon candy effect and the crust of cinnamon and sugar going on all around the top of the rolls is an icing all it’s own..and wrapped around this wonderful dough is just to die for!!!! Reliving childhood is so wonderful!!!! After tasting them, my oldest son told me he would pay for every cinnamon roll I ever make from here on! You were right Ree. There is magic in them thare rolls!!!!