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The Mushroom Soup!

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This is the day of the week when we select a lesser-known Tasty Kitchen recipe—one that might otherwise go unnoticed—and cook it up. My friend and fellow food lover Erika (you might know her as TK Erika) spends a lot of time looking at every recipe that comes through Tasty Kitchen’s doors and sent me a link to this particular mushroom soup recipe a couple of weeks ago. I took one look at the ingredients and knew right away I had to try it.

Here’s the bottom line: I love mushrooms. Love them with every ounce of my being.

This soup wonderful. Special thanks to aliciamosby for sharing!


Begin by chopping carrots and celery. It’s a good start for most anything.


Heat olive oil in a pot, then throw the two veggies right in. Stir them around and cook them for a few minutes.


While the carrots and celery are cooking and softening, slice up the mushrooms.


Throw the mushrooms into the pot.


Stir them around and cook them for several minutes.


After awhile, the mushrooms will reduce and the liquid will start to cook off a bit.


At that point, pour in white wine. The recipe called for Chablis, but I used Chardonnay since that’s what I had in the fridge.


Let this mixture cook down for a few minutes.


Next, add tomato juice…


And chicken broth.


Then stir and allow mixture to boil for five minutes. The liquid will reduce and the color will deepen.

And ooooh, does it ever smell good.

Can I just reiterate for a second how much I love mushrooms?


Next, pour in the cream. NOTE: I used half-and-half instead of cream, because…well…I had no cream in my fridge, because…well…I’d used it all for my Cajun Chicken Pasta Sunday evening and didn’t feel like driving to town to the grocery store.

It has to be a pretty serious reason before I’ll drive to the grocery store. Diet Dr. Pepper, for instance. Tums when I’m pregnant. Carmex when Marlboro Man’s out. Chocolate when I’m desperate. Things like that.


Stir in the cream, then bring it to a soft boil.


Next, grate up some Parmesan cheese.


Add it to the pot. Stir it to combine and cook gently for a few more minutes, adding salt as needed. At this point, the recipe calls for adding a small amount of cornstarch/water mixture (see recipe) but I decided to leave it out since, even with half-and-half, the soup at this point was plenty thick. I think you could have the cornstarch mixture ready; that way, if the soup seems overly thin, you can add it.



Oh, dear. Was I ever excited about this soup.


The Verdict: This soup was absolutely delicious. If you love mushrooms, you’ll be in Heaven–it’s absolutely chock full of them. The small amount of tomato juice gives the soup the most delicate tangy undertone, and the Parmesan injects a whole lot of flavor. I think using cream as the recipe states would be extra delicious, but honestly, it was perfectly good with half-and-half. Also note that depending on the appetites of those eating, this recipe makes 2 to 4 servings. If you’re cooking for four really hungry people, you might want to double the recipe. Leftovers are never a bad thing!

Thank you, aliciamosby, for sharing such a yummy recipe.

The Mushroom Soup by aliciamosby – Printable Recipe


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lisa on 4.9.2010

Making this for my second time tonight – my husband and I both agree that this is the best soup we’ve had – delicious! Make sure to serve with some crusty bread!

Darcy on 3.12.2010

Made it – loved it – making it again tonight – but doubling the recipe because it was! Thanks for such a great easy recipe!

Amalia on 3.9.2010

I should add – I did not use garlic. I also used some shredded 6 italian cheese mix, which was a disaster – clumped up and stuck to the pan. Highly recommend using the suggested parm cheese.

Amalia on 3.9.2010

I modified this using what I had on hand – caramalized onions instead of carrots and celery, and sauteed the mushrooms in some dried tarragon. I used much less of the tomato juice than it called for (I didn’t have any, and squeezed the juice out of two roma tomatoes.)

Came out amazing. You can tweak this depending on what you have on hand and what flavors you like (I love tarragon in any mushroom dish)

Amber on 3.8.2010

Fabulous for meatless Fridays during Lent!

on 3.7.2010

I love mushroom soup, and I can not have anything canned anymore (allergic to the preservatives etc.) so thank you for this, it looks divine . . .

She on 3.6.2010

This soup is WONDERFUL! This is the recipe you are looking for if you want something easy, unique and yummy. I like serving it with a salad and Ree’s bacon and onion biscuits.

Rachael Warrington on 3.2.2010

This is a great recipe! Yumm!

Hillary on 2.20.2010

This soup was divine. Even with the alterations I made (no cheese, and substituting fat-free evaporated milk for the cream to cut down on fat; omitting the wine (didn’t have any) and doubling the chicken broth), it was wonderful. I can only imagine how heavenly it must be with the cheese and cream! (And, mushrooms are the one food that my husband Will Not Eat Under Any Circumstances, so I get the whole batch to myself!)

kitchenklutz on 2.20.2010

looks yummy ,think i can even smell it–might be inspired to try it

Betterbug on 2.18.2010

1 pint of thick cream it says in the original recipe. I’d say that’s a bit erm… much. Probably a good idea to use a lighter cream indeed, or perhaps half cream, half low-fat yoghurt to give it a Balkan-twist?

ReanaR on 2.14.2010

Have been a lurker here for quite a while.. this is the first recipe that I tried.. did some minor adjustments though (used shitake and butter rather than white mushroom and olive oil, and no wine!) but it was still a major hit!!!

Stacy on 2.10.2010

Made this soup tonight…the perfect remedy for the Blizzard of 2010. Really easy to make; terrific tasting.


Heather on 2.10.2010

I made this last week, and oh…it was SO good with some crusty garlic bread and a nice salad.
Being one of those single girls who is often drowning in leftovers, I re-purposed the last of this soup into a super easy chicken-and-rice bake in the oven, and it was SO. GOOD.
I just loosely followed the good ol’ campbell’s recipe (combine uncooked rice and mushroom soup in a baking dish, put a boneless chicken breast on top, and bake at 375 for 45 minutes).
Using my homemade soup elevated that old standby recipe to something MUCH more special! A glass of white wine (had to finish that bottle of chardonnay!), some steamed veggies and the new issue of Vogue complimented the dish very nicely.

Sandy on 2.8.2010

This soup is divinely delicious! Seriously, as good as ANY soup I’ve ever been served in a restaurant, fancy or otherwise. We made it and ate it with the Italian version of drip beef. YUM!!

Profile photo of kdebski

kdebski on 2.6.2010

This soup is AWESOME!! Made a double batch for lunch today. It’s still warm on the stove, my husband and I can’t stay out of it! I did add some left over roasted chicken. This was so easy to prepare. Thanks for an awesome recipe!

Jersey Lou on 2.6.2010

I enjoyed this soup quite a bit, but it really doesn’t make much… I will double it next time. I did take one of the suggestions and use tomato paste rather than juice (I had some leftover in the fridge). Having done that, I did not need to add the cornstarch. Also, I think next time I will add onions to the original carrots/celery mixture. I think it would add some more flavor. Having said all of this, the soup was REALLY YUMMY as is!

Crystal on 2.5.2010

Just made this for lunch today and I don’t think I’ll have any leftovers for tomorrow! I didn’t have enough heavy cream, so I did half of that and the rest I used half & half. And did Portobello mushrooms instead of white. Next time I’ll try adding some onion to it. Don’t think I’ll have to wait long though.. I want to make some more already!

Joan on 2.4.2010

This was just yummy! My husband and I just had it for dinner. Thanks for sharing!

[email protected] on 2.4.2010

Definitively something I could use. I agree that some Thyme sprigs would increase the flavor. I’ll add a few chili at the end to spice it up (not for my children though!)

Lindsey Dean on 2.4.2010

Absolutely loved this recipe!!!! This is a new favorite for my books! Followed the recipe exactly and thought it was perfect.

Heather on 2.4.2010


Made this last night, super easy and ABSOLUTELY delicious!

I used the heavy cream and Pinot Grigio—it’s what I had!

Served it with garlic toast and it was PERFECT!

Wendy on 2.4.2010

Made this last night. Oh. My. Goodness. Next time will make at least a double recipe, if not more. Wow. Only change: eliminated the garlic (horrors) since I’m allergic. Even without the garlic, it was amazing. *calculating how many times I can make this in the next week or so -and how many places I can take it!*

Vicki Malave on 2.4.2010

I made this soup last night, and oh…. my…..goodness it was scrumpdiliumptious! I can’t wait to eat leftovers for lunch!

Profile photo of srausch

srausch on 2.4.2010

I will be honest, I made this the other night – and it was a little on the bland side.
Last night I “revamped” the leftovers by adding one cut up potato, and one chopped onion (sauteed in a bit of EVOO), a lot more salt, dried parsley, some hot sauce, and leftover chicken. I also added a few pieces of bacon that I fried up, and a tiny bit of the bacon fat.
That turned the soup into more of a chowder, which was yummy.

Thanks for the recipe though, for me it turned into a basic method of making a chowder.

Debbie on 2.4.2010

I made this last night and it was a huge hit. I added a little bit of finely diced onion to the celery & carrot misture (I just couldn’t help myself). I think I should have doubled the recipe though, oops. Thanks for such a great recipe!

Kathy in San Antonio on 2.4.2010

We made this the other night and it was scrumptious – and I am not a huge mushroom fan! We use Zing-Zang instead of the tomato juice and thought that next time we would add a bit of cayenne pepper just to bump up the taste a bit.

But a question – Garlic is in the ingredient list but when do you add it? I’ve read both versions of the recipe – do I just have selective blindness today?

TXAnne on 2.3.2010

Made this tonight. It was very good and easy. Being a novice at cooking, I had one problem. I thought the cheese had all melted but after I had added the cream and the water mixed with cornstarch, I realized I had tiny clumplets of cheese which never dissolved. How do you know when the cheese is all melted? Hubby loved it anyway.

Cheryl on 2.3.2010

Made this tonight with a few addendum’s…. can you have mushrooms without onions? I cannot , so added a whole yellow (medium) onion. Used roasted grape tomatoes instead of tomato juice. I am totally enthalled with the portabello (am thinking of growing) so that is what we used. Skipped all liquid additions and used only wine instead (Blue Nun, because I really do not like it and needed to get rid of). I had some parmesan, but opted for blue cheese……oh my goodness……we will definitely reproduce this again!!! If you dislike strong flavors, probably should not change the oiginal. I was tempted to put some bacon in there somewhere…valhalla is not to be experienced in this life time.

Profile photo of christmascorgi

christmascorgi on 2.3.2010

Will give it a try!

Sandy on 2.3.2010

This soup was amazingly good, I just ate 3 bowls for supper and I am not even a big fan of mushrooms (I usually give them to my husband, who l-o-v-e-s them). I doubled the ingredients (except the mushrooms, just had 16 oz) and it’s a good thing since I ate so much all by myself! My husband is working late; boy, is he in for a treat when he gets home. Thanks for a great recipe.

LeANN on 2.3.2010

I made this last night. I used crimini mushrooms (my favorite). Instead of tomato juice, I used more broth. Oh, and I diced a half a red pepper, just ’cause I had one. Really good. Husband ate it even after I told him it didn’t have meat in it.

Erin on 2.3.2010

It looks delicious and I can’t wait to try it! The original recipe calls for garlic and I didn’t see that anywhere in either of the demonstrations. Would that be added with the carrots and celery?

Darlene on 2.3.2010

Made this last night for our daughters who came to dinner and they loved it! Easy and superb tasting. Will make again soon!

Carla on 2.3.2010

I am going to try this one tonight. I’m sure my kids won’t eat it though. All the more for me and my sweet hubby.

Kat on 2.3.2010

I am not big on Mushrooms but this looks really tasty.

Julia Kozlov on 2.3.2010

OMG! This looks amazing.

EllieC on 2.2.2010

Oh my gosh… I made this tonight for dinner and it was delish! I substituted sweet potatoes for carrots, and used Chardonnay instead of Chablis… but it turned out excellent. I definitely recommend this recipe!

Emily on 2.2.2010

I love your bowls! …and the soup inside looks delish!

Dan on 2.2.2010

I think I’ll try this with fat free half and half and fat free chicken broth. That should make this hella weight watcher friendly. (I’ll leave the Parmesan full fat though. I’m only human.)

Briget on 2.2.2010

Ya know – I think Chablis went out with the 80’s. I tried to find some for a recipe awhile ago, and it just – doesn’t exist anymore. So I used Chardonnay too.

Chardonnay is the New Chablis…

Misa on 2.2.2010

Ree! What is that china pattern? I must know!

Profile photo of wyngrrrl13

wyngrrrl13 on 2.2.2010

I can not wait to make this t’night. I’m thinking with roasted garlic croutons floating on top…

Mrs. Jen B on 2.2.2010

Oh my goodness. Yet another recipe that makes me happy to be the only mushroom lover in my household – more for ME!!!

Kristi on 2.2.2010

what is it with cowboys and carmex?

Grammie24 on 2.2.2010

Just had mushroom ravioli over the weekend at a birthday celebration for my son-in-law at a local restaurant and had the leftovers for lunch today…oh boy, it was soooo good. Love mushrooms too.

Chalna on 2.2.2010

Oh my HEAVENS!! I just made this…it was SUPPOSED to be for dinner. We could not wait and ate almost the whole pot at 3:00 in the afternoon!! THIS IS DELICIOUS!!

Shannon on 2.2.2010

I wonder how this recipe would be with Curry? Oh how I love some Curry!

Profile photo of pixelnate

pixelnate on 2.2.2010

This recipe looks really good. It’s a good day for soup, too.

Also, I love the way you document you recipes. Top notch.

Sara Henderson on 2.2.2010

Wouldn’t you be able to just walk outside to get cream? (asks the city girl)