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The Mushroom Soup!

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This is the day of the week when we select a lesser-known Tasty Kitchen recipe—one that might otherwise go unnoticed—and cook it up. My friend and fellow food lover Erika (you might know her as TK Erika) spends a lot of time looking at every recipe that comes through Tasty Kitchen’s doors and sent me a link to this particular mushroom soup recipe a couple of weeks ago. I took one look at the ingredients and knew right away I had to try it.

Here’s the bottom line: I love mushrooms. Love them with every ounce of my being.

This soup wonderful. Special thanks to aliciamosby for sharing!


Begin by chopping carrots and celery. It’s a good start for most anything.


Heat olive oil in a pot, then throw the two veggies right in. Stir them around and cook them for a few minutes.


While the carrots and celery are cooking and softening, slice up the mushrooms.


Throw the mushrooms into the pot.


Stir them around and cook them for several minutes.


After awhile, the mushrooms will reduce and the liquid will start to cook off a bit.


At that point, pour in white wine. The recipe called for Chablis, but I used Chardonnay since that’s what I had in the fridge.


Let this mixture cook down for a few minutes.


Next, add tomato juice…


And chicken broth.


Then stir and allow mixture to boil for five minutes. The liquid will reduce and the color will deepen.

And ooooh, does it ever smell good.

Can I just reiterate for a second how much I love mushrooms?


Next, pour in the cream. NOTE: I used half-and-half instead of cream, because…well…I had no cream in my fridge, because…well…I’d used it all for my Cajun Chicken Pasta Sunday evening and didn’t feel like driving to town to the grocery store.

It has to be a pretty serious reason before I’ll drive to the grocery store. Diet Dr. Pepper, for instance. Tums when I’m pregnant. Carmex when Marlboro Man’s out. Chocolate when I’m desperate. Things like that.


Stir in the cream, then bring it to a soft boil.


Next, grate up some Parmesan cheese.


Add it to the pot. Stir it to combine and cook gently for a few more minutes, adding salt as needed. At this point, the recipe calls for adding a small amount of cornstarch/water mixture (see recipe) but I decided to leave it out since, even with half-and-half, the soup at this point was plenty thick. I think you could have the cornstarch mixture ready; that way, if the soup seems overly thin, you can add it.



Oh, dear. Was I ever excited about this soup.


The Verdict: This soup was absolutely delicious. If you love mushrooms, you’ll be in Heaven–it’s absolutely chock full of them. The small amount of tomato juice gives the soup the most delicate tangy undertone, and the Parmesan injects a whole lot of flavor. I think using cream as the recipe states would be extra delicious, but honestly, it was perfectly good with half-and-half. Also note that depending on the appetites of those eating, this recipe makes 2 to 4 servings. If you’re cooking for four really hungry people, you might want to double the recipe. Leftovers are never a bad thing!

Thank you, aliciamosby, for sharing such a yummy recipe.

The Mushroom Soup by aliciamosby – Printable Recipe


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Profile photo of yardsailor

yardsailor on 2.2.2010

The last pictures of the soup look like there is paprika sprinkled on top, or is that just the reaction of the tomato juice and half and half?

Profile photo of fiddledeedee

fiddledeedee on 2.2.2010

I have portabello and some cremini mushrooms in my fridge now. The farm where we buy our milk, cream, and butter from is just 1/2 mile down the road. Will be making this for a lite (not calorie lite) supper tonight with a crusty french bread topped with carmalized onions, sauteed mushrooms and swiss cheese along with a bottle of Oklahoma Gold wine in front of a roaring fire. A lite, romantic meal always inspires my husband to great things later on. Afterwards we will have a midnight snack of blackberry cobbler with home made vanilla ice cream. Ymmmm!

The Food Hunter on 2.2.2010

Wow! I wish I had a bowl of this right now…It looks so good. I’ve clipped this recipe and will hopefully big making it soon.

Profile photo of annie56

annie56 on 2.2.2010

oy lumberjack’s wife haha.

so —- this weekend – i am making this soup….vegan style. using the appropriate non-dairy substitutes.

i’ll let you know.

The Lumberjack's Wife on 2.2.2010

What did the boy mushroom say to the girl mushroom?

Why don’t you like me? I’m a fun guy!

Get it?

Fun guy/fungi

Oh, so funny.

Dani Berg on 2.2.2010

Surprisingly, my almost-eleven year old son loves ‘shrooms! I’m going to have to make this for him. He’ll be beside himself with BLISS.

dandy on 2.2.2010

I’m salivating.

Jenna on 2.2.2010

Based on the pictures, I was convinced that this was a recipe for tom kha gai. Definitely not.

Joyce on 2.2.2010

Instead of the tomatoe juice, a tablespoon of tomatoe paste would be richer.

Heather on 2.2.2010

Um Yum? Can’t wait to make this!

Kelly @ Evil Shenanigans on 2.2.2010

I think it is the addition of tomato that has me with this one. I have never seen that before but it makes perfect sense!

Profile photo of lydiajo

lydiajo on 2.2.2010

Have you tried slicing mushrooms with an egg slicer? So works. This soup looks divine!

Profile photo of Erika (TK)

Erika (TK) on 2.2.2010

I don’t think I’ve met a mushroom soup I didn’t like, but this one looked particularly delicious. Loved the idea of a hint of tomato to balance the cream. It looks even better than I imagined!

Norah on 2.2.2010

Delicious looking and simple to make! Have to try this one :)

Nicki B on 2.2.2010

I love mushrooms! I’ve got to try this soup!

KelliSue on 2.2.2010

I’m going to make this with apple juice and vinegar instead of wine, and butternut squash, shredded, instead of the carrots. Because I have an absolute root cellar full of butternuts and time’s awasting on using them up.

I’ve been making new butternut recipes at Simmering Over the Kolz too.

anne on 2.2.2010

I have a rosemary bush in my kitchen, and think that fresh rosemary would be wonderful in here, in moderaton of course, so you don’t feel like you’re eating a rosemary bush

Foy Update (Garden. Cook. Write. Repeat.) on 2.2.2010

I might have to run to the grocery to get mushrooms! You might save your runs to the grocery for chocolate and carmex, but a good soup will get me every time. Note to self – get cream too.

Profile photo of moonstonemama

moonstonemama on 2.2.2010


GinaG on 2.2.2010

The dilemma of tonight’s dinner has just been solved! This looks delightful!!

DC Grrl on 2.2.2010

Very excited to try this! With the small substitution of veggie broth, this is going to be an exciting new vegetarian soup. We LOVE mushrooms too!

Heather on 2.2.2010

I must admit, I find it a little peculiar that there are not onions in the recipe, but it sure does look amazingly tasty! It might be just what the doctor ordered for a cool winter day!

Profile photo of carolinagirl

carolinagirl on 2.2.2010

That looks awesome!

Profile photo of hughes

hughes on 2.2.2010

I made this a week ago and both my hubby and I loved it.

Julie C on 2.2.2010

I thought at first the orange bits were sweet potatoes. Because I love love sweet potatoes. Maybe I’ll try this and sub sweet taters for the carrots. I love mushrooms too, could eat them all day!

Profile photo of Dakota

Dakota on 2.2.2010

I did try this and it was wonderful. I also added some thyme.

Profile photo of angelfood

angelfood on 2.2.2010

Yum! This looks delicious. I can’t wait to try it.

Meg on 2.2.2010

Ooh, that looks incredible. I bet a little bit of fresh thyme would give the soup a great, earthy flavor. With some toasty, buttery bread on the side …MMM!

I am trying this one for sure!