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Soup Sidekicks

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Soup Sidekicks!

This has been some kind of winter for many of us. A snow day here and there is nice and pretty but lately, I’ve been noticing the first signs of cabin fever setting in.

Soup is often the most welcoming, soothing quick meal option on a cold day. You typically have enough ingredients in your kitchen to avoid having to venture out in the snow, and it’s also a great way to use up all the little leftover odds and ends in the refrigerator and pantry.

As wonderful and hearty as it is, soup can sometimes use a bit of help from a sidekick. Tomato soup has its grilled cheese, chowder has its oyster crackers, and hot and sour soup has its fried wonton noodles. So today, I thought we’d look at a few recipes that can pair with just about any soup you’re making, and help you turn a simple bowl of soup into a complete meal.

First up, the gorgeous Homemade Naan you see in the photo above, from TK member Prerna of the beautiful blog Indian Simmer. (Love her blog name!) She gives us the basic naan recipe and then you can flavor it to you heart’s content. She suggests cumin naan, garlic naan, butter naan … I think my problem would be choosing which one to make. They all sound incredible!

If your soup has an Italian twist to it, then perhaps some Garlic Knots (also seen above) from TK members Todd and Diane will fit the bill. (You know Todd and Diane, don’t you? Photographers extraordinaire, otherwise known as White in Rice Couple?) You can prepare the dough then let it proof while you’re preparing the soup or watching the snow fall outside. Or trying to find that missing glove because you refuse to admit that you now have four different, un-paired gloves because you keep losing the right one. Not that I would know anything about that.

Tasty Kitchen Blog Soup Sidekicks! (Easy Peasy Bread Sticks, recipe submitted by TK member Calli Taylor of Make It Do)

If you’re short on time or don’t want to bother with proofing, TK member Calli has these Easy Peasy Bread Sticks from her blog Make It Do. Easy peasy is right: These can be on the table in about 40 minutes! As a bonus, they can also be frozen and eaten as a snack later.

Tasty Kitchen Blog Soup Sidekicks! (Rosemary Crackers, recipe submitted by TK member Elana of Elana's Pantry)

Finally, we have these wonderful gluten-free Rosemary Crackers from TK member and resident gluten-free expert Elana of Elana’s Pantry. These crackers will go well with brothy soups and creamy soups alike. The rosemary and olive oil give these such a lovely, earthy flavor. For an extra special treat, serve it with your soup and some soft cheese on the side to spread on the crackers.
There you have it! A few dishes that can make your soup extra special. And on cold gray days, every bit of special counts.

Do you have any favorite soups or soup sidekicks to keep you warm during snow days? Come share your favorites! With the way this winter has been going, we’ll be needing lots of those ideas to see us through to spring.

Stay warm, everyone!



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Avatar of Robin @ What about the food?

Robin @ What about the food? on 2.3.2011

I had a recent naan failure. Now I have a chance to make it all better! Thanks for this great collection.

Rachel Primos on 1.28.2011

LOVE the fact that you added a gluten free option…the rosemary crackers look great!! My husband was recently diagnosed with celiac disease….I LOVE your blog…I have been adapting many recipes to work (beef stew….yummy)and it’s been really easy!! It’s really fun to see an option that is “ready to go” for us!! I love your blog and will continue to “adapt” recipes….LOVE it!!:) Thank you, thank you!

Avatar of callimakesdo

callimakesdo on 1.27.2011

Thanks Erika for the highlight of my Easy Peasy Breadsticks… and for the great ideas. All the great recipes and inspiration is why I love Tasty Kitchen so much! I can’t wait to try the other recipes, especially the Naan bread. Next time I make Tikka Masala, that is on the menu too.

Delishhh on 1.27.2011

LOVE NAAN and love Indiansimmer’s blog. I am going to have to try those breadsticks and crackers. Great ideas. I love popovers – huge fan of those when my uncle introduced them to me awhile back – here is a recipe:

Archana on 1.27.2011

Wow, what a fine spread to get us through winter. I love Mulligatawny soup, just did a post on it the other day, here is the link