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Let’s Talk Watermelons!

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Kitchen Talk (Watermelon)

I love summer. And not just because it’s the opposite of winter. Summer brings with it a wealth of sunshine (an embarrassment of riches, really), an abundance of play time, and more varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables than you can shake a stick at. (Do people really shake sticks at anything? Have you seen this stick-shaking activity in your everyday travels? Enlighten me, please.)

For me, if there’s one fruit that screams “summer’s here!” loud and clear, it’s the watermelon. Okay, and strawberries. Peaches. Pineapple. But mostly watermelon. When I imagine summer picnics and fruity desserts, I usually picture a chubby-cheeked little boy happily chomping on a watermelon wedge, juice running down his arms, with a blissful look of satisfaction on his face. Watermelon is refreshing, hydrating, sweet, and if you stick a little funnel in it and infuse it with alcohol, it can be a little naughty too.

So let’s talk about watermelons today! Tell us:

Do you have any favorite tips for choosing, serving, or storing watermelon?

My mom taught me to look for a watermelon with a flat, yellow part where it would have sat on the ground. She said that means the watermelon spent time ripening on the ground, and wasn’t picked too early. My biggest challenge is finding space in the fridge to store 3/4 of a watermelon after we’ve cut into it. Well, maybe that’s my second-biggest challenge. Maybe my biggest challenge is that I’m allergic to watermelons but eat them anyway. Because apparently, I have little self-control when it comes to watermelon drinks. And watermelon granita, like the one in the photo above. Spiked or otherwise.

How about you? Are you a watermelon fan? Have you had those yellow watermelons or the square ones? Any recipes to share? (Agua fresca!) Any tips for picking a good one, or even growing them? Come share!


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Looks Delicious! Flourless Lemon Blueberry Protein Pancakes

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Looks Delicious! (Lemon Blueberry High Protein Pancakes, submitted by TK member Lacey Baier of A Sweet Pea Chef)

Smoothies have become my default summer morning option, and they’ve been doing right by me so far. I get a nice dose of protein to start my day, a cool drink to battle the rising temperatures, and the satisfaction of knowing I fed myself a healthy breakfast. But sometimes … sometimes I’d rather not drink my breakfast. Sometimes I want something warm and comforting, like sausages, or fried eggs, or yes, even grits. Mostly, though, when I want something warm, I want pancakes. Which is a bit tricky when I’m also avoiding gluten.

Enter these Lemon Blueberry High Protein Pancakes from TK member Lacey. These pancakes may masquerade as a breakfast splurge but deep inside, they’re actually good for you. And flourless, too! In fact, the ingredient list bears a striking resemblance to many a smoothie recipe. At only slightly more than 100 calories and 13 grams of protein per pancake, it wins a spot on my breakfast menu rotation.

Thanks for sharing this, Lacey! Now I know what to make when the pancake urge hits. Click on the photo above to get the printable!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!


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Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is Mojitos!

Welcome to the weekend! Aren’t summer weekends the best? Time to be outside, grill, swim or whatever your little heart desires. It’s also just about time for a cold, refreshing drink. Mojitos are most definitely cold and refreshing. The mint and lime get together and make magic with an icy mix of simple syrup and rum. There is just not much that can go wrong with that!

We have a bunch of amazing mojitos here on Tasty Kitchen to share with you, some classic and some versions incorporating different fruits that sound pretty darn great. We hope one will strike your fancy and inspire you to try it this weekend.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is Mojitos! (Classic Mint Mojito, submitted by TK member Kelley Simmons of Chef Savvy)

Classic Mint Mojito. It’s hard to improve upon the original. So refreshing. So limey. So minty. So rummy. So…mojito-y?

Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is Mojitos! (Watermelon Mojito, submitted by TK member Dara of Cookin' Canuck)

Watermelon Mojito. Watermelon and mint. Always a great combo.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is Mojitos! (Strawberry Pom Mojito, submitted by TK member Kate of Diethood)

Strawberry Pom Mojito. Strawberries and pomegranate juice for those who love the sweet and tangy!

Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is Mojitos! (Orange Mojito with Mint Skinny Syrup, submitted by TK member Anita of Hungry Couple)

Orange Mojito with Mint Skinny Syrup. A little orange juice to sweeten the deal.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is Mojitos! (Boysenberry Mojitos, submitted by TK member Natalie Wiser-Orozco of The Devil Wears Parsley)

Boysenberry Mojitos. The berry hits keep on coming! We featured this one earlier in the week, and it kicked off this whole mojito craving.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is Mojitos! (Cherry Lime Mojito, submitted by TK member Mira of Cooking LSL)

Cherry Lime Mojito. And a cherry option! Yum! And so pretty.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: The Theme is Mojitos! (Blueberry Mojito Popsicles, submitted by TK member Kellie Hemmerly of The Suburban Soapbox)

Blueberry Mojito Popsicles. We couldn’t let you go with out a frozen version. Don’t let summer pass without making some boozy popsicles!

Stay cool!


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Let’s Talk Junk Food (You Know You Want To)

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Kitchen Talk (Junk Food)

Leave it to me to be late to the party again. I just found out that yesterday was National Junk Food Day. What? A day just for junk food? Raise your hand if you knew this. Raise your other hand if you don’t care that it’s a day late and want to celebrate with me.

I try to eat healthy most of the time, and I do that mostly so I don’t feel bad about indulging in a guilty pleasure now and then. Sometimes, I’ll make an effort to create a homemade version just so I can justify eating more of it. Raise your other other hand if you do the same.

Let’s get ourselves into—and hopefully out of—trouble together, shall we? Tell us:

What’s your junk food weakness? Any tips for keeping things in moderation?

Do you love kettle cooked chips? Have trouble resisting chocolate bars? Need that soda pop fix? Can’t stop munching on tortilla chips and salsa? Are Doritos your true love? Or maybe Oreos? (Extra points if you share a recipe for a homemade version!) Or maybe you know a trick or two for battling those insistent junk food cravings and stopping at just one or maybe nine chips. (I could use some of those tips right now, because for some reason, all I can think of is Doritos.)

Come share below! In the meantime, I’m going to go drink three glasses of water and contemplate the meaning of moderation.

Happy Wednesday, folks!


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Looks Delicious! Strawberry Matcha Brioche Donuts

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I saw the words matcha and brioche and donuts in the title, and that did it for me. That the donuts look so pillowy soft and buttery pretty much sealed the deal. If you’re looking for a special summer treat to make, I’d like to suggest Strawberry Matcha Brioche Donuts from TK member Denisse! Click […]

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Looks Delicious! Greek Salad with The Best Feta Vinaigrette

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We’re about a month into our summer grilling, with no intention of slowing down. Kebabs, burgers, ribs, sausages … Even when we fry fish, we put the grill’s handy side burner to work. The trees in the backyard don’t seem to mind the aroma as much, which keeps the couch and carpet and every porous […]

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Let’s Talk Pizza!

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for … pizza! Yes, I know that’s not how it goes, but I’m convinced that pizza in the summertime is just as popular as ice cream. Actually, pizza is crazy popular just about anytime, with just about anyone. Even gluten-free pizza has come a long way from its […]

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Grilled Turkey Meatball Gyros

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It’s only a little embarrassing when you find yourself going to the same restaurant every Friday night, the guys behind the counter greeting you by name with your order memorized. Beef and lamb gyros with rice and hummus with a baklava for dessert, of course! But I realized I needed to take a break from […]