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Popcorn with Parmesan and Truffle Oil

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I have a new addiction but luckily this time, it’s not quite as unhealthy as my last (ahem … Kit Kats) or budget-breaking as the one before that (ahem … fresh oysters from the Pacific Northwest). It’s all my friend Jennifer’s fault. She gushed on about her new popcorn maker—the stand-alone, old-fashioned design complete with the crank to empty the popping bin.

It’s an absolutely impractical space-hogging small kitchen appliance that only people who have a popcorn fixation (moi) could justify. And so there it sits on my kitchen island, taking up 55% of the counter footprint, leaving no room for anything else.

Of course, my husband Scott just shakes his head and says, “We’ll see how long this popcorn thing lasts …” So what am I to do? Well, I make popcorn. Buckets of it. Every few hours.

Okay, so honestly, my addiction isn’t so much eating the popcorn but rather making it. And if I have to hang my head in shame, stand in the corner, and really, really dig down deep for the absolute truthful answer, the popcorn-making frenzy is all about warding off the “I told you it was a bad idea” thing from Scott!

C’mon, please tell me you do the same thing too?

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Popcorn with Parmesan and Truffle Oil. Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.

Of the gazillion popcorn combos that I’ve made (and have sourced from Twitter friends!), my favorite is the Popcorn with Parmesan and Truffle Oil. It’s a great way to glam up the humble popcorn! (Though I think popcorn stopped being humble the moment I bought that fancy $80 popcorn maker.)

The first step is to pop yer corn. If you’re doing the microwave thing, make sure you get plain popcorn. If you want to make popcorn on your stove (like your grandma use to do), here’s a recipe from Elise.

Once it’s popped, put the popcorn in a large bowl and drizzle just 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of the truffle oil (truffle oil is very strong!). If you have an oil mister, even better.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Popcorn with Parmesan and Truffle Oil. Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.

Mix it all about. The oil goes first, so that it coats the popcorn and gives the salt and parmesan something to stick to.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Popcorn with Parmesan and Truffle Oil. Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.

Now add the sea salt. It’s gotta be good sea salt, like my favorite flaky Maldon sea salt. Hey, if you’re gonna use truffle oil and good parmesan, you might as well use good salt!

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Popcorn with Parmesan and Truffle Oil. Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.

And then add a generous grating of good quality parmesan or pecorino.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Popcorn with Parmesan and Truffle Oil. Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.

To finish, just because this is glam popcorn, I use a vegetable peeler to add some nice shavings of parmesan on top.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Popcorn with Parmesan and Truffle Oil. Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.

What’s your favorite popcorn flavor? Got any creative ideas for me? I’ve got at least another 2 weeks of popcorn frenzy before I can safely retire the monster in my garage AND minimize the “I told you so’s.”

Hugs and kisses,


Jaden Hair is a food writer, television personality, and food photographer based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Find more of her recipes in her blog, Steamy Kitchen, where you can also read more about Jaden’s new book, The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook, and the rave reviews it’s received!



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Vicki B on 7.23.2010

Popcorn drizzled with really good ghee and great sea salt.

Mary B. on 7.23.2010

I have always said I could live off popcorn – which I sometimes did in college. People laugh – they don’t realize how serious I am! It’s the love of my life!

My favorite is just butter, salt and some McCormick’s (it’s the best flavor) Lemon Pepper seasoning. It’s so delicious!

Profile photo of Midwest Mrs

Midwest Mrs on 7.23.2010

Oh man, me and my dad make a semi-hoosier version of this popcorn! We use melted butter and regular old out of the can parmesan. He even adds tabasco to his too.

P.S. I know what you mean. My husband bought me a breakmaker, so I made bread, but we would never eat it!

lori on 7.23.2010

A squeeze of a couple lemon wedges and a few shakes of Cholula (bottled hot sauce–Tabasco works equally well).

Lisa E on 7.23.2010

We have two favorites at my house — first topped with taco seasoning and second topped with ranch powder and parmesan cheese. Popcorn is my downfall. :(

Profile photo of mrsw

mrsw on 7.23.2010

Home made kettle corn can be done with a Stir Crazy Popper. Just add equal amounts of sugar and popcorn. Of course it isn’t EXACTLY like the heavenly kettle corn cooked in the big pots at the amusement park – but it is pretty darn close.

Denise on 7.23.2010

My favorite popcorn topping is similar, except I use truffle salt (less expensive and lasts much longer in my house) with parm, delish!!

Jenni on 7.23.2010

Not as gourmet as your truffle oil, but real butter, Lawry’s seasoning salt and garlic salt is our family favorite.

For a good kettle corn, use a crank popper, put a little oil in the bottom (we use the orville kind), then add about 1/2 c. unpopped popcorn and 1/2 c. sugar (plus a sprinkling of seasoning salt). Then crank and pop away. Delicious!

Gretchen on 7.23.2010

I love popcorn and I got a air popper a couple Christmas’s ago. But I still make it on the stove, I haven’t touched that air popper for a year, (don’t tell my dad, shhh). Always, good olive oil, sea salt and IF I have any mini chocolate chips left, a handful of that. Mmmmmm. I think I might have popcorn for dinner tonight…

Donia on 7.23.2010

You MUST tell me where you got that salt holder! Out with it!!!

Kelly on 7.23.2010

I have never had truffle oil but this sounds wonderful. I like katiescooking’s idea about truffle salt too! Thanks!

Heather (Heather's Dish) on 7.23.2010

you’d have to roll me out the door because i doubt i could EVER stop eating this!

Profile photo of cookincanuck

cookincanuck on 7.23.2010

I also try to justify expensive kitchen gadget purchases by using them to ad nauseum. You have done your purchase justice – Parmesan and truffle oil – oh my!

Laurie @Simply Scratch on 7.23.2010

It’s a tie between popcorn and grilled cheese for me… but this looks AMAZING!

Profile photo of katiescooking

katiescooking on 7.23.2010

Perfect timing! I just scored some truffle oil for my birthday and I’ve been looking for a recipe to put it to use. I also have some truffle salt which I’m sure would work really well too! Now I just need to go rent some movies : )

Ralph on 7.23.2010

Try popping the popcorn in bacon fat.

Foodiebia on 7.23.2010

Ummm I just spray Canola Oil on it and then I toss it with some sugar for a “kettle corn” effect. Call me lazy, but it’s good!

lisa on 7.23.2010

YUM! Nice idea, I’m drooling over it at 8 in the morning.

I love butter, salt, and Madras Curry powder on my p-corn.

Suzanne on 7.23.2010

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why are you retiring your popcorn popper? That’s insanity! I’ve used my stove top popper for years (crank and all) and I’ll never buy any other type of device once this one kicks the bucket.

The trick is finding a good quality one!

sarahlynn on 7.23.2010

Olive oil and thyme-my go to favorite.

Steffiweffi on 7.23.2010

I am guilty of buying an entire bin of the tri-flavored Christams popcorn and not sharing one bite of it with my family….I ahve gone so far as to hide it from everyone….

I continually try to make homemade kettlecorn…and fail dramatically…every…single…time….so many victims…including my favorite mixing bowl….

Jessica @ How Sweet on 7.23.2010

I love topping popcorn with nutrional yeast when I feel like being healthy, but that’s not all the time. Cheese is definitely my favorite flavor. I’m making this tonight. Done and done.