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Popcorn with Parmesan and Truffle Oil

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I have a new addiction but luckily this time, it’s not quite as unhealthy as my last (ahem … Kit Kats) or budget-breaking as the one before that (ahem … fresh oysters from the Pacific Northwest). It’s all my friend Jennifer’s fault. She gushed on about her new popcorn maker—the stand-alone, old-fashioned design complete with the crank to empty the popping bin.

It’s an absolutely impractical space-hogging small kitchen appliance that only people who have a popcorn fixation (moi) could justify. And so there it sits on my kitchen island, taking up 55% of the counter footprint, leaving no room for anything else.

Of course, my husband Scott just shakes his head and says, “We’ll see how long this popcorn thing lasts …” So what am I to do? Well, I make popcorn. Buckets of it. Every few hours.

Okay, so honestly, my addiction isn’t so much eating the popcorn but rather making it. And if I have to hang my head in shame, stand in the corner, and really, really dig down deep for the absolute truthful answer, the popcorn-making frenzy is all about warding off the “I told you it was a bad idea” thing from Scott!

C’mon, please tell me you do the same thing too?

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Popcorn with Parmesan and Truffle Oil. Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.

Of the gazillion popcorn combos that I’ve made (and have sourced from Twitter friends!), my favorite is the Popcorn with Parmesan and Truffle Oil. It’s a great way to glam up the humble popcorn! (Though I think popcorn stopped being humble the moment I bought that fancy $80 popcorn maker.)

The first step is to pop yer corn. If you’re doing the microwave thing, make sure you get plain popcorn. If you want to make popcorn on your stove (like your grandma use to do), here’s a recipe from Elise.

Once it’s popped, put the popcorn in a large bowl and drizzle just 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of the truffle oil (truffle oil is very strong!). If you have an oil mister, even better.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Popcorn with Parmesan and Truffle Oil. Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.

Mix it all about. The oil goes first, so that it coats the popcorn and gives the salt and parmesan something to stick to.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Popcorn with Parmesan and Truffle Oil. Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.

Now add the sea salt. It’s gotta be good sea salt, like my favorite flaky Maldon sea salt. Hey, if you’re gonna use truffle oil and good parmesan, you might as well use good salt!

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Popcorn with Parmesan and Truffle Oil. Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.

And then add a generous grating of good quality parmesan or pecorino.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Popcorn with Parmesan and Truffle Oil. Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.

To finish, just because this is glam popcorn, I use a vegetable peeler to add some nice shavings of parmesan on top.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Popcorn with Parmesan and Truffle Oil. Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.

What’s your favorite popcorn flavor? Got any creative ideas for me? I’ve got at least another 2 weeks of popcorn frenzy before I can safely retire the monster in my garage AND minimize the “I told you so’s.”

Hugs and kisses,


Jaden Hair is a food writer, television personality, and food photographer based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Find more of her recipes in her blog, Steamy Kitchen, where you can also read more about Jaden’s new book, The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook, and the rave reviews it’s received!



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Krystal S on 9.27.2010

Let me just say, the truffle oil 99% of the people here are talking about, is fake. (Go ahead, run and check your bottles. Does it say truffle aroma? Fake. A chemical compound made in a laboratory that tries to capture the essence of truffle.) That being said, I love fake white truffle oil. I just ate it on mashed potatoes tonight. I’ve never eaten real truffles, so I can’t really compare it, but I swear I could splash the fake oil on everything. The real purpose of my post is to inform people this delicious imposter is available in grocery stores for about $8-12 for a smallish bottle. It isn’t a huge splurge and once you eat it on potatoes, you’ll never want them plain again. Oh and truffle salt? Same thing. No real truffle pieces in it.

Hannah F. on 9.5.2010

Cajun spice and sugar!

Marti on 8.15.2010

We enjoy trying out new seasoning mixtures on our popcorn. Just go through your seasonings and look for interesting mixtures. BBQ seasonings are great, chili powder, garlic… you get the idea. We also grind pistachios up real fine and add that to the mix. You can even add prepared mixes like powdered ranch dressing mixes. The possibilities are endless. For Christmas, I make a wonderful white chocolate popcorn. I put some raspberry flavoring in a spray bottle and spray the freshly coated white chocolate popcorn with it, and the flavoring mixes with the chocolate.

Abigail on 7.31.2010

Oooh, popcorn! I love me some popcorn! My favorite is with butter and cheddar cheese powder (from, but I love plain butter too.
Popped in a pan is the best, but I usually just use a hot air popper…

Loretta on 7.30.2010

I also do my popcorn in a brown paper bag on the popcorn setting in my microwave (I actually close the bag with 2 small staples and have never had a problem). I spray it with butter Pam after it’s popped and add Lawry’s Garlic Salt. Makes for a “light” snack–especially since I eat the whole bag myself. :)

Sarah on 7.29.2010

In Pam Anderson’s book PERFECT RECIPES FOR HAVING PEOPLE OVER, she has a recipe for curry popcorn. Basically, you pop it the old-fashioned way with oil in a pot on the stove, only add some salt and curry powder at the beginning. The spices bloom in the oil, and each kernel is coated with curry and salt. So good.

Cathy Mader on 7.29.2010

I always pop my corn in truffle oil, it is my FAV, I will try tossing in some parm, yum!

marylu2 on 7.28.2010

Truffle Oil and parmesan sounds scrumptious!

My favorite is half cheese corn and half caramel corn~Chicago Style

Erin on 7.28.2010

This recipe also works REALLY well with french fries.

Said friend, Jennifer on 7.27.2010

Yes, it takes up too much space. Yes, it is a tad messy. And yes, it is super fun to make popcorn and watch movies at home. In fact, we always make our own popcorn here at home BEFORE we go to a movie and then I smuggle it into the theater in my oversized Cole Haan bag! Never again will you eat cold, stale and greasy popcorn from a theater after buying one these babies!

Tracibub on 7.27.2010

I’m a sweet popcorn lover, myself. I enjoy a good cinnamon sugar popcorn, and carmel corn (that my mom makes…SO good…).

kate on 7.27.2010

Hubby & I have a popcorn fixation, too. But we make it stovetop with a little oil and a heavy 6 qt pan with a lid. Our absolute favorite topping is Penzey’s Adobo Seasoning (which is cumin, garlic, onion, pepper, a little chili and a bunch of other sw flavors) some salt and a little msg. the msg just gives it that extra oomph. sometimes we add powdered cheddar, but it’s messy!

Molly on 7.27.2010

Oohh, I’m a nutritional yeast kinda gal. That with a little bit of salt (or Spike if we have it on hand). However, the parmesan looks like an absolutely delicious idea (not to mention garlic…why has that never occurred to me??)

Carol on 7.26.2010

I love a little bit of butter and lots of freshly ground black pepper.

Dedra on 7.26.2010

white popcorn popped in EVOO and lots of fresh ground black pepper and celtic sea salt.

Dawn in Michigan on 7.26.2010

Oh. My. Gosh. I have truffle oil just begging to be used – and THIS is what I am going to try tonight! (or as soon as I finish working!)

I do not like plain popcorn and I am always looking for new/better ways to enjoy it – currently, the fave way at our house is “NACHO POPCORN” – Melt 1/2 cup butter, stir uin 2 Tablespoons freshly grated Parmesan, 2 Tablespoons dried parsley flakes, 1 teaspoon garlic salt, 1 teaspoon chili powder and as many drops of your favorite hot sause as you’d like. Sprinkle over stove-top-popped popcorn (read: Not microwave popcorn…although I suppose it could liven that up too!), about 5 quarts. Stir to coat evenly. Enjoy!

Of course another fave is freshly grated Parmesan and freshly ground black pepper – yumm-o!

P.S. Whre on earth did you find your salt container – I gotta have one!

Fostermamas on 7.26.2010

PS. Jaden please tell me where you found that omigoodnessbeautiful wood salt bowl

Fostermamas on 7.26.2010

Oooohhhh….I have truffle oil, I have sea salt, I have parmesan….BRB

Allison on 7.26.2010

I was wondering if you could pop the popcorn in the truffle oil to make it easier and also to spread the oil more evenly across the popcorn. I love my whirly pop and when I want buttered popcorn I just pop it in nucoa (no burn) margarine, and then I don’t even have to put anything on it afterwards.

Profile photo of callimakesdo

callimakesdo on 7.26.2010

I love popcorn with Parmesan… but I go less healthy and decidedly less gourmet and serve it with butter. Next time I’m looking to splurge I’d love to try the truffle oil.

Karen on 7.26.2010

One of my best friends introduced me to what she calls “Movie Salad.” Regular popcorn with salt mixed with M&Ms. The M&Ms get all warm and melty and if you’re a fan of salty and sweet, this is the treat for you. I used to do this only at the movies and then it hit me…I don’t have to! I can do this at home and the popcorn’s better too!

jess on 7.26.2010

anything with spice!! melted butter with ….. cayenne or salt and pepper, lousianna hot sauce is good too!! and of course, good old fashioned carmel corn!!! yummy to my tummy!!!

katrina on 7.26.2010

Get thee a jar or truffle salt.
“Truffle Oil” is overpriced for what it is, oil with a fake ‘truffle flavoring’ added to it. Truffle salt last 10x longer and has real trufflepieces in it. Plus it tastes so much better.

Profile photo of Anjie-abehunin

Anjie-abehunin on 7.25.2010

My husband always makes popcorn in the air popper, drizzles it with melted butter (the REAL salted kind) and then seasons it with BonAppetit. Sounds funky, but it is oh so good! The kids LOVE it that way too.

Thanks for all the suggestions in the comments above…I might have to get creative one of these days and try them.

Suzanne on 7.25.2010

Ever tried Chicago popcorn? White cheddar and Caramel flavored popcorn eaten together! Sooooo good!

Profile photo of dawnalee

dawnalee on 7.25.2010

Oh! and I was hoping for a shot of your popcorn machine. :)

Profile photo of dawnalee

dawnalee on 7.25.2010

butter, sea salt
butter, garlic powder, grated parmesan
butter, feta, finely chopped kalamata olives

@ Ralph, gotta try your bacon drippings suggestion. Thanks!

p. claire pertalion on 7.25.2010

i eat popcorn all the time and will only eat stove top made. i turn my friends onto it all the time, they are surprised by how much better it is than microwave, duh.

i like to shake different things on my popcorn, old bay seasoning is a good one. if only zatarains would make a shake version. i also like the japanese seasoning also, gomasio. but this one is the best that a friend turned me on to, cook your popcorn with duck fat. it sounds nuts, but it is sooooo good.

Profile photo of melkuntz

melkuntz on 7.25.2010

Just had to mention that there are some great popcorn “recipes” here on Tasty Kitchen. Most of them are of the sweet variety, but that still counts, right? My absolute favorite that everyone goes crazy for is Cinnamon Bun popcorn. Delish!!!

Profile photo of Recipe For Delicious

Recipe For Delicious on 7.24.2010

Yes please! This might be the thing that finally gets me to break down and buy truffle oil.

Profile photo of dightonmom

dightonmom on 7.24.2010

Am I crazy–or does someone else out there in popcorn land LOVE the burnt ones too? My sister and I always fought for them in the big wooden bowl my Mom served it in. She always used corn oil to pop it in the “popcorn” pan-which was nothing but a pan that saw lots of popcorn made in it exclusively!

Profile photo of darcy17

darcy17 on 7.24.2010

For all you popcorn and truffle oil fans, the bar at the Four Seasons in San Diego has some TO DIE FOR.

Andrea Mason on 7.24.2010

Oh, and did you know Blue Bell has a new flavor that is popcorn flavored????

“Caramel Kettle Crunch
A tasty combination of creamy vanilla ice cream with crunchy caramel-coated popcorn and a smooth caramel sauce. “

Andrea Mason on 7.24.2010

Okay, I am a popcorn-aholic…but I’ve never tried making my own. I’ve always bought from different popcorn stores! My favorite flavor to buy right now is a mix of ranch and cheesy barbecue!

kathy butler on 7.24.2010

I’m serious about my popcorn..I use the clarified movie butter sold at Popcorn Supply Co…what brand of crank popper are you referring to? I’ve always just used my dutch oven to pop but if your method is better I’m all for it.

Profile photo of clrand

clrand on 7.24.2010

I do so hate to enable you but misery does love her some company. Heidi Swanson at has a recipe for Chile Lime Tequila Popcorn Recipe. Oh, mama. You will never, ever be the same. I think I made this 4 days in a row once.

I do sometimes modify it by skipping the cumin (which I’m not always wild about) and substituting a dried (single) chile powder like ancho or chipotle for the the fresh jalapeno if I don’t have any on hand. No matter how you make it, if there’s tequila, lime, salt and spice, you’ll be hooked.

Debra Schott on 7.23.2010

Okay… a ‘Third’ time….. where’d ya get the salt container???
Lol….! But …. seriously….

Profile photo of meeshiesmom

meeshiesmom on 7.23.2010

I’ve used truffle salt. Love truffle salt.

Kelly M on 7.23.2010

Popcorn with a nice thick slice of cheddar cheese. A little nibble with each bite of popcorn and a glass of wine to boot, best way to watch a movie at home ever!

Sheila on 7.23.2010

OH home made popcorn Balls OH MY GOSH!!!

DessertForTwo on 7.23.2010

Someone sweet gave me a little bottle of white truffel oil as a gift. It smells so delicious-problem is, I tend to hoard it and not want to use it. I guess I’m saving it for a special occassion? But since it’s Friday, that’s special enough for me! I can’t wait to try this! :)

Missy in Seattle on 7.23.2010

My favorite is Hurricane Popcorn … from Hawaii Popcorn Company.

Every time I hear someone is going, I beg them to bring some back for me. MMMMMMMM!

Its basically furikake and rice crackers.


I also like plain old microwave popcorn mixed with peanut M&M’s

Karen on 7.23.2010

The easiest way to make popcorn (for me), is to take a plain brown lunch bag, put about 1/3 cup popcorn kernels in (no butter or salt) and pop it on the regular popcorn setting in my microwave. I just fold the top of the bag down well, no staples.

Then I melt unsalted butter on my stove, drizzle it on and add fresh ground Himalayan pink salt. MMM.

lisa on 7.23.2010

Butter, salt, pepper, parmesan cheese (the cheap kind in the green bottle) and garlic powder! You will reek like garlic but you won’t care it’s so good.

Profile photo of hailskitchen

hailskitchen on 7.23.2010

Seriously?! This looks DIVINE!!! I cannot wait to try this combination. I have an unhealthy addiction to popcorn and truffle oil is by far my favorite decadence. Thank you for sharing!

Kim on 7.23.2010

yum yum yum! I suggested sugar b/c I loove how kettle corn in salty & sweet. This looks so yummy as well!

mainedish on 7.23.2010

I also want to know where you got your salt container!?!?!

Georgia Pellegrini on 7.23.2010

This looks delicious, but I have to say that nothing beats good ol’ popcorn with butter and table salt for me

Alicia A. on 7.23.2010

I went to a comedy show last week, and they did this number with the fries I ordered for my table. Sooooo yum!

Profile photo of cookingfor2

cookingfor2 on 7.23.2010

This looks so good. They do something similar at this great restaurant in colorado, only subsitute popcorn for french fries… you’d die it so good!