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Individual Scalloped Potatoes with Ham!

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I first made Tasty Kitchen member The Noshery’s Individual Scalloped Potatoes during a day last year when I had some guests over to cook. We selected two Tasty Kitchen recipes to make together (you can read about the fun here) and wound up loving these nifty little layered potato dish, made in muffin tins. So yesterday, when I had a chunk of ham in my fridge and needed a clever way to use it up, I thought of The Noshery’s recipe.

Here’s how I made it.


Here’s what you need: ham, potatoes, cheddar cheese, green onions, salt, pepper, green onions, half & half, and butter.



First thing you need to do is nuke some russet potatoes for 10 to 15 minutes. They need to be partially cooked but still firm (not mushy and falling apart.)

(Ignore the greenness of my potatoes. Pretend you didn’t see it. I avoided the green parts in the finished dish, and besides that, a 100-pound human would have to eat a fully green potato that weighed 1 pound in order to see any signs of stomach upset—and pounds and pounds of fully green potatoes before more detrimental effects would start to show up. Again: pretend you didn’t see it!)



Cut the ham into slices, then cut the slices into strips…



Then cut the strips into small cubes.

Small is the key!



Then slice up the green onions and grate up the cheese.



You want to put half a pat of butter into the bottom of each muffin cup, so cut half a stick of butter into twelve equal “half-pats”.



Next, set a slice of nuked potato on top of each half-pat of butter.





Sprinkle each slice with salt and pepper.





Sprinkle in the finely diced ham…



Green onions…





And cheese.



Then repeat the layers: potato slice…






Scallions and cheese…



And another half-pat of butter.

Yes. You heard me.



And finally—yes, this is really happening—a teaspoon of half and half over the whole thing.



And that’s it, baby! Pop ‘em into the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes.



Pull them out when the cheese is nice and bubbly. Then faint right there on the spot.



And they’re…delicious! You can serve a couple of them with a big green salad for lunch or dinner, or you can do what I did on the Monday after Easter: served ‘em right next to a big, juicy steak!

Yes. You heard me.

Enjoy these! They’re a fun way to use up your ham and they’re really fun to make.

Thank you to The Noshery for the inspiration!

(Here’s Noshery’s original recipe here on Tasty Kitchen. Just add in the diced ham and follow the rest of the recipe as is: Individual Scalloped Potatoes, by The Noshery – Printable Recipe.)


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bunnyhop on 4.6.2010

I made scalloped potatoes just yesterday, the Cook’s Illustrated Make Ahead version. Left out the bay leaf and thyme, and added some extra broth. Excellent. I’d forgotten how much I love this dish when it’s not too dry.

Guess I like my scalloped potatoes on the soupy side.

TreehugginMomma on 4.6.2010

So a couple of thoughts, I am going to play with this recipe tomorrow. I want to mandolin the potatoe slices super thin, then I want to add the heavy cream before the second pat of butter, just because I think it would make the process easier and neater.

Thanks for the recipe, can’t wait to play with it.

Helmi on 4.6.2010

Things in cute little muffin tins sized portions! looks amazing.

wanda on 4.6.2010

I have left over ham so i will make them and for the clean up you can just spray the pan with Pam or other spray oil and it should come off or buy a non stick pan would probably be better. W hen i make golden Tassies i spray my pans because the sticky stuff Ozzie s

Ashley on 4.6.2010

What a great way to also use leftover half and half and cheese from my fancy macaroni…also an amazing creation from Ree!!

Puppy on 4.6.2010

My mother used to make something like this to use leftover ham – the individual portions are a great idea!

Kelly on 4.6.2010

It looks good, but I can hear my arteries slamming shut as I read the recipe!

Crystal on 4.6.2010

What a great idea, I love using muffin tins to make individual sized dishes.

Kim in MD on 4.6.2010

I noticed the green potatoes right away…I’m glad you didn’t eat the green parts! Also, I love the color of your pepper, too! These look so good…perfect use of leftover Easter ham! :-)

Molly P. on 4.6.2010

Yay for you using the MSU cheese! It’s my alma mater :)

Praise and Coffee on 4.6.2010

Love me some pats of butter!
Thank you!

Mackenzi Colohan on 4.6.2010

Yumm! I’m trying this one for sure!

Jan on 4.6.2010

But I’m from Idaho and I noticed the green before you told me not to! It is referred to as “cellar green” or “sunburn” and happens because they get exposed to too much light. If you buy them with dirt on them (the best way), leave it there and keep them covered with more than the brown plastic bag they probably came in. If there is too much green, the taste is really bitter. But, hey! The recipe is obviously wonderful. Guess what is going to be our lunch? But the cheese I have is Pepper Jack and the meat is…not. But it will be won’erful. Thanks.

Deidra @ ::Frugalistic:: on 4.6.2010

Mmmmm … that would even be better with bacon .. double mmmmm!

Debbie Johnson on 4.6.2010

glad to see your potatoes are just like the ones I get

Dana on 4.6.2010

It sounds yummy! Might even try it with some scrambled eggs poured over the top for a breakfast treat.

Adrienne on 4.6.2010

I’m proud to see you’re using Mississippi State cheddar. Yum!

C.C. Chapman on 4.6.2010

Wow these look awesome. We made ham with scallop potatoes for Easter dinner but I never thought of combining them like this.

Heather (Heather's Dish) on 4.6.2010

oh man, this isn’t even fair! definitely a must-try for a party (i’d schedule a party just to make these!)

Marjorie on 4.6.2010

Perfect for my leftover ham. Thanks!

Nicole on 4.6.2010

Oh, yum!! Those will be on the table tonight!

Brenner on 4.6.2010

I love MSU cheese. Best years of my life were spent as a student there. I am so excited you use it! Isn’t it great!

shae on 4.6.2010

Poor muffin tin…

Profile photo of The Noshery

The Noshery on 4.6.2010

Ham and potatoes! Excellent Ree!

Kristina Dekker on 4.6.2010

Java Girl,
I wouldn’ t look forward to cleaning it out, thats why I have my dogs hee hee :) This dish looks wonderful!! YUM

Profile photo of Java Girl

Java Girl on 4.6.2010

This looks fabulous!!!! But I’m not looking forward to cleaning the pan.

Mary Ann Keith on 4.6.2010

Love the idea…But, I’ll make this in a 9×13. It’ll be good…

Kellyn on 4.6.2010

Holy Heavenly! Those look fantastic! Must make this weekend!

Heart of a Country Home on 4.6.2010

those look totally yummy!

Shannon Putman on 4.6.2010

These look great, it is just my hubby and me tonight so I think this will be dinner with salad. Thanks for the great ideas.

Melissa on 4.6.2010

YUMO! That makes my mouth water.

Nina T. on 4.6.2010

YUM! I am definitely going to make these! Thank you!

sarah on 4.6.2010

these little guys look amazing!

Jess on 4.6.2010

Woo! I have leftover ham!

Profile photo of MS Hospitality

MS Hospitality on 4.6.2010

Delicious! Thanks for the reminder about these beauties. I’ve been making “Home-made Frozen Dinners” for my grandson so my hard working daughter-in-law can take a night off from cooking here and there. These potatoes would be perfect to pop into his little dinner tray!

MF on 4.6.2010

I can’t believe what I’m seeing. You have Mississippi State University cheese. My family is from Starkville and we looooove the cheese from MSU.

Profile photo of carolinagirl

carolinagirl on 4.6.2010

Those look awesome–what a great idea for leftover ham!

Profile photo of Trish in MO

Trish in MO on 4.6.2010

Kudos, The Noshery, a perfectly fab idea! I really need to get new muffin pans . . .

ALSO this is good for those small, vacuum-packaged bags of cubed or – even better – diced ham! WalMart has them for $2.50 a pound; they are a perfect ‘emergency’ meal ingredient to keep in the fridge. :)

Lindsey on 4.6.2010

Those look delicious…but the pan looks like it would be VERY hard to clean afterwards…Ekks!

I do however have all of the ingredients to make that…at home…right now…..mmmmm

Julie Hadley on 4.6.2010

Oh.My.Gosh! I can not wait to try these!! Mouth watering now.

Dawn M. on 4.6.2010

They look totally beautiful…ummm….xactly how do ya get em out to serve em & they still look purdy?

Mel G on 4.6.2010

Has anyone tried making them without nuking the potatoes first? I’m thinking that 2-3 slices of potato in the oven for 20mins or so would probably cook quite well on their own.

Also, are they sliced before or after the nuking? I couldn’t decide.

busy lady on 4.6.2010

How complicated it is removing them from the muffin cups? Or is there a trick to it so it doesn’t fall to pieces?

Profile photo of chicapoopoo72

chicapoopoo72 on 4.6.2010

Oh I can’t wait to try this recipe! Everything is sooo much better with butter!

susan on 4.6.2010

OK, is that Mississippi State cheese in your photo???? Best cheese ever!!!! Glad you discovered it.

Terri A. on 4.6.2010


Yvonne! on 4.6.2010

this is not exactly my cup of tea- i don’t eat pork, BUT i did really enjoy scrolling down and watching them come together, it was like a flip book!

Cait on 4.6.2010

Whoops! RSS mixup.

Cait on 4.6.2010

Shutter Island. We don’t get out much :)

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is on 4.6.2010

I just absolutely love this idea. Perfect for cooking for 2 – my hubby will love it!