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Individual Scalloped Potatoes with Ham!

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I first made Tasty Kitchen member The Noshery’s Individual Scalloped Potatoes during a day last year when I had some guests over to cook. We selected two Tasty Kitchen recipes to make together (you can read about the fun here) and wound up loving these nifty little layered potato dish, made in muffin tins. So yesterday, when I had a chunk of ham in my fridge and needed a clever way to use it up, I thought of The Noshery’s recipe.

Here’s how I made it.


Here’s what you need: ham, potatoes, cheddar cheese, green onions, salt, pepper, green onions, half & half, and butter.



First thing you need to do is nuke some russet potatoes for 10 to 15 minutes. They need to be partially cooked but still firm (not mushy and falling apart.)

(Ignore the greenness of my potatoes. Pretend you didn’t see it. I avoided the green parts in the finished dish, and besides that, a 100-pound human would have to eat a fully green potato that weighed 1 pound in order to see any signs of stomach upset—and pounds and pounds of fully green potatoes before more detrimental effects would start to show up. Again: pretend you didn’t see it!)



Cut the ham into slices, then cut the slices into strips…



Then cut the strips into small cubes.

Small is the key!



Then slice up the green onions and grate up the cheese.



You want to put half a pat of butter into the bottom of each muffin cup, so cut half a stick of butter into twelve equal “half-pats”.



Next, set a slice of nuked potato on top of each half-pat of butter.





Sprinkle each slice with salt and pepper.





Sprinkle in the finely diced ham…



Green onions…





And cheese.



Then repeat the layers: potato slice…






Scallions and cheese…



And another half-pat of butter.

Yes. You heard me.



And finally—yes, this is really happening—a teaspoon of half and half over the whole thing.



And that’s it, baby! Pop ‘em into the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes.



Pull them out when the cheese is nice and bubbly. Then faint right there on the spot.



And they’re…delicious! You can serve a couple of them with a big green salad for lunch or dinner, or you can do what I did on the Monday after Easter: served ‘em right next to a big, juicy steak!

Yes. You heard me.

Enjoy these! They’re a fun way to use up your ham and they’re really fun to make.

Thank you to The Noshery for the inspiration!

(Here’s Noshery’s original recipe here on Tasty Kitchen. Just add in the diced ham and follow the rest of the recipe as is: Individual Scalloped Potatoes, by The Noshery – Printable Recipe.)


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Steph to the G on 7.28.2010

I made this (still in oven) and a few Aha’s: Size DOES matter! My pan was probably not as deep as the one in the picture and I purchased 4 large instead of 8 medium. The large ones were too large. Everything is kind of pieced into a smaller size in the well of the pan. My boys ran away with handfuls of ham while I was putting things into the oven. I cannot wait!

Pierre Duval on 7.27.2010

I would like to know
what is half & half ?


Denise on 7.25.2010

YUM!! we are having this tonight! It’s fun because the kids can help make it!! My 6 year old helped me tonight! He piled on the cheese on one for him, and that stuck together very well.. so the more cheese the better! Mental note for next time.. and there WILL be a next time!

mamagia on 5.26.2010

I made these for dinner tonight and used swiss instead of the cheddar. They were delish!

Heather Binkley on 5.15.2010

These look amazing!!! I can not wait to try them. I like TreehugginMomma’s ideas – especially the cream then butter. (I also like how she automatically read heavy cream where it said half and half. I do that too!)

Sandy ( Your Life, Organized ) on 5.10.2010

These are the best! We served them for brunch and they are so very good!!
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Profile photo of Mark

Mark on 4.29.2010

Made these and enjoyed them, a bit too much butter for me – they ended up pretty soupy on the bottom (tasted delicious though) . I think I will try the “less butter, more halfnhalf” idea

Thanks again for the great recipe!

Robin on 4.15.2010

I made these the other night and my-oh-my, they were FANTASTIC! They were super easy to make and I had all of the ingredients on hand. Clean-up was a PAIN, but it was SO worth it!

Thanks for the recipe!

Hotlanta Cook on 4.14.2010

I am going to make these in a silicone muffin pan–know they will pop right out. Raw potatoes–I agree with other posters about that one. No meat; sour cream–a dab instead of the half and half because that is what I have.

I will also work on reducing this recipe to make half; that way I can eat on them all week. Think the left overs would MW great.

I have made a recipe similar in small Corning Ware dishes and it worked great.

Lee on 4.13.2010

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it was a little too much butter. Loved it otherwise, but would probably do really thin slivers of butter and a touch more half and half. But still, really yummy!

Sameday on 4.13.2010

I tried these, they were great! I did pre-cook the potatoes and my slices must have been too thick becuase I could only make one layer, I used 2% milk and diced regular white onion (what I had on hand) they came out just fine. I was thinking seriously I could have used my left over mashed potatoes for this dish also. I did pre-spray my muffin pan, and along with the butter, they came right out.

Leslie on 4.13.2010

Made this on Saturday and it is FABULOUS! Had leftovers on Sunday and mixed it in with eggs, for a breakfast burritos.
Very easy to make and a great way to not only use left over ham but to make a dish for two means at once.

Merideth on 4.13.2010

I’ve been making these for over a year, only I use a mandolin to make the potato slices really thin, I don’t nuke them before hand and I leave out the ham & scallions. Even my boys who never eat ANYTHING devour these!

Profile photo of cwhruss

cwhruss on 4.13.2010

I made this shortly after Easter with my leftover honey baked ham- It was Delicious!!!!!!

Kathy on 4.13.2010

Made these this weekend when the in-laws came for dinner! I asked DH to get evap. milk to use instead of heavy cream….I prepped everything while he was grocery shopping, and came in to find him drizzling…you guessed it…sweetened condensed milk over each one! And, they were still good!!! Served with pork chops, we actually liked the sweet on them….can’t wait to try it the “right” way.

Tonya on 4.12.2010

Oh my gracious!! I made these last night and they are absolutely DIVINE!!!! A wee bit of heaven on earth. So delish!!! Will definitely be backing these again and again!!!

Profile photo of nubee2010

nubee2010 on 4.12.2010

Mmmm!!! I just made the “big” version of ham and scalloped potatoes last night… This is a great idea! Can’t wait to try it out! Thanks for such great, detailed step by step photos!

Mary on 4.12.2010

Made this last night and it was soooo good! My 7 year old even asked me to make it all the time he loved it so much. I need to get an extra muffin tin so I can make more!!

Profile photo of

on 4.11.2010

I’ve got to try these. I think the kids would like them better in these cute little individual servings.

Profile photo of tahoetender

tahoetender on 4.10.2010

This recipe looks great! I’m making them for dinner. My non stick muffin pan will work great!

Susan C on 4.9.2010

We made these last night and they were amazing!

on 4.9.2010

Holy smokes these were good! As in, I-might-have-to-buy-a-treadmill-in-the-near-future good! Thanks for the recipe, Ree!

michele on 4.8.2010

I happened to have all the ingredients (rare) and thought these looked great. The family really liked them and they went together so quickly.

Mindy on 4.8.2010

Delicious, and perfect for my leftover Easter ham. I had to use milk – no half and half but we still gobbled them up, and the clean up was easy – the butter is like PAM – but I have to recommend a stoneware muffin cup – cooks the potatoes perfect and even less mess then the metal muffin tins.

Katie on 4.8.2010

made these tonight with leftover Easter ham…, words cannot describe them! they stayed together pretty well when i took them out of the pan with a triangular pie server, i guess the cheese and half and half hold them together. also, if you have a non stick muffin tin, like i do, it will clean up quite nicely! thanks ree, for a wonderful recipe!! my family loved it

Linda on 4.8.2010

I made these the other night and they were DEElightful! Quick, tasty and easy.

Rachelle on 4.7.2010

These were wonderful! Served with bacon wrapped fillet mignon. I skipped the 1st pat of butter, sprayed pan with Pam, then smeared a dab of butter on the top potatoe. They were still divine. Hubs of 6 years, together for 12 says he’ll marry me all over again! ;) Thanks, Ree!

WEndy on 4.7.2010

ummmm…make that delicious…

WEndy on 4.7.2010

I made these for dinner tonight- OMG! They were delishous…and they looked absolutely beautiful too. Highly recommended recipe! Thanks for sharing it.

Becky Carlin on 4.7.2010

You know those had to be awesome made with Mississippi State University cheese!!!!!!!!! I loved seeing my alma mater on your countertop :)

abbie on 4.7.2010

I’ve got them ready to go in the oven now! My hubby and brother are out working in the garden, I’m nursing the baby and then we’re eating!!!

Sandy B on 4.7.2010

This was/IS awesome. SO SO YUMMY! made it last night w/ my 10 lbs of leftover ham and man… the kitchen went silent as we ate one after another after another. so so good. Thanks for the recipe!

Profile photo of emilyjean

emilyjean on 4.7.2010

Yum! This looks good and super simple. I’m sure we’ll be having it in the near future.

Sandy ( Your Life, Organized ) on 4.7.2010

These look so good!! We are having company next week and I think I will be making them along with these

Yummy!! Thank You! Can’t wait to make them!

Profile photo of ejjohnson

ejjohnson on 4.7.2010

Made these last night. Excellent! I do something very similar in a foil packet on the grill, substituting bacon for the ham. Specific to these, wifey and I think a half-pat of butter total would be adequate, as there was plenty of melted butter left at the bottom of each muffin mold. We nuked the potatoes too long, too. Must serve with sour cream. I’ll bet they’re even better leftover. We’ll find out tonight!

Anna on 4.7.2010

I made these last night (without the ham) and they were one of the best potato dishes i have ever eaten. It was a super quick fix too. I would suggest not using as much butter because there was way to much leftover in the tins when I was taking the potatoes out. Maybe jsut a drop on the bottom and top instead of the half pad that is suggested above.


Jennifer on 4.7.2010

Tuesday nights are a bit of a rush at our house. My husband and I both work full-time, we have a 21 month old daughter, and I’m taking a night class. I try to cook big on the weekends, so that we have food in the house to get through, but by Tuesday, it’s nice to have a way to repurpose the leftovers so that we haven’t eaten the same thing for 3 days.

This recipe was a godsend! I had the potatoes nuked and everything chopped by the time my husband and daughter got in from taking the dog for a little walk, and I had a chance to sit down and talk to them while dinner was in the oven, which was especially nice because I’m usually sauteeing something and cooking right up until dinner is served, and once dinner comes out and Piper starts flinging food around, conversation becomes very disjointed. So this was just perfect. Perfect. And oh my goodness, my husband loved it. Thank you so, so much!

SeattleDee on 4.7.2010

My guilty pleasure is that I made extras so I can enjoy them again this morning.

I use a muffin tin for savory bread stuffing muffins, but never thought of a scalloped potato mini. Good idea, and a terrific post!

Carolette on 4.7.2010

Since I had all the ingrediants I made these last night. They came out a little dry. If I try them again I think I would add a bit more half and half. These were lacking the creamy sauce of regular scalloped potatoes. This is a good recipe to have fun switching out the ingrediants and experimenting.

Profile photo of citychick

citychick on 4.7.2010

I made them for dinner last night and boy were these little gems easy and Yummy! .

sarah on 4.7.2010

Oh, a new potaoto idea for this Irish girl. Excellent!

shantyl on 4.7.2010

These are GREAT. I didn’t use quite as much butter as called for and they still turned out perfect. I will makes these again and again

Connie Hughey on 4.6.2010

I made these for dinner tonight…we had company and everyone loved them…I made 12 with the ham and 12 with bacon…awesome! So glad I tried this! We will definitely make these again!

Nikki H on 4.6.2010

Well, we had smoked something or the other for Easter, so this makes me want to cook a ham first. But boy howdy! These look good enough to eat! so I think I will.

Miss Tish on 4.6.2010

Comfort food in a cupcake pan! YUMMMMM!! I love ham, these potatoes must be duplicated in my kitchen….thanks!

Emily D on 4.6.2010

Just wanted to say thank you for another wonderful recipe, that my husband LOVED! so now I have another go to for when we just can’t decide what to make for dinner? They were yummy :)

Courtney on 4.6.2010

I think I’d have to have a dozen of these.. Yum!

Jane on 4.6.2010

Oh my oh my! These just came out of the oven. I haven’t even tasted one, but the smell is divine. What a great way to use that ham!

Vicky on 4.6.2010

Great idea, another one to add to my list, mind you the dogs might have a thing to say about humans getting the left over ham LOL

NormaB on 4.6.2010

This looks delicious!! A great supper idea!