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Mother’s Day!

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Kitchen Talk (Mother's Day)

I don’t know about you all, but May snuck up on me this year! 2015 was brand spanking new about five minutes ago, and now it’s almost half over. How can it be! Of course, the nicer May weather is not bad at all, and there’s lots of fun energy buzzing about summer plans. So I guess May can stay.

May also brings Mother’s Day, and it’s coming this weekend! Mother’s Day gives us a chance celebrate our moms and all the mamas in our lives. And what better way is there to show a mom she’s special than to pamper her with a nice meal or maybe her favorite homemade treat? I think I speak for all moms when I say, “Cook for us! We’ll love you forever!” Of course, moms don’t require anything elaborate. We’re just thrilled by the gesture. Sweet notes from kids don’t hurt either.

We’d love to hear your Mother’s Day plans, especially as they relate to cooking or baking for your mom. So tell us:

What meal or treat are you making for your mom this Mother’s Day?

I get to see my mom this weekend, and I’m thinking a fresh, warm batch of scones and a few hugs and kisses from her grandchildren Sunday morning will pretty much make her month. It’s the simple things!

Happy Mother’s Day!



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busy lady on 5.7.2015

I am putting the kid on the plane to go over seas on a college trip so no food creation will take place. Might have a beer after I get all the kids to the airport though.

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Gina on 5.6.2015

Mom passed away last year. It was her last mother’s day. She died 19 days later suddenly of a massive heart attack. My mother in law died before I met her. Everyone is gone. So…I will remember them in silence and remember the good times.

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C. L. ( Cheryl ) "Cheffie Cooks" Wiser on 5.6.2015

All of us being together Sunday will be a great gift! Happy Mother’s Day to All.

DebbieK on 5.6.2015

We are planning a pot luck. I am bringing cole slaw, deviled eggs and apple pie bars to complement what others will be brining – grilled chicken, potato salad, veggie tray and fresh fruit salad.

Janet G on 5.6.2015

We’re going out to eat. My birthday falls on Mother’s Day this year as it does every 7 years, so we get to share the day! I was my Mother’s Mother’s Day present!!! What a wonderful coincidence for us…

Meme on 5.6.2015

My mom passed away in November. My father-in-law passed away in March and we moved in with my mother-in-law to take care of her. So, this year, I am going to take my mother-in-law out to eat and take her shopping. Her sister passed away yesterday and loosing Pops a month ago, hasn’t been easy on her and she deserves a BIG day for herself. Going to give her lots of hugs, food and fun time.

Laurie B. on 5.6.2015

Having a cookout with my Mom and my sister and her family. We are also celebrating my daughter who graduates from college that day. Can’t get a better gift than that!

Margaret Ann on 5.6.2015

Mother’s Day had been a difficult holiday to celebrate since my beloved Mom passed away 11 years ago. It isn’t easy, but I know my boys don’t want to see me sad. Last year, since my sister was going to be alone (daughter away at school, son in Afghanistan,& in the middle of a divorce) I decide to host a brunch. I served The Pioneer Woman’s Overnight Baked French Toast, sausage quiche, and fruit salad than we played mini golf. This year we are doing it again and my husband’s mother and sister will be joining us! I’m adding mimosas to the menu along with Ree’s recipe for eggs in hash brown nests. It should be a fun time. Now, time to stop typing and start cleaning the house…company is coming!!

Beth B. on 5.6.2015

My mom passed away 8 years ago. But, I am going to celebrate and cook breakfast for my daughter who is an awesome new mother!

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Patricia @ ButterYum on 5.6.2015

We live too far away to see one another on Mother’s Day, but I sent some goodies I know she’ll enjoy and and I’ll call. My own children celebrate with me later in the week when we can all be together. I can’t wait!

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Shawna C on 5.6.2015

We’re meeting my mom for lunch at a vegan restaurant she wants to try, but we’ll probably eat dinner together too. My step-father will run the BBQ, and I’ll probably bring a salad, but I also have a yen to make some lemon scones. I’m trying to decide between these two:

Mom’s a vegetarian, so I may also make this sweet potato hash, which I’ve made once before to rave reviews:

Beth M. on 5.6.2015

My mom passed away in 2008 and I don’t have children but that doesn’t get me down, I try to pay tribute to my mom by making something that she would like. This year I am making grilled t-bone steak, homemade french fries with gravy, salad, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

Sue on 5.6.2015

We always meet family in the middle somewhere for a brunch at a restaurant for Easter and Mother’s Day. This year I decided to make the MD brunch myself. I love making it and don’t do it enough! Filled with all of my favorite things. Egg casserole, french pastry puffs, raspberry torte, onion home fries, fruit bowl, waffles that my husband will make to order-with blueberry or strawberry homemade sauce to top, chocolate chip pancakes and some sausage. I am sure I will put some other things in there too….I never know when to stop when it comes to brunch! It really is an easy one to put on, most can be made the day before and it is sure yummmmmy! Happy Mother’s Day!