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Cinco de Mayo!

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Cinco de Mayo! (Chicken Enchiladas, submitted by TK member Mrs. Schwartz)

Let’s face it. We would eat Mexican food every day of the year if we could. It’s just all-around yummy. Tortillas, cheese, savory slow-cooked meats and margaritas. What more does anyone need in life?

We look forward to Cinco de Mayo every year, not because we need an excuse to eat Mexican food (we do plenty of that anyway), but to celebrate the variety of great flavors in Mexican dishes you all share with us. It’s easy to get into a rut with the Mexican food we make at home, and we love adding new recipes to the mix, like Krysten’s Chicken Enchiladas in the photo above. We’ll share some of our favorites later this week, but today we want to hear from you about your go-to meals. So, whether it’s a new recipe or an old standby, tell us:

What is your favorite Mexican dish?

Enchiladas always top the charts in our house, and we love changing up fillings and sauces to vary the results. Also, Mexican chorizo is just one of our favorite ingredients to use. It’s darn amazing in breakfast tacos.

So let’s celebrate Mexican cuisine and get hungry chatting about it!



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Linda Lakewood on 4.30.2015

At home, do-it-yourself-tacos. Everyone can prep a taco to his or her own taste. Then there is a restaurant in Sierra Madre, CA, Casa Del Rey, that serves the most fabulous bean tostada. In fact all their food is really good. It is old style and I consider it comfort food. It was originally a mom and pop place, and I think all their kids took turns working there. The old couple are retired now, and their son has continued the tradition——-and with the same recipes!

AJ on 4.30.2015

I have never met a Mexican food I didn’t like. However, if forced to chose, I adore all kinds of tacos and shrimp tacos are my fave.

P Garcia on 4.30.2015

When I married my Mexican husband I found out what “real” authentic Mexican food tastes like. My dear mother-in-law passed away years ago and I miss her delicious cooking. She made the best enchiladas, they weren’t baked in the oven, they were lightly fried, totally changed the taste because the enchilada sauce was cooked into the corn tortillas.

Beth on 4.30.2015

Cheese and onion enchiladas are probably my favorite, but it’s all wonderful!

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Patricia @ ButterYum on 4.30.2015

We love Mexican cuisine. Honestly, it’s all good, but crunchy tacos have my heart.

Pat E on 4.30.2015

Tamales and posole

Theresa Bergeron on 4.30.2015

Either beef or cheese enchiladas with refritos and chile con queso. The perfect meal!

Kris on 4.29.2015

Ceviche and guacamole

sara on 4.29.2015


easy video recipes on 4.29.2015

Yum!! Thanks for these! They look delicious!

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Elizabeth Bearry on 4.29.2015

Crunchy tostadas with spicy ground beef, beans, cheese, and thinly shredded iceberg lettuce are my favorite dish. I think I will be making those tonight.

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C. L. ( Cheryl ) "Cheffie Cooks" Wiser on 4.29.2015

We love burritos, layered quesadillas (filled with all kinds of goodness, cheese, beans), enchiladas filled with either sweet or savory ingredients. Tacos with homemade tortillas. So many great things to choose from! Happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone!

Mickie on 4.29.2015

Tamales and Chile rellenos

Annette S. on 4.29.2015

I love tamales, especially green chile corn ones. They are the one Mexican dish I have never made on my own because so they are so labor intensive, but I like it all!

Jackie on 4.29.2015

I love chili rellenos with flan for dessert.

Bonnie on 4.29.2015

Chicken Verde

Lisa Y. on 4.29.2015

Definitely chicken enchiladas or turkey tacos….but what I’m salivating over is that rice dish in the photo – where can I get THAT!!

elizabethcooks on 4.29.2015

Cheese enchiladas, YUM!

Beth B. on 4.29.2015

I can’t choose a favorite – I love it all!

elena on 4.29.2015


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Shawna C on 4.29.2015

Mexican is one of my favourites! I tend to go for enchiladas in restaurants, but at home we love oven chimichangas (flour tortillas stuffed with cheese, chili or Mexican chicken, plus refried beans, rolled up, brushed with oil, and baked in the oven, served with guacamole/sour cream/more salsa/cilantro). Messy and delicious!

Linda S. +2 on 4.29.2015

Love enchiladas!