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Mixer Winners – And Pancake Redux

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Here are the winners of the KitchenAid mixers.

I can’t thank you all enough for your great feedback; I’ve been reading and taking notes!

Winner #1: Shawn “Tasty Kitchen has been a wonderful resource for finding good recipes to make for our family and for special occasions. It’s very helpful having photos of the recipes for reference. I’m always looking for quick and healthy family meals that everyone in the family will eat.”

Winner #2 Kara: “I heart TK and rely on it more than my cookbooks. If possible, it would be cool if we could have an online recipe box or some way to bookmark. I love the unique names of recipes, but unless you have a better memory than me, they are hard to find again unless you print them right then. An ingredient match would be cool too. Say you enter (chicken, mushrooms, heavy cream) and it matches your ingredients with a recipe that includes those. Hey you said bells and whistles, a girl can dream! Ha, it is already an awesome site!”

Winner #3 Elly: “I am not sure this will help you, but I LOVE the replies from people that have used the recipe and tips given for alternate ways to adjust the recipe. Participation is a great part of this site.”

Congrats, winners! Contact [email protected] to claim your loot.

Here’s a redux of a pancake recipe from last spring. Perfect for Saturday morning!



Here’s what you’ll need. Nothin’ difficult here!


First combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl.


Then whisk it together until totally combined.


Next, combine the remaining ingredients in a separate bowl…


And whisk them together to combine.


Next, combine the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients.


Stir gently to combine.


Heat a skillet over medium-low heat, then smear butter over the surface.


Use a 1/4 cup measure to drop batter onto the skillet.


Cook until you start to see bubbles. Then flip ‘em over and cook on the other side!


Now, we’ll serve this first batch with butter and maple syrup, of course. Of course.


And when I say butter…I mean butter.


And when I say syrup…


I mean syrup, baby.


Okay, that’s the traditional route. You could stop here and be happy forever and ever.

But “happy forever and ever” isn’t enough for me.

In her recipe, sapeylissy suggests serving these pancakes with icing, recreating the true “cinnamon bun” effect. So I decided to whip up a little bit of a butter/syrup icing.


Throw some butter into a bowl…


Melt it for about 30 seconds…


Then dump in some powdered sugar.


Now throw in some maple syrup. Maple extract would be okay, too.


And some milk.


Then just whisk it together until it’s perfectly smooth and combined. You could also warm this up a little bit before serving.


So ideally, one would place the pancakes on a plate and gingerly drizzle this buttery/mapley icing lightly over the top. But I sorta got carried away and poured a whole tankload on there.




Oops! Sorry again.

I don’t know what came over me.

I really loved both approaches—the maple syrup/butter approach AND the icing approach. I think there wouldn’t be anything wrong with serving both.

Thank you to sapeylissy for the yummy recipe!

Here’s the printable for the pancakes:

Cinnamon Bun Pancakes

Here’s the simple icing recipe:

Maple-Butter Icing for Pancakes

And in case you missed it, here’s Erika’s post on Pancakes, which includes links to many different pancake recipes here on Tasty Kitchen.

The Theme is…Pancakes!



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ron on 11.3.2010

This is probably a dumb question but could I substitute the one cup of milk for one cup of buttermilk? I have buttermilk on hand. Or would that defeat the whole recipe. A male in Dallas

Cami on 10.24.2010

My parents were visiting from Texas this weekend and I brought out this recipe for our Saturday morning breakfast. The kitchen smelled heavenly and we all thought we’d died and gone to heaven when we sampled these pancakes. There weren’t any left – needless to say!! YUM!

Amy Turner on 10.19.2010

Yum-m-m-m! These pancakes are fabulous. Even my 23-year-old son who loves traditional Bisquick pancakes said he has a new favorite. The only change I made was using non-fat milk instead of whole in both the pancakes and the Maple-Butter Icing. I couldn’t tell how there would have been much difference in the taste or texture. They were dEEElicious!

D'Ann on 10.18.2010

Made them this morning…

oh, my stars and garters…!!!!!

’nuff said…

Kayce on 10.17.2010

Being an Oklahoma girl as well there are a couple of things that are important to us and one is Beef the other is Pork. I don’t remember a breakfast without it.

Another interesting take on the for pancakes: Instead of smearing butter on the pan try a little BACON grease. Yes, you read it correct, bacon grease. I didn’t say it was healthy, but DARN it sure taste good!

Ree I’m going to give that icing syrup a try, bet my girls will love that!

Chrissy on 10.17.2010

I made these this morning! I didn’t have much milk, so they turned out thicker. These were kind of the same consistency of cowboy bread, where you put your batter in the skillet but without the sugar and spices. I’m definitely going to make them again. I also added 1/4 tsp of both ginger and pumpkin pie spice.

Angela @ Diary of a Deaf Girl on 10.17.2010

Oh my that looks yummy! My two children adore pancakes, so we may just have to try these!

Profile photo of Natasha @ Saved by the Egg Timer

Natasha @ Saved by the Egg Timer on 10.16.2010

We made pancakes last night too. Congrats to the winners!!! Enjoy your new yellow kitchen toys!

Profile photo of gracem

gracem on 10.16.2010

Mmmmmmmm… these pancakes look wonderful and they’re going into my bookmark folder.
I just wanted to share a little tip for bookmarking the recipes. Probably most of you already do this but here’s my system. I have a “Tasty Kitchen” folder in my Cooking section in Bookmarks but just to make sure that I get to the recipes I bookmark, I also have a document on my iPod (but you could have it somewhere on your computer) called “Tasty Kitchen” and in it I just put the names of the recipes I particularly want to cook soon, the ones that interest me or ones that I need for upcoming occassions. I don’t save the recipes in that document, but I know what they are and where they are when I need them. Of course, everytime I come here I find new and wonderful recipes to put in my document. :)
After I make a particular recipe I jot down any petinent details for future reference next to the name of the recipe. This system has worked beautifully for me.
This site is one of my absolute favourite ones to come to and I love to go through the comments to get additional tips and hints.
Thank you, I know how much work goes into running a website like this.

Profile photo of QueenOfHerKitchen

QueenOfHerKitchen on 10.16.2010

My favorite recipe on this site. I am not a fan of pancakes at all, but this one made me LOVE pancakes…..Cinnamon Bun Pancakes. My waistline will never forgive me.

Jennifer Mason on 10.16.2010

I made these last night. They were fantastic!

Profile photo of territorymom

territorymom on 10.16.2010

Congrats to the winners!!!

Diedera on 10.16.2010

Did anyone else feel like licking their computer screen?

Wow, that looks amazing!

jeanette from everton terrace on 10.16.2010

Congratulations everybody! I like the suggestions of storing recipes in a box and of an ingredient search (that one is great!).

Christy aka Mamarazzi on 10.15.2010

I think I died & went to Heaven….no…wait…I didn’t, but I’m sure I will when I try these. Yum.

linda on 10.15.2010

congrats to the winners….
love the fiesta plate & am craving something sweet after reading this post!

Ulrike on 10.15.2010

I love this recipe. My kids even ask for it from time to time, which they’ve never done for any other recipe I’ve made.

NG in NH on 10.15.2010

Wow — you gave away THREE mixers, not two! Very cool (except that I wasn’t one of the winners… aw, shucks).
Odds keep getting slimmer and slimmer as your sites skyrocket! Good for you, bad for our chances. Don’t worry, we love you anyway. :o)

Profile photo of hisirishgem

hisirishgem on 10.15.2010

Congrats to the weiners. lol These look great!

Ree, I thought of another feature that would be nice to have on TK. I’d LOVE to have a menu option where I can put my favorite recipes into a monthly menu schedule. It’d be AWESOME if the menu could also take items from the recipes and add them to a Shopping List. That way I’d have a shopping list for each week or every other week that I could print out, take to the store and stay within budget by just getting those items I need. THEN I could come home and see what’s for dinner.

This feature would also be great for those who cook for a day eat for a month type thing. Just a thought I HAD to share.

Thanks for such a warm and inviting site!

Teri on 10.15.2010

These are fantastic and we love the glaze.

JLH on 10.15.2010

Congratulations winners! Last weekend I made a triple batch of these pancakes for about 15 relatives and they were gobbled up! Everyone raved and there were big smiles all around. I have a feeling the recipe is going to stay in our family for a long time.

Cathy on 10.15.2010

I will be making these for supper! Love, love pancakes!

Jodi on 10.15.2010

Congratulations to the winners!

Love this pancake recipe… A few years ago my brother in laws started doing pancake cookoffs on our family vacations. This year I decided to get in on the fun and wanted to use this recipe. I was all pumped up about it. I made the icing ahead of time and forgot to bring it along when we left. I made a comment to my sister about my icing and lo and behold her husband had the same recipe!!

I let him use the recipe and used a different one( Cocoa Pancakes with Bananas and Caramel Syrup. He won the contest but I did come in 2nd :) Oh well, there is always next year!

Jenette Marie on 10.15.2010

congrats to the mixer winners – very cool!
and those pancake…Mmmm… I think I will be having breakfast for dinner tonight! :oP

NYCowgirl on 3.14.2010

OMG Ree, I think I died and went to Cinnabon heaven! :0P

Brigid on 3.7.2010

Made these for the fam this AM-decadent- A total make again!

Ulrike on 2.28.2010

Looks like the icing link is back up (it works for me).

We enjoyed these so much the first time, I’m making them again tonight!

Nicole on 2.25.2010

To be honest, I don’t really care for pancakes, however with these babies I just might get converted!

Peggy on 2.23.2010

So Good! I made these last weekend, not sure how my family would react to cinnamon pancakes. Well, everyone ate up! They were delicious and light. I don’t think I’ll ever make pancakes from a mix again. This was so easy, and cheap, plus if I leave the cinnamon out, I can make any kind of pancake I dream of (I love pancakes!) Yummy!

Sara on 2.22.2010

These were RIDICULOUS. Delicious. Scrumptious!
Thank you!

Robin on 2.21.2010

the recipe for the icing is missing…for some reason the link is not working and taking you to the archives…hopefully tasty kitchen can check this out an fix the link. i made the recipe but didn’t memorize it…my family loved it!

kathrynwitte on 2.21.2010

I am soo sorry, but I can’t get the link to work, either, and the search didn’t work. :( Just may have to make my own…

i just do not know mommy never told me.HEY do not lagh it not nice on 2.21.2010


gadzooks64 on 2.21.2010

I’m looking for the recipe for the icing too! That link is broken!

Profile photo of dmcco01

dmcco01 on 2.21.2010

My boyfriend and I just finished delightful stacks of these incredible pancakes! They were soooooo good! Thanks so much for the recipe and the fantastic start to our Sunday!

smithfamily222 on 2.21.2010

YUMM! had these this morning and they were easy to make!!

Swedish Home Cooking on 2.20.2010

Nice picture. Please check out my online cooking show, Swedish Home Cooking.

Kimm Geria on 2.20.2010

OMG this is so yummy. The kids and I made them this a.m. and we absolutely love them. Definately a keeper in my book. The drizzle makes the whole thing. Thanks PW for another great one.

Bump on 2.20.2010

Made these this morning, they were really good. Here’s some photographic evidence.

Robert Occhialini Jr. on 2.20.2010

Ditto on the icing, ready to make these.

Mamakat on 2.19.2010

OMG I just gained 10 pounds just by reading the article. I will have to try these Sunday morning. My husband loves pancakes.

Mindy on 2.19.2010

Thanks for the icing recipe Renee! Can’t wait to make these.

Renee Johnson on 2.19.2010

So glad I printed it before it disappeared! Here it is:

Maple-Butter Icing

1 cup Powdered Sugar
1/4 cups Butter, Melted
Dash of salt
1 Tablespoon of Maple Syrup
1/4 cup Whole Milk (More if needed)

Becca H. on 2.19.2010

I made these Cinnamon Bun pancakes for breakfast on Thursday. WOW!! Yummy! They smell delicious and taste fabulous. We didn’t try the maple icing, because I couldn’t find the recipe. Anyone have any luck locating it?

Zee S on 2.19.2010

Yum! I made these on Fat Tuesday and they were a hit! I didn’t have corn syrup but the pancakes weren’t lacking it. We ate ours with pure maple syrup but next time I might make some of the icing as well to try. I was just nervous to try the icing. :)

Mindy on 2.19.2010

I am making these this weekend – they look fantastic!

Does anyone know where the recipe for the icing is? The link just takes me to the Tasty Kitchen Archives. I’ve tried searching with every combo I can think of & can’t find it. Yes, I could wing it, but I like to make something using the recipe the first time!

Profile photo of rhonmur

rhonmur on 2.18.2010

Totally making these after Lent.

Christy in NC on 2.18.2010

Sheesh. Why do I even bother to try and lose weight!?

Megan Shisler on 2.18.2010


Paula on 2.18.2010

Hootah Maggie! These are awesome.