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A Tasty Halloween

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When it comes to Halloween goodies, Tasty Kitchen members are coming through as usual. These miniature Oreo Pumpkin Cheesecakes from Lauren’s Latest look darling and delicious.


And these ginger sugar cookies from Heather Christo are precious, and sound absolutely yummy. (Love Heather’s blog!)


I love the look of these pieknits. Colorful!


This is a great, simple recipe for a cute topping for cheesecakes, etc. Thanks, ButterYum!


For those of you with a grody sense of humor, try serving up these Spooky Bloody Brains (again, from Lauren) just before going trick-or-treating. Ha!


And finally, these classic Mummy Dogs, submitted by Mommy’s Kitchen.

Very cute stuff, guys! Thanks for sharing. My kids are now making their own grocery list.



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dana on 12.2.2010

any suggestions on how to alter those oreo pumpkin cheesecake things for an xmas party?!

Rene Foust on 11.2.2010

The oreo pumpkin cheesecakes were fantastic!!!!

Steffi on 11.1.2010

I am soooo making those oreo pumpkin cheesecakes for thanksgiving!!!!

Maureen on 11.1.2010

Oh darn, I forgot to say what I made in my post! The Oreo Pumpkin Cheesecake thingys!

Maureen on 11.1.2010

I made these yesterday. YUMMY!

jenny on 10.31.2010

your chocolate sheet cake (in cupcake form) + these decorations = super fun halloween!

poppy on 10.31.2010

Kind of sad my kids are past the age, some great ideas here!!

Jennifer on 10.30.2010

My daughter made the Oreo Pumpkin Cheesecakes today and they were a huge hit at the neighborhood party. She won first place in the kids’ cooking contest with them! Very yummy!!!

Jodie ( on 10.30.2010

I want to eat the first one. That looks delish!

I just posted cupcakes and dipped Marshmallows on my blog this week…sweets, sweets and more sweets. Time to rev up the exercise engine!

javiera isidora on 10.29.2010

nice compilation!! that mummy dogs looks so funny!

chelsea on 10.29.2010

Those little oreo pumpkin cheesecakes drew me right in from the PW homepage. I’m gonna make ‘em! And then I’m gonna eat ‘em!

Tabitha (FromSingletoMarried) on 10.29.2010

wow – look at all of those yummy treats!

Natalie on 10.29.2010

The mummy dogs are a huge favorite at our house. Started making these years ago. Didn’t get the stuff for them last year, as I mistakenly thought my 8th grader would be over them by now. Oh no, was I wrong. Supplies were purchased last week, and my high school freshman is so looking forward to them after a 2 year wait! Also have made a new favorite this year, chocolate chip pumpkin cookies.

Cindy on 10.29.2010

The brains are a great idea, my kids were always too excited to eat before trick or treating. I’m sure they would have loved that!!!!!

Heather (Heather's Dish) on 10.29.2010

i’ll take 12 dozen pumpkin oreo cheesecakes please :)

Anne May on 10.29.2010

Ooooh, I wanna make the brain meatloafs!

Mary Connealy on 10.29.2010

I had my first deep friend Oreo last weekend.

I believe, properly used, these could be the pathway to World Peace.

Julia Holmes on 10.29.2010

Love the mummy dogs! We saw the recipe in the Pilsbury Halloween booklet and made them last week. A huge hit!

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is on 10.29.2010

I am dying to try the first ones! YUM!

Jodie on 10.29.2010

I just made my halloween cupcakes and marshmallows…so easy and fun! These are wonderful!! LOVE the cupcake w/filling!!!

Try’em!! :)

Kristina @ spabettie on 10.29.2010

these are all so awesome – I LOVE the Mummy Dogs !! :D