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Funnel Cakes!

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Republished from May 2010.

Mmm…funnel cakes. There’s nothing like them in the world. And when I found this funnel cake recipe (submitted by HeatherD) on Tasty Kitchen not long ago, I immediately printed it out and put it on the top of the stack of Tasty Kitchen recipes to try before I croak.

It’s becoming a rather large stack.

Funnel Cakes, for those of you who aren’t familiar, are a standard carnival treat. A thin batter is poured through—get ready—a FUNNEL directly into hot oil and fried until golden, then topped with plenty of powdered sugar…

And then the world becomes a sweeter place.

Here’s what you need: flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, eggs, vanilla, and milk. I use whole milk whenever I can in desserts and baked (and fried) goods, but any milk you have should be fine.


Start by throwing the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, baking soda, salt) into a bowl.


Whisk them together to combine.


Add eggs, milk, and vanilla.


Whisk it together until everything’s all combined.


Check the consistency…


And splash in more milk if you need it. NOTE: The recipe called for 2 1/4 cups of milk, but I probably wound up adding an additional 1/2 cup of milk to get the thinness I thought it might need.


That’s better. And watch…


You can drizzle it around in the bowl a little…


And practice your funnel cake making skills.


When you’re ready (and the oil is hot), throw some of the batter into a…

Are you ready?…


Now, first I’m going to show you the wrong way to make a funnel cake.


If you hold the funnel to far away from the surface of the oil…


The batter can scatter in little pieces and not form into a cohesive, neat funnel cake.


But if you hold the funnel close to the oil (though obviously not IN the oil), you can make sure it stays together.


Just move the funnel around in a circle until it gets to the size you want. Let it brown on one side, then carefully flip it over to the other.


When it’s finished cooking, remove it and set it on a stack of paper towels.


Break out the powdered sugar and the sifter, and sprinkle it on thick.




I love funnel cakes!


Then just pull it apart and chow down! Eat it while it’s warm and crispy. Delicious.

These are really easy to make, and so delicious. The only thing that’s a little tricky is just getting the hang of drizzling the batter into the oil, and making sure the oil is hot enough to cook and crisp the funnel cakes, but not so hot that the cake will immediately burn.

Also, HOT OIL: Keep the pan on one of the back burners if you have little kids.

Enjoy! THANK YOU to HeatherD for sharing this great recipe. I loved it.


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foodie on 10.2.2010

These turned out perfect. Although, a bit too much batter. I would recommend cutting the recipe by half.

Melanie Cloud Gross on 9.13.2010

This is just mean. You shouldn’t post things that look so delicious. Now I have to leave work and go bake.

Rachel on 9.8.2010

Mmmmmmmmmmmm gosh this looks yummy!

Natalie on 9.6.2010

MMMMmmmm…made these this evening and munching on one right now. Makes me proud to be an American (although I don’t actually know the origin of funnel cakes… oh well)!

Profile photo of megank

megank on 9.5.2010

This makes a bunch! We didn’t use the whole batter when we made it, so we just put it in the fridge, brought it out the next day and made some more. They were great.

I’m prego & have been craving funnel cakes. With no State Fair around, I am so thankful for this recipe. Now I must go walk, so I don’t look like a balloon.

Carolina on 9.4.2010

OK, now you’ve done it. You left the photo up there long enough for me to print out the recipe and check to see if I have all the ingredients. This will cause me to need an extra hour or 2 or 10 on the elliptical. Or at least to think about it. Thanks a heck of a lot. I can feel my teeth crunching through the deep fried goodness as I type this. AAAAAAARRRRGHHHHH!!!!! tee hee

frank on 9.3.2010

Man, I grew up in the midwest and I cannot believe it. I always thought funnel cake was like a devils food cake made in a ringed pan with fudge in the middle – – not in the donut hole, but in the middle of the cake itself. I cannot have made this up, could I? I guess I never really had funnel cake (or the fudge version of my mind) so I didn’t know. How on earth did I miss that?

Regan on 9.3.2010

Since moving to the Washington, D.C. area, I’m going to miss the Oklahoma State Fair where I would ALWAYS go and buy a funnel cake (among all the great food I would always go and buy). So, having this recipe will remind me of the fair, of home and so much more! Thank you!!!

Profile photo of Pretty. Good. Food.

Pretty. Good. Food. on 9.3.2010

I feel like even just reading this is making my jeans get tighter! This reminds me the Fireman’s Fair growing up. I’m tempted to make this, I mean, it is a holiday weekend and all!!! Great photos!

Profile photo of melissaontheloose

melissaontheloose on 9.3.2010

Oh YUM! I have made this but just used pancake batter. This so much better!

Linda on 9.3.2010

I just might have to make these very soon. The last time I made them was when my daughter was in labor 5 years ago and she would not go to the hospital until I made them and my bar b que chicken under a brick and a trip to Cold Stone for ice cream. Makes me smile to think about it. I think the kid in all of us would enjoy it!

Christina on 9.3.2010

A similar dessert that I often make (but don’t feel as guilty eating) is called “Hvorast.” (Don’t try pronouncing it.) Actually, it’s a Russian recipe that is often made around Easter. The best thing about it, is that it tastes EXACTLY like funnel cake, except you make individual little cookies/cakes and fry them individually. Therefore, once you fry them, you can eat as many as you want without that guilty feeling following eating an ENTIRE funnel cake! :)

Paula on 9.3.2010

I really like the shape of this cakes! :)

CarolinaGirl on 9.2.2010

Sorry PW no can do the funnel cake!!!

Lydia on 9.2.2010

Just looking at those photos made me gain 5 lbs.

KB @ Home-Baked Happiness on 9.2.2010

What’s the difference between funnel cake and fried dough, aside from the shape (the funnel)? I’ve never had a funnel’ed cake, but fried dough is delicious. Is the flavor much different?

Heidi Stone Photography on 9.2.2010

We never could quite get the funnel to work right, so we just use a plastic bag with the tip cut off.

Jessica @ How Sweet on 9.2.2010

For about 10 years I have worked the funnel cake booth at our church festival – I love funnel cakes!!

lauren on 9.2.2010

YUM! I’m going to make these this weekend to go along with the bbq we are having on Sunday!

Profile photo of Good Yarns

Good Yarns on 9.2.2010

We just made these last week, but we had to use an expensive mix. Can’t wait to try this recipe. It is WONDERFUL to make funnel cakes at home.

Window On The Prairie on 9.2.2010

Wow, I’ve always wanted to try these at home. Thanks! Suzanne

Tran on 5.1.2010

Is this the same recipe used for fried dough?

Donna on 4.29.2010

I love funnel cakes too. Recently my sister was talking about funnel cake sticks. Does anyone know of a recipe for funnel cake sticks. I heard these were really good.

Profile photo of pilotswifepa

pilotswifepa on 3.25.2010

Fantastic recipe….my 6 year old son and I made them tonight and we loved them!!! Thanks!!

Debbie on 3.23.2010

I like mine topped with strawberries and whipped cream!

zoe on 3.21.2010

yum! those look delicious – will give the recipe a try! thanks.

Amalia on 3.20.2010

My daughter loves this cakes, she was upset, because this year her school wasn’t going to the fair and she cant eat the funnel cakes. I’m going to surprise her and make some at home.
Thanks for the recipe

Kim @ on 3.19.2010

I still haven’t tried these. I’m glad you reposted the link to remind me. Gonna have me some funnel cakes this weekend!!!

Shannon on 3.15.2010

My son and I made these yesterday — they are so good and pretty easy! The recipe made a lot of batter, so I’m going to try mixing in cubed apple and crumbled bacon to make fritters and serving them with maple syrup.

barb on 3.14.2010

Wow that brings back some good memories, thanks for the recipe! They look delicious. I’ve got a giveaway going on thru 3/24/10 on my blog so come visit.

Becky K on 3.11.2010

My husband thinks I went into labor from a funnel cake. Me, being the one who was pregnant, believes it was probably walking around the gravel rodeo all night in my cowboy boots. Funnel cake will always make me think of labor pains!

Diane7 on 3.11.2010

What a great recipe for the whole family to get involved. We had a great time. Oh, so good! Thanks.

Maria on 3.11.2010

Love this recipe! Looks good and tastes even better! I would top mine with some baked apple slices and brown sugar. And some whipped cream. YUM.

Stephanie Manley on 3.11.2010

I love these, no matter where I am, if they are available, I can’t make it past the funnel cakes. I want them with just powdered sugar, no chocolate sauce, no whipped cream, no nothing. Freshly fried funnel cakes are one of the great pleasures of county fairs.

CP on 3.10.2010

My kids are going to love this !

James Presley on 3.10.2010

Wonderful tutorial, i think i would give a try and definitely i know the kids would love them.

Profile photo of iluvlemon

iluvlemon on 3.10.2010

That looks soo soo soo good!

Kurious Kitteh on 3.10.2010

Very cool! Thanks for pointing out that recipe, and breaking it down step-by-step =).
Funnel Cakes are <3.

~Kurious Kitteh

Melissa E on 3.10.2010

Ooh! I’ll have to give these a try! When I was a child, there was a place in the food court of the local mall that sold funnel cakes with your choice of icecream and sundae toppings. My parents would take my sister and I there once in a great while and we would all split one. Mmm. Just the thought of hot funnel cake with melty chocolate & vanilla icecream and fudge topping makes me salivate!

Profile photo of sonyainboise

sonyainboise on 3.10.2010

I made these last night as a treat for the kids. The recipe made way more than a normal family of 3 needed, so I saved the leftovers and this morning I add a bit more baking soda and baking powder to the batter and they made great waffles.

Alexa Wing on 3.10.2010

You know, I haven’t had the pleasure of eating these since I was a kid. We made them at home and I well remember the feeling of having an anvil in my gut after giving my gluttonous best in the pursuit of “More please!”

They look gorgeous, and I’m sure your kids looked wonderful gobbling them up.

Jen on 3.10.2010

The night I met my husband, he held my hand through a big crowd to go get a funnel cake with me. And our wedding anniversary is March 14 (this weekend!) and I think I’m going to make him this–to bring back the memories of the night we met!

Diane on 3.10.2010

The squeeze bottle idea is wonderful and I’ll definitely be using that. If you’re in a real squeeze for time you can also simply use pancake mix for funnel cakes. Just make it a little thinner than you might typically do for pancakes to get the “drizzle consistency” right and add a tad more sugar for sweetness. Works like a charm. I think I’ll make these for the kiddos when I go to visit my great nieces and nephews next week.

Sharrieboberry on 3.10.2010

What law of physics is it when the liquid stream recedes when held further away from the surface? Is it gravity related?

It is early and I am just wondering…

IPlayOutsideTheBox on 3.10.2010

Got to make some of these this weekend!! I used to make them for my younguns when they were still home…haven’t done them since they all left home. I have my 3 of my grandyounguns this weekend…time to start the process again!!

Profile photo of joydenise

joydenise on 3.10.2010

I made these tonight! Sooooooo yummy! I will try the squirt bottle next time – good idea! Now, off to the dreadmill to work this off!!

daCook on 3.9.2010

The grandkids love these. And so do I. We sprinkle them with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Oh la la they are good!

Taylor on 3.9.2010

Serve with vanilla icecream and strawberries!! Just like in Wonderland in Toronto! :)

Nina C on 3.9.2010

love funnel cake. growing up in PA – pennsylvania dutch country just does it right. don’t know if I want to shatter that memory trying it my own.

Nat on 3.9.2010

I love that there’s Penzey’s Mexican Vanilla Extract in the picture of the spices. Penzey’s is the best!