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Food Games

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As a person with hardly an ounce of willpower and a crateful of curiousity, we’ve accumulated many different types of electronic gaming devices. I like to say that we have every shade of Apple, Nintendo and XBox (oh and also Canon, but that’s a whole ‘nother story that had nothing to do with gaming but my obsession with lenses).

Yes, I know these games are bad for my kids; I’ve heard everything from symptoms of shortness of attention span, hypertension, ADHD and carpal tunnel. But honestly, the symptoms could be WD-40, small feet syndrome, stubby middle fingers or tongue flapping, I still love me my games.

My favorite, of course, are the food-related games. Here’s a rundown.


Tasty Kitchen Blog: Food Games (Cooking Mama). Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.Cooking Mama

This is a fun one, especially on the Wii, where you get to actually make the motions of chopping, shaking the pan, pouring, cracking an egg with your Wii remote thingy. The boys love this game, from learning how to make spaghetti with meatballs to even the cute Japanese girl’s accent.


Tasty Kitchen Blog: Food Games (Farm Story). Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.Farm Story

Plant, plow, wait. And wait. And wait. Harvest. Sell. Repeat. (Yawn.) Pretty cute chubby graphics for kids, but we all got bored of this game really quickly.


Tasty Kitchen Blog: Food Games (Zombie Farm). Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.Zombie Farm

Oh no you didn’t download this!

Oh yessiree I did! Okay, technically this doesn’t count as a pure food game; you’re cultivating both crops and zombies. Amongst the red-ripe tomatoes that you’ll harvest, you’re also building a zombie army. What kid doesn’t like zombies?! BRRRRAAAAIIIINZZZZZZZZ.


Tasty Kitchen Blog: Food Games (Cake Mania). Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.Cake Mania

I tried so hard to like this game, but we only had it for the Nintendo DS and its ittty bitty screen. I’m getting old. Has anyone played this on the Wii or any screen larger than my thumb?


Tasty Kitchen Blog: Food Games (Farm Frenzy). Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.Farm Frenzy

This game started off reallllly slow, collecting eggs that the hens lay, but after a few levels, things speed up and you’re off managing a farm. Grow grass, get water, collect eggs, spin wool, transport produce, sell produce. Any money you make goes right back into the farm, buying more animals and upgrading your farm. (Hey! Just like a real farm!)


Tasty Kitchen Blog: Food Games (We Rule). Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.We Rule

This is my newest obsession, and when I say obsession, I really mean that. Last night, I woke up at 4 a.m. to harvest my beans (if you wait too long, they spoil). You’re building a kingdom, complete with a castle and options to build a tailor shop, fishing pond and gladiator training center. Yesterday, I gave a shoutout to the game and asked if anyone else was playing. I think Twitter went down for 5 minutes as all these people started tweeting me their player IDs! It’s a fun game, perfect for OCD-ishy people like me.


Tasty Kitchen Blog: Food Games (Star Wars Cantina). Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.Star Wars Cantina

This game could have been soooo much more … especially for $4.99 on the iPad! Okay, so it’s LucasFilm-licensed and you hear the cantina music from the movie, and the Storm Troopers look so cute you want to hug ‘em. You’re a waitress managing the bar with impatient and thirsty customers. Your job is to seat customers, serve drinks and collect money. Yep, that’s it.

Have you played any food video games? Tell me about them! I have yet to play Farmville … I’m scared I’ll get addicted!


Jaden Hair is a food writer, television personality, and food photographer based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Find more of her recipes in her blog, Steamy Kitchen, where you can also read more about Jaden’s new book, The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook, and the rave reviews it’s received!



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Andrea W on 7.12.2010

Harvest Moon is one of my current obsessions. . . .it’s EVIL because its the kind of game you can spend four hours playing without realizing that any time has gone by. it’s addictive but fuuunnnnnnn.

Carlos on 7.11.2010

Nice post!

Allison H on 7.10.2010

I play Burger Shop, it’s pretty addictive, or at least to me it is! :)

Kim in MD on 7.10.2010

I haven’t played any food video games, but my daughter LOVES Harvest Moon! I have watched her play it, and it is adorable!

Mel W on 7.10.2010

For the real gamers out there…. Warcraft has professions that you can level, and one of them is Cooking. Just sayin’.

Stacey on 7.10.2010

I plat Cafe World, Baking Life and Zombie Pets on FaceBook. My hubby just got me into playing World of Warcraft too, I am addicted to all of them. I feel so guilty playing in the dark at 3 am with headphones on so I won’t wake anyone up.

Profile photo of dottie1

dottie1 on 7.10.2010

I am addicted to cafe world. I am doing three now. I guess you could say I have no life. lol

CherylT on 7.10.2010

You might like any of the Diner Dash games, I am now heavily involved in Ranch Rush. You build a farm and then need to fill orders for people. At an expert level it gets pretty hard.

Kelly on 7.9.2010

I am addicted to Restaurant City on Facebook. So fun!

gaelowyn on 7.9.2010

I’ve not played any of them yet

Lisa on 7.9.2010

BAKING LIFE on FB! It’s really addicting.

Michelle on 7.9.2010

I totally love playing Restaurant City on FB!!

Profile photo of TheMoodyCook

TheMoodyCook on 7.9.2010

I play, or have played, the following:

Cooking Mama (DS)
Cake Mania (PC)
Diner Dash (PC)
Cafe World (FB)
FarmVille (FB)
Cafe Life (FB)
Baking Life (FB)
Chocolatier (FB)
Sweet World (FB)
Gourmet Ranch (FB)

I’m not obsessed or anything, am I?! ;)

Andrea on 7.9.2010

I haven’t played the food games, but Zuma has me so hooked! And my 12 year old daughter loves Plants v Zombies. We can easily lose hours playing these silly games. But, we do love to play!

Drew @ How To Cook Like Your Grandmother on 7.9.2010

Totally agree in Cooking Mama … “Better than Mama!”

Zombie farm? What do zombies like to grow? GRAAAAAAAINZZZZ!

Noelle on 7.9.2010

Currently we are hooked on Toy Story 3. I don’t even want to let the kids give it a try because I’m so hooked.

on 7.9.2010

I heard Sky Burger is pretty good. You make burgers from the ingredients that fall out of the sky. You try not to get forbidden ingredients, but everything comes at you pretty fast.

Profile photo of laras

laras on 7.9.2010

Chocolate Chip Scones!!!

Avanika (Yumsilicious Bakes) on 7.9.2010

I’ve played Cake Mania, Diner Dash, Farm Frenzy, Cafe World and a LOT of other games!! Great distraction :)

Rachael L on 7.9.2010

I play Farmville, Countrylife & CafeWorld on Facebook.
We are also a WoW household (World of Warcraft) and my favorite part of the game is the tradeskills-fishing & cooking!

Katina on 7.9.2010

I just started playing We Rule a couple of days ago. Not sure if I really like it or not. I loved FarmVille (was completely addicted) so I’m sure I’ll get more into this. Add me: kat2707. I only have one “follower” and no friends. My kingdom is lonely.

Vi on 7.9.2010

OMG, i was totally addicted to cooking/time management games. I’ve played all 3 cake manias, all 5 versions of diner dash, farm frenzy, COOKING DASH – i love cooking dash, it’s frantic and fun, pizza chef, burger island, go-go-gourmet, hot dish, top chef…just to name some. I’ve stopped playing for now, just because I ran out of games to play…it’s crazy i know…but it’s a great distraction when you need one.

Andrea R. on 7.9.2010

I’ve played Farmville, Cafe World, Harvest Moon, and probably a few others that I’m not thinking of. Luckily I’ve kicked the habit. I only play one game now, and it’s not food related.

Profile photo of Chrystal

Chrystal on 7.8.2010

Yes farmville is addictive. So watch out if you give in! Hehe I also like restaurant city on facebook. I have played cafe world as well. I have heard diner dash is fun but haven’t played yet. It’s getting difficult to find time to play all these games.

Profile photo of dawnalee

dawnalee on 7.8.2010

I liked Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen game. Quite the frenzy getting ingredients combined and cooking/baking times coordinated to get a meal out at as close to one time as possible. I lost the link though and haven’t been able to find it again.

Rebecca Mick on 7.8.2010

I used to be hooked on Farm Town, Farmville, Petville and Cafe World on Facebook. Once I got to a certain level I ended up bored. I now play Frontierville and it is really cute, but still new and has issues.

I am a hidden object junkie and have played almost every one that is out there. I also like Diner Dash, Cake Mania, Wedding Dash, Farm Frenzy and Burger Island.

Misa on 7.8.2010

I can’t believe no one has mentioned my favorite food game series – Harvest Moon! They’ve been out since the Nintendo Game Boy. Yep, I’ve been playing them for a long time now. You raise animals, chop trees to build things, talk to people, plant and water crops, fish, and even go and mine. There are mini-games like festivals in town where you can race horses or bring produce. Later games have you getting married and having a kid, too. Farm Frenzy sounds similar.

Profile photo of amanda

amanda on 7.8.2010

I play Farm Town and Restaurant City on Facebook. My husband says I am addicted, but I don’t think I am. Maybe that’s denial!

Cassie on 7.8.2010

I love Farmville and Frontierville! I’ve played Cake Mania and Diner Dash on and they were a ton of fun!

Jennifer on 7.8.2010

Youda Sushi and Cooking Mama are my favorites

ChristineM on 7.8.2010

I haven’t played too many….I think I may have burned down the bakery in Yoville, though….I’m afraid to go back and look! My relatively short attention span is not conducive to fetching your pies and cookies out of the oven on time! (There AND in real life!!) ;)

Lynn/Tx on 7.8.2010

Farmtown on facebook is my favorite and only one I play :)

Sarah_Kaylee on 7.8.2010

I love Cake Mania! I play it on my PC. There are free versions to play or you can pay to have more options.

Farmville is addictive! So is Farmtown.

EG on 7.8.2010

Cake Mania was a free download at Amazon a few months ago. It’s fine for a few minutes of mindless clicking.

denise on 7.8.2010

I LOVE electronic gaming! Love We Rule! Obsessed with Cafe World! Love Zombie Farm! I have Diner Dash, 2 versions of Cake Mania, Turbo Subs, and some chocolate pop game on my ipod. We went camping a month ago and I was so miserable without my internet or ipod. I’m sad I know but I don’t care!

Rebekah on 7.8.2010

Cake Mania is on PC too, and it’s great that way. The iPhone version isn’t bad, either.

Vicki B on 7.8.2010

My three year old granddaughter sits on my lap and we play Cooking with Dora in Spanish. Yes, it’s simple, but she LOVES to cook and then we have to go play one of the cake decorating games.

Illinialum on 7.8.2010

Forgot to meniotn my daughter has the Ratatouille game for her DSi and she loves playing chef on that!

Illinialum on 7.8.2010

Also played Cake Mania on the PC and loved it! There are several versions out. Also play FarmVille on Facebook and just got into Fronterville….similar to FarmVille but you are a pioneer starting an old west town. Still grow crops and animals but they aren’t the WHOLE game like Farmville can be. Plus you get married and have a kid.

Profile photo of texasphotochick

texasphotochick on 7.8.2010

We’re all pretty hard core gamers in my house but no one really plays food games. FPS, RTS and RPG yes. Casual food games, not really. I tried to think of the last one I did play and I’m going all the way back to Root Beer and Lemonade Stand on the Apple II E.

But the moment they make a game where you’re the mess cook in World War II Europe and you must fight off the bad guys as you sling hash I bet we’re all over it.

Isabelle on 7.8.2010

I used to play diner dash 2 alot but after I completed all the levels it got boring.

Kim O' on 7.8.2010

I don’t play any on the Wii or computer, but I LOVE Diner Dash and Cooking Dash on my iPhone. Super addicting!!!

Kathy F. on 7.8.2010

I must admit that I play Farmvill – ALOT!! I have even been known to ask my husband if he will harvest for me!!

Susie @ Hick Chick on 7.8.2010

I’ve been playing Cafe World (on Facebook) for about 8 or 9 months and at level 85. My internet went out on Tuesday night and my first thought??? OH NO – my Osso Bucco is going to spoil! LOL We have Cooking Mama on our Wii – it is fun. I especially like the phrase “Momma will help you” in the accent. It is cute.

Jessica on 7.8.2010

My favorite food game is Harvest Moon. It is a whole series with various incarnations on different consoles. You have a farm raise the cutest cows and sheep, make the girl of your dreams fall in love with you and have a baby. YAH!
I have played various face book farming games but it frustrates me i have to have more friends to play the game. I despise spamming people with requests to join my obsessions hehe.

Andrea C on 7.8.2010

I have played Cake Mania on the pc, and it was fun (the first time ), I’m slightly addicted to games, so I love something I can play through a few times. I looked up We Rule and was disappointed that it was a Iphone/Ipad. . . only game.
I play FarmTown on Facebook a lot, and it is similar. All of the crops have a range of time they need to be harvested in (2 hours- 4 days) and then many of them can be used in buildings to make things (Turn your wheat to flour, milk to cheese, and then add them mushrooms and tomatoes to make a pizza)

suzanne on 7.8.2010

oh my gosh, can’t believe I’m going to admit this but I love Dinner Dash. It’s like cake mania but on the PC. It’s my guilty late night pleasure when I can’t sleepy.

wendy on 7.8.2010

You got up at 4:00 to harvest hypothetical beans??? You are hillarious.

I would totally do something like that.

Profile photo of Laurie - Simply Scratch

Laurie - Simply Scratch on 7.8.2010

I love cooking mama! I was also addicted to Cafe World… I would plan my day around what needed to be pulled off the stove!

Jessica @ How Sweet on 7.8.2010

I haven’t played farmville either, and I have yet to play any foodie games. I would never leave the computer! The only game I am really hooked on it Mahjong Titans! Addicting!