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Burgers, Shakes, Fries and Don’t Forget the Apple Pie!

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Burgers, Shakes, Fries and Don't Forget the Apple Pie! Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.

When it comes to Fourth of July, are you a traditionalist or adventurous when it comes to the food? For our family, we’ve pretty much stuck to the traditional fare: grilling hot dogs, hamburgers and finishing off the meal with a swim in the pool and super-cold watermelon slices.

This year, I can’t decide between the classics or something totally new. My steady, solid, routine-lovin’ husband votes for the same ol’ same ol’. But hey, I’m craving for creativity. So I need your help to take “Burgers, Shakes, Fries and Don’t Forget the Apple Pie” in a new direction. I’ll take a few of your recipes and make it our Fourth of July meal.

My good friend Sarah of Tastespotting actually ground her own beef to make Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger. But wait, Sarah told me she doesn’t cook, which is why we’ve always dined at restaurants together. Oh, Sarah … so bleepin’ BUSTED!

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Burgers, Shakes, Fries and Don't Forget the Apple Pie! (Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger, from Sarah of Tastespotting)

My kids vote for this one! Andrew loves chocolate, Nathan loves cherries. We all win with Dine and Dish’s Chocolate Cherry Float.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Burgers, Shakes, Fries and Don't Forget the Apple Pie! (Chocolate Cherry Float, from TK member Kristen of Dine and Dish)

You’d think these crisp fries would be massively fattening, but nope! Annie’s Eats’ skips the oil and makes Baked Oven Fries.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Burgers, Shakes, Fries and Don't Forget the Apple Pie! (Baked Oven Fries, from TK member Annie's Eats)

And finish the meal off with the most decadent apple pie my mouse has ever clicked on: Doughmesstic’s Candy Apple Pie.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Burgers, Shakes, Fries and Don't Forget the Apple Pie! (Candy Apple Pie, from TK member Doughmesstic)

Those are some great ideas to start with, just to get the creative juices flowin’! Send on over some fun twists to “Burgers, Shakes, Fries and Don’t Forget the Apple Pie!”

May your 4th be sparkling!



Jaden Hair is a food writer, television personality, and food photographer based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Find more of her recipes in her blog, Steamy Kitchen, where you can also read more about Jaden’s new book, The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook, and the rave reviews it’s received!



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JUDITH on 7.11.2010

My sister has been sharing items on this website. I was really excited when I got on myself. I enjoy reading so this is a great place for me.

Pam @ Best cookware Guiide on 7.10.2010

Opps, I forgot to mention that apple pie looks like a yummy cake! I love it. Can’t wait to make it.

Katy on 7.5.2010

all those pictures are just mouth-watering! We mixed it up this year and had a Mexican food fiesta with friends this year.

By the way, the recipe for the fries is the same one I use — definitely worth trying. We love it!!

Profile photo of AZJ22

AZJ22 on 7.5.2010

OK I made the Chocolate Cherry Floats tonight, and yum! My only suggestion would be to double the cherry juice, as when I tasted a sip with just the 3 Tbsp, and felt there was hardly a hint of cherry at all. About 6 Tbsp, and it was perfect for my tastes! It was a great change to my normal menu! :)

Mrs. W on 7.2.2010

I am shaking things up this year and we ARE NOT having burgers and dogs! I am not sure if my family will reject me – hopefully after they taste the bar-b-q brisket and ribs they will forgive the change to their world and still love me!

Spruce Hill on 7.2.2010

Yummy! That burger looks so good. Just about the only thing I like to eat when I have my chemo treatments!

Grace on 7.2.2010

What perfect recipes for the 4th of July! Can’t wait to try those Baked Oven Fries. And, that Bacon Cheeseburger looks pretty good too! Thanks for sharing.
Happy 4th!

Robyn on 7.1.2010

My daughter’s birthday is the 4th, so our same- o, same -0 includes all the above plus potato salad (recipe from Hellman’s Mayo label), fruit salad , strawberry cake or angel food cake. A time or two I made chili for the hot dogs. Last year we added roasted corn which was a big hit. This year it’s lemon angel food cake and blackberry cobbler and we’re going to try missamys Dr. Pepper Chocolate Cake. Then my pyromanic husband helps the kids with LOTS of firecrackers.
Happy 4th!

Susan on 7.1.2010

Jaden – as a long time stalker, I mean, fan, of yours – I am HONORED to be included in your post! The fact that you typed my name alone is enough to make my day, because that means you’ve HEARD of me! (That makes 4 people now, including my Mom!). Thank you!!

Profile photo of kaycarrasco

kaycarrasco on 7.1.2010

Those oven fries look fabulous. I think I better make them tonight. To, umm, practice. Yeah, that’s it, practice before the 4th! Wouldn’t want to risk having a kitchen disaster on such an important holiday. Heh….

And I just wanna kind of fall spoon-first into that candy apple pie. But waaaaay too rich for me nowadays. Still, wow, that’s gorgeous!

Really, I think I just want this entire menu. What a feast!

Profile photo of amanda

amanda on 7.1.2010

Wow, that pie looks amazing! Something to look forward to when the farmers market has local apples.

Happy 4th of July to all my friendly neighbours to the South! Hope to see some newly discovered recipes from your celebrations! We are celebrating Canada Day today with a big ole family get together and we are looking forward to tonight’s fireworks display. Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Profile photo of vlmarston

vlmarston on 7.1.2010

Burgers, potato salad, baked beans and slaw. Blackberry Cobbler is a must on the 4th! ***sigh*** Can’t wait!

Kish on 7.1.2010

I would take one of each. I am now starving as I look at that juicy burger and oven fries. And I’m all about dessert. Yum!!!!

Profile photo of chagrin

chagrin on 7.1.2010

Those baked fries look so good… I’ll have to give these a try! They are simpler than what I do now. :)

Jess on 7.1.2010

These ( are sooooooo delicious, and I’m not really that much of a burger person. Maybe you could kind of combine the old and new, using a regular bacon cheddar cheeseburger, but adding the grilled scallion mayo or another more interesting condiment?

Happy 4th!

Amy from She Wears Many Hats (missamy) on 7.1.2010

That shake and pie?!? Oh my word Jaden, that’s just flat out mean. I’m trying to lose a few over here.

That pie is gonna haunt me.

Fruit is good, yes?

Wenderly on 7.1.2010

I would like a swimming pool full of those oven fries please. Thank you. And the candy apple pie for dessert.

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. on 7.1.2010

That burger is making my mouth water! The apple pie looks super delicious too!

Vicki B on 7.1.2010

Many years ago when I ate meat, hamburgers were never my favorite except from this place, which is still in existence.

From what I remember, the “hamburger” was made from left over steak trimmings but the best part was the rolls were grilled in garlic butter.

Eric Childress on 7.1.2010

We always buy a chuck roast and have it ground by the butcher. Then when making the patties, we mix in whatever seasonings we feel like at that moment, sometimes even blue cheese!! Yum…. Getting hungry just thinking about it.
My wife also makes some killer sweet potato wedges, goes great with a regular burger.

Profile photo of Laurie - Simply Scratch

Laurie - Simply Scratch on 7.1.2010

WOW!!! I would love to have one of each please!! DELICIOUS!!

Profile photo of ashelina

ashelina on 7.1.2010

I thought I’d check out Tasty Kitchen for some 4th of July recipes and what good timing! Those fries look yummy!

Jessica @ HOw Sweet on 7.1.2010

That candy apple pie looks UNREAL! Happy 4th! :)