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Bowtie Lasagna

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This Tasty Kitchen recipe, submitted in May by Rozanie, fit perfectly into the 16-Minute Meal theme I have going on in my house this week. As I explained on The Pioneer Woman Cooks yesterday, my girls are gone all week, which means I have a houseful of only boys. They’re so delightfully male—the more brown and plentiful the food is, the better. And wonderfully so, they tend to like the dishes that take the least amount of time to make.


This could not have been easier. When the boys and I returned from our Family Soccer Game, I threw it together and had dinner on the table in less than twenty minutes. It was heaven, and I was able to be in front of the TV in time to watch Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Wait. Did I just say that out loud?



Begin by boiling 5 cups of bowtie pasta noodles. (This amounts roughly to a 12-ounce bag.)



Cook it till al dente!



Brown some ground chuck in a skillet. (Regular ground beef would be just fine.)



Drain the pasta and dump it over the top of the browned meat.



Drizzle olive oil over the top of the noodles…



Then grab a jar of marinara or other pasta sauce. *Note that the submitter of this recipe correctly points out that you definitely want to use a sauce you really like here!



Dump it right over the noodles.



Add garlic powder…



And Italian Seasoning. You can substitute fresh garlic and herbs if you have them handy. Basil would be yummy! And be sure to add salt—about a teaspoon or so.



Next, add grated mozzarella. I had some fresh stuff in my fridge, but you can use any form of mozzarella you’d like.



Also dump in a little sour cream. This adds a really nice consistency to the whole dish. Even if you’re not a sour cream fan, don’t be afraid! You won’t even taste it.



Finally, stir it all together over low heat until it’s just combined. Yum!



I also stirred in some grated Parmesan for a little extra kick. And that’s it, baby!



I served this with an Iceberg/ranch salad and a hunk of warm, crust bread. The three men in my house absolutely loved it.

OPTIONS: This is such an easy meal, it would be a cinch to add in whatever extras you’d like. I think I’ll do chopped black olives next time, and probably a combination of fresh herbs. You can also play with the cheeses—add some Romano, Asiago…have at it!

Verdict: I’ll definitely make this again. Another 16-minute meal for my repertoire. Thanks, Rozanie!


Here’s the printable recipe: Bowtie Lasagna by Rozanie


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Alissa on 10.14.2010

I mad this with sausage tonight, big hit with the family. Very delicious!

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starfishsea on 9.21.2010

I LOVE how easy this is! Everyone loved it, thank you :)

Traci on 8.11.2010

My hubby loves to the flavor of this dish. Thank you for the recipe.

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veshke on 8.11.2010

We called this ‘Campfire Lasagna’… exactly the same except you cook the meat in a cast iron dutch oven – throw everything else in (except the cheese) – add some extra water – then plant it over a low, open fire for about an hour or so.

Throw the cheese on top at the end and feed an entire camp of hungry Brownies or Guides!

Mary Perry on 7.31.2010

Made this tonight for dinner – so easy and so yummy!

Cara Jones on 7.29.2010

This was delish! I used lite sour cream, and a lot of fresh oregano and basil, but otherwise followed the directions. Everyone loved it! Thank you!

Chelli on 7.29.2010

This was FANTASTIC! Just as you said, fam scooped it up, then wondered where it had gone! Thanks for another great recipe!

Ksmit on 7.29.2010

thanks for the add this sounds great!!!!
I love your blog

gaelowyn on 7.28.2010

I just made this last night.. I followed some of your suggestions(readers) about using some cream cheese instead of sour cream. it was heavenly. I also used mild sausage instead of ground beef, as it was what I had pulled out of the freezer by accident… no problem.. it blended in w/the italian flavors just fine!! A definite make again..

Alice on 7.27.2010


Meredith on 7.26.2010

This sounded so good that I packed up all 3 kids and headed to the grocery story JUST for these ingredients (I never do that!). It was a big hit at my house – even for picky middle son. I still prefer the layered kind of lasagna myself, but this if definitely yummy and a crowd pleaser.

Natasha on 7.26.2010

Thank you so much for this recipe. This is the perfect way for me to make a lasagna for me and my husband, without him thinking he is eating lasagna. Know I get to eat one of my favorite dishes again!!

JillS on 7.25.2010

making this as we speak… I’m using italian sausage because that’s what was in the fridge. mmm… yummy!

Laura on 7.24.2010

I made this as a quick meal on vacation. I added Italian Sauage and browned the beef and sausage and then froze it before we left. Took it to the lake nuked the meat and added it to the pasta. It was fantastic !! It made so much that we had left overs.

Kenita on 7.23.2010

I just made this tonight. It was so quick, easy and very good. Next time I may try this with chicken or bake it in the oven.

Tara on 7.22.2010

Could the sour cream be substituted for ricotta cheese?? I love the ricotta cheese part!

September Roberts on 7.21.2010

Thanks for sharing! A mom of only boys, this will come in handy. Not to mention the time I will save.

Laura on 7.20.2010

This reminds me of the Millon dollar Spaghetti Pie recipe that I got from your 5,000 entry of everyones favorite recipe.

Add a little cheddar it adds another dept of flavor.

Amelia on 7.20.2010

I made this last weekend and it is amazing. Been eating it all week. The only tweek I made was to add taco seasoning to the meat to give it some flavor.

Kristen on 7.20.2010

I want some.

Profile photo of The Domestic Engineer

The Domestic Engineer on 7.19.2010

Sounds great! I usually use cottage cheese in place of ricotta when I make lasagna so I think I will add some instead of sour cream to this recipe! Great Idea! I hate to admit it in writting but I avoid baking in the summertime….so this perfect! Thanks!

Amanda on 7.19.2010

I made it for dinner last night, and it was wonderful! I think it’s even better today for lunch. :) Next time, I might try cream cheese instead of sour cream.

raddervm on 7.19.2010

Made this for a cabin full of company this weekend. I added mushrooms since I had them and even more Italian seasoning. With a salad and a fresh hot bake-and-serve baguette it was fast,easy and they gobbled it down.

Lindsay Ann on 7.19.2010

Okay, I trusted you and added the sour cream. I will never make another red sauce pasta without it. Totally divine.

Beth on 7.18.2010

I make something very similar….It’s called……….Hamburger Helper Lasagna…:)

Profile photo of suitcasegnome

suitcasegnome on 7.17.2010

I make a recipe similar to this with pasta, ground beef, sauteed onions, spices, and tomato soup or tomato sauce. I love the additions of cheese and sour cream, and I don’t even miss the onion.

Definitely adding this to the recipe books.

Maire on 7.17.2010

Hi! i´m from Estonia and i love your blog!
as soon as i read about the Bowtie Lasagna i knew i had to make it.
and i´m eateing it right now…it is great!!!! My 3-year old boy demands another platefull :D

Julie on 7.16.2010

My daughter made this last night for us. She’s a college kid livin on campus. She had a bunch of dipping sauces left over from pizza runs and used that as the sauce. I have to say it was very tasty! She likes it because it makes a bunch and they all can eat it for a few days without cooking again!

Profile photo of lynwithonen

lynwithonen on 7.15.2010

I made this tonight and it was truly yummy! Thanks for the recipe!

marina on 7.15.2010

P.S., I forgot to mention, I added a bag of baby spinach – awesome!

marina on 7.15.2010

Made this for dinner Tuesday night – my boys LOVED it…served leftovers Wednesday night – lots more love. This recipe is a keeper. You’re right about using a pre-made sauce that you really like. I used the Bolognese sauce from Fresh and Easy – really good!!

Profile photo of lyelichek

lyelichek on 7.15.2010

I can’t believe what an idiot I am – this recipe ROCKS!! The neighbor kids even stayed when they saw what I was making. So easy and such a no brainer – except that it never occurred to ME to do this alternative to a longer timed traditional lasgna.

Will be making this frequently!

Thanks much!

Amanda D on 7.15.2010

Made this last night for me and my husband. It was great and super easy. My husband loved it because it reminded him of Hamburger Helper.

Sandy Wiser on 7.15.2010

I made this for my two boys last night. It was a big hit. My 6 year old downed it like water. I don’t think he even chewed it. My husband really liked it also. This recipe will go into the family favorites file. Thanks!!

Roland on 7.15.2010

This is a great recipe. I saw it this past spring on the PBS show America’s Test Kitchen. It is very easy and very tasty and very quick. I add lots of mushrooms to mine.

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lindahensens on 7.15.2010

OMG! I made this the night that Ree posted it on PW. I had all of the ingredients, and I just happened to have a pack of hamburger thawed that I needed to use.. Worked like a charm it did!

I always make new recipe’s exactly like they say the first time and then if changes need to be made I change them up the next time I make the recipe. However, for this bad boy.. No changes are needed! It is absolutely devine!

Okay, so I lied.. I did use the pasta that I had on hand which was whole wheat penne instead of bowtie pasta. I originally thought that I would use vermicelli, but then I spied the box of penne and thought that would be a better fit. I just love the Barilla Whole Wheat Pasta any shape. It is SO good!

I may add fresh basil the next time, fresh oregano from my little herb garden.. Maybe some fresh mushrooms.. My husband loved it just like it was, so I may make no changes at all. The sour cream really balanced it out and made it not taste so strong with tomato, which is my husband’s usual complaint about red sauces.

I can even see making this with Italian Sausage as well. Man, the possibilities!

Thanks for the recipe!

Dize on 7.15.2010

Love the recipe as is. I don’t understand why so many people add cottage and/or ricotta cheese to lasagna or dishes like this. I learned to make lasagna from someone who was visiting from Italy – they said that most Italians would spit out lasagna that had cottage/ricotta in it. After I tasted theirs I totally understood. It was to die for – and I promptly renamed it Heart Attack on a Plate.

Erin Dipity on 7.15.2010

I make this all the time and I call it “Poor Man’s Lasagna”. I use ricotta instead of sour cream though. It is super easy, quick and yummy!!

Autum on 7.14.2010

Made this tonight. It was very quick and easy. Myself and the kids loved the lasagna flavor. Will definitely make this again. Thank you for sharing.

Lori on 7.14.2010

A little chopped spinach would be a nice addition !!!

candis on 7.14.2010

I just made this for my family. Everyone loved it. Already planning to have it again. Simple and filling.

Cindy D. on 7.14.2010

Delicious and my kids love it, too! Thanks for posting this recipe. I substituted ground turkey for ground chuck.

Bronwyn on 7.14.2010

I think I’ll add spinach to my version…

Profile photo of primgingers

primgingers on 7.14.2010

Ran home from work last night and picked up what I needed to make this for dinner. It really was quick, I made two changes though. I did not have any italian seasoning so I used the sweet red bell pepper spice from tastefully simple and instead of mozzerella I used a mixture of italian cheeses…….yummo!

Beth on 7.14.2010

Made this for dinner last night. WOWWEEE! It really tasted like lasgna! I love the fact that this is a much lighter version than the real deal since it doesn’t carry all the cheese a typical lasagna has. I make quite a bit so I have sum yummy leftovers for lunch today. Definetly will keep this recipe handy! Thanks Ree!

Amanda on 7.14.2010

I made this last night after seeing your post on Pioneer Woman and having no idea what to make for dinner – It’s hot here and I could care less about food but somehow feeding my daughter ice cream for dinner didn’t seem like a good idea.

Substituted ground turkey (it was in the freezer), added some chopped onion and a block of frozen spinach (defrosted but not squeezed as the water wasn’t such a bad add since it was turkey). Forgot about the sour cream but it was really good.

Actually had to remind my 3 year old to eat her turkey – she gobbled up the spinach.

This is not far off from what my family used to call American chop suey when I was a kid – it had stewed tomatoes in it though. Something I still don’t love but I loved American chop suey waiting for us when we got to Grammie’s house late at night!

Sherri on 7.14.2010

This looks great and soooo simple to make. During the summer I work long hours, I could whip this up in a hurry and I am sure it beats the drive-thru any day. Thank you, I look forward to reading more of your quick meals.

Julie on 7.13.2010

Instead of sour cream (or cottage cheese) why not add ricotta cheese?

Summer on 7.13.2010

Made this tonight – super quick, super delish, and yes, Ree, the sour cream is a must! I used a different shape of pasta and had a sundried tomato with olive jarred sauce on hand and it was good and hearty.

jayhawkjdmom on 7.13.2010

I make something similar, but add cream cheese, too. It’s wonderful. I made the 16 minute burritos tonight and everyone loved them. This is a great theme….everyone needs fast meals that are delicious!