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Naked or Dressed?

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Steak (Naked or Dressed). Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.

Well, that title caught your attention, I bet! The subject is steak and there are definitely 2 camps. The first is “Meat. Gimme only meat!” And the other is “Drizzle my meat with some luxurious sauce!”

Whether you’re in the nudist camp or love to be seduced by sauce, I’m sure you’ll agree that you can’t beat a well-cooked steak. Um … unless you’re a vegetarian and in that case, head on over here to Tasty Kitchen’s Salad Category!

So, if I was asked the question: How do you like your steak: naked or dressed? I would answer, “Naughtily half-dressed!” I love a creamy, cheesy sauce, just enough sauce to tease. But I also want my steak to show a little skin, baby!

What about you? Do you prefer your steaks Naked or Dressed?

Grilled Steaks with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce

4 steaks of your choice, 1 1/4″ thick (strip, ribeye, sirloin, filet etc.)
2 tablespoons cooking oil
salt and freshly ground black pepper
Gorgonzola Cream Sauce (see below)

1. Let steaks sit on the counter for 15 minutes to take off the chill. Pat the steaks very dry, brush each side with the oil and season with salt and pepper on both sides (go easy on seasoning the steak with salt—the gorgonzola is a salty cheese).

2. Heat a grill pan or frying pan over high heat. When very hot, add the steaks and cook 3 minutes. Flip the steaks, turn the heat to medium-high and cook for an additional 6 minutes or until you reach desired level of doneness. Let steaks rest. Top with the Gorgonzola Cream Sauce.

Gorgonzola Cream Sauce
Serves 4

1/2 cup heavy cream
1 tablespoon minced fresh parsley or chives
4 ounces crumbled gorgonzola
2 ounces grated parmesan
1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg

In a small sauce pan over medium heat, stir in heavy cream, parsley or chives, gorgonzola and parmesan cheese. Season with nutmeg. Whisk and let simmer for 30 seconds or until the much of the cheese has melted. Serve the cream sauce over steaks.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Steak (Naked or Dressed). Guest post by Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen.


Jaden Hair is a food writer, television personality, and food photographer based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Find more of her recipes in her blog, Steamy Kitchen, where you can also read more about Jaden’s new book, The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook, and the rave reviews it’s received!



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Lindsey M. on 7.1.2010

my husband demands this sauce everytime we have steak now. i tried cooking the steaks on the stove in a grill pan once, but since we both like med-well to well-done meat, it took awhile and really smoked up the kitchen. now he does the grilling outside, and i spend the time laboring over this sauce… or playing on the computer, taking 2 minutes out to make it. however you want to say it. thanks so much!!!

Elizabeth on 6.1.2010

A little late to the nudie party :p but for me it depends.

I am all about a GOOD sauce, one of those omg to die for, best thing I ever ate sauces. Otherwise, a nice really rare steak is what it’s all about!

tampa cheril on 5.27.2010

Sauce it up. My fave these days is Chimichuri sauce- so fresh, so green and bright. A nice mushroom sauce, a red wine shallot sauce, brandy mushroom reduction, green peppercorn, bearnaise, all good with a filet cooked perfect – rare to medium rare.

Liz on 5.26.2010

Saucy, saucy, saucy! Also love it with herbs- anything with cheese is good for me. I can’t wait to try this!

Westmonster on 5.26.2010

I’m a vegetarian myself, so I like my steak naked and stripped of the meat… But my mom hasn’t prepared a steak for my dad any other way than this for at least 20 years: dressed with a peppercorn-cream sauce. She just pours some cream in the pan after taking out the steak, and adds some whole green peppercorns. Done. He absolutely loves his steaks dressed that way.

Kandace on 5.25.2010

Naked. The only thing I ever put on my steaks is grilled onions.

dally-up on 5.25.2010

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy all your recipes, from everyone and the comments always give me a smile. Cooks have such a flair!!!!Have a family of three males to cook for so the food needs to be substantial and hearty, you give me inspiration to veer off the path a little and still get compliments on the meals here at the ranch. Thanks you for sharing your recipes with enthusiasim and a wicked sense of humour.

Profile photo of samannes

samannes on 5.25.2010

Naked!!!! But I do love sauces on lots of things, just not my Filet Mignon.

Profile photo of monibee

monibee on 5.24.2010

Naked, always naked. In our house, it was an insult to the chef if you put anything on your steak! My dad would ask our new boyfriends if they’d want steak sauce with their steak to give them their first test. Luckily, my husband passed!

Profile photo of

on 5.24.2010

There’s nothing like a great naked/perfectly seasoned steak, but I occasionally like a good gorgonzola sauce or red wine reduction on top mine.

Wendy2in WA on 5.24.2010

Typically naked and wonderful. But every one in awhile, I crave a wonderful gorgozola mushroom sauce — which it just so happens we had over the weekend. YUM.

Julie Anne Rhodes on 5.24.2010

I used to be a saucey seducer, but now it depends on the grade of meat we are talking about (prime I definitely prefer naked).

Profile photo of marylu2

marylu2 on 5.23.2010

We love the “Sinatra Sauce” served at Buzz’s Sandtrap…a combination of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic,chopped parsley and capers ~delicious!

Cheryl Phillips on 5.22.2010

Well, I had to try the onion and bluecheese sause. and must say that i was totally delicious !!!!!

karen on 5.22.2010

for me, it depends upon the cut of steak.
filets need a little more oomph so a sauce makes them better
but most other cuts have enough flavor on their own.
However, I do like to do blue cheese and herb crusted strips every now and then.

dawnalee on 5.22.2010

Naked or dressed, the steak has to be fabulous no matter what, and I’d only dress if the sauce was sublime.

Carah M. on 5.22.2010

Dressed with a compound butter! My favorite these days is Chile with Lime, makes me hungry just thinking about it. I wonder is I can talk my family into steak and eggs for breakfast?

Diana on 5.21.2010

I prefer it naked, most of the time. Usually I only have it with yummy sauce if someone ELSE makes the yummy sauce! LOL

Deb da Amazon on 5.21.2010

I usually love my steak (and most of my other meats) undressed, but once in a while I’ll get a craving for the sauce my mom always made for steak when I was a kid….just basic sour cream and horseradish. It’s super simple, but the pungent spiciness of the horseradish with the tangy creaminess of the sour cream is just delicious on beef. :)

Profile photo of valerief

valerief on 5.21.2010

I love it either way! A good quality steak is awesome when well-cooked even if you don’t season at all. A good sauce goes with everything… or well… with a lot of stuff. Definitely with steak too. So I choose ‘gimme both!’

Rina on 5.21.2010

I prefer mine naked but I’m more than willing to try dressed with these sauces!

Medium rare though, not well done :P

Memoria on 5.21.2010

I don’t care if it is dressed or not. It just has to taste amazing haha. I would love to try out this sauce. I also like to dip my steak in the sauce. If I’m in a restaurant, my sauce preference depends on how the restaurants presents the steak to me.

Kristin on 5.21.2010

Sounds delicious. I’ll admit, I’m an A1 junkie. I used to put that stuff on crackers! In order to save money, I would always get a chop sirloin (I know, I know, not technically considered a steak), and then douse it in A1 – it was pure bliss for me!

Profile photo of sallyk

sallyk on 5.21.2010

I like them both ways. I’m not sure what it depends on –maybe an outstanding sauce. I do think my favorite is just a little salt, pepper and butter. Absolutely delicious!

Profile photo of emilyjean

emilyjean on 5.21.2010

I am always torn about how to ask for a steak. One part of me loves an unadorned steak, but the other part of me loves the sauce. I usually end up asking for everything on the side (especially caramelized onions… yum!) and then just have a bite or two each way. It’s the only way to keep myself happy.

Ashley on 5.21.2010

I have to agree with those that said if you cooked/ordered a steak, it’s cause you want the meat, and I love the pure taste of a good steak seasoned only with salt & pepper, although one time I had one with garlic and that was awesome, but garlic is salt & pepper’s stepchild, right? so that doesn’t count…..

Mamadallama on 5.21.2010

I have always sided with the nakeds on this one, but I do believe I’m going to have to try this one next time, but on the side. Sounds fabulous and I can probably get away with using fat free half n half instead of heavy cream and still get a decent sauce. And sauteed mushrooms on the side, too.

Sandy in South Dakota on 5.21.2010

I never, and I mean NEVER ever want a sauce on my steak. Hamburger is for sauce…….catsup……..mustard….sauce. Why would you want to cover up that wonderful taste of the grill?
And, I love the mushrooms and carmelized onions, too, but on the side. This is makin’ me hungry. ;o)

highlandviewpantry on 5.21.2010

I don’t like a sauce on my steak but I do like caramelized onions and peppers on top.

Fabs on 5.21.2010

Can you put the Gorgonzola Cream Sauce recipe on the Tasty Kitchen website, pretty please? I’d love to add it to my recipe box!

Profile photo of Julie (Bananas for Bourbon)

Julie (Bananas for Bourbon) on 5.21.2010

I am apparently a prude because I prefer dressing on my flesh. Hehe. Actually, I just a sauce girl. I’ll eat ‘em naked, but when not add delicious sauce while I’m at it?

Married to an Aussie in OK on 5.21.2010

I’m with you on naughty sauce. I like a good cheese sauce like this or a wine reduction, but not so much that I can’t taste the meat!

Profile photo of KitchenTravels

KitchenTravels on 5.21.2010

If it’s a really great, aged steak… I like it pretty naked. Maybe just a little brush of butter at the end. Otherwise, nothing wrong with dressing it up a little! In the end, as long as it tastes good, then it’s all right with me.

Profile photo of steffiweffi

steffiweffi on 5.21.2010

I like mine nekkid with the sauce on the side…I like to dunk!

BudgetFoodCook on 5.21.2010

I’d always liked it naked, never actually considered doing it dressed or half-dressed.

As a neophyte foodie, I see there are depths to be plumbed that I was too naive to know about.

I’m not sure about the gorgonzola yet because I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten it!

Profile photo of MS Hospitality

MS Hospitality on 5.21.2010

I use to be a don’t mess up my meat kinda person, but ever since I made PW’s onion blue cheese sauce, I’m sold on creamy sauces. I will try this one next time, Jaden. Looks so tempting!

jkaymac on 5.21.2010


During college, I brought a friend home for the weekend. We had steak for supper and my friend asked for steak sauce. I can still hear my dad….”Beef that I raised doesn’t need any stupid sauce. “

Profile photo of ivoryhut

ivoryhut on 5.21.2010

For the most part, I like a steak au naturel. But if it’s a kicking sauce like your gorgonzola sauce, then you bet I’m going to have some on the side. My favorite sauce, though, is the one my mom used to brush on just-made steaks right before serving: a simple mix of melted butter and Maggi seasoning. Man, that was good.

Amy on 5.21.2010

Naked!! Every now and then, I will eat some sauce or a compound butter on top, but for the most part, I just like to enjoy the flavor of the beef!

Amy S on 5.21.2010

I like to put herb butter on top, I usually mix chives and butter together and then freeze in a log shape and slice off a bit before serving, oh heaven. Any herbs will work :). I do like sauteed mushrooms on the side as well. Oh, steak sounds good right now, yum!

Profile photo of Stef at

Stef at on 5.21.2010

Naked (no sauce), but I do like my steaks seasoned “Kansas City” style.

Profile photo of sweetebakes

sweetebakes on 5.21.2010

If there is steak on the table, dressed or naked, you best bet I’m indulging! I LOVE steak, but I must admit a good Bearnaise sauce gets me every time :)

Tammy on 5.21.2010

usually naked, but I love a good peppercorn sauce! or herb butter … or Boursin.

stef on 5.21.2010

this is terrible, but I love to dip my steak in ranch dresssing!

Chocolate Freckles on 5.21.2010

dressed!!!!!! but definetely there are sometimes that naked is also good!

habanerogal on 5.21.2010

I am of the opinion that so so steaks sometimes need a boost of flavour . I also think that a great sauce makes a steak luxurious and special. My all time fave would have to be green peppercorn sauce with homemade stock and cream. mmm

Profile photo of mannadonn

mannadonn on 5.21.2010

It actually depends on my mood. Most of the time I like a naked steak because the flavor of the steak and the seasonings on it should be able to stand alone. But once in a while I crave a nice delicious sauce on top. But absolutely never, ever, EVER, NEVER should a steak get dunked in steak sauce. If it’s bad enough that it needs steak sauce, I just won’t eat it. The end. :-)

Anthony on 5.21.2010

I’m with cookincanuk, I love an aged steak, there is an understated fruity steak sauce available which just lifts the flavor closer to heaven, on the other hand I make a green peppercorn sauce with cream which has never failed to make a great steak greater.

Carrie Oliver on 5.21.2010

I like my steaks Naked! A great steak should be able to stand on it’s own (and some will have a gorgonzola flavor in them naturally). That said, next time I come home with a disappointing set of steaks – we like to buy the whole rib or NY Strip section and have them cut into steaks, which we pop in the freezer – I’m trying this sauce.

Chocolate and Toast on 5.21.2010

ohhhh, I really like your half dressed saucy naughtiness idea, the best of both worlds! my husband always drowns things in sauce, i just need to take the ladle away from him and do the dressing myself!