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Meet Nicole

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Meet Nicole of Noshings.

Have you wondered who that lovely lady is behind the camera in the photo above? The one responsible for giving us those wonderful Sugared Cranberry Pecan Shortbread cookies above, which are a delicious cross between Pecan Sandies and Walkers Shortbread? Well, wonder no more. Today, we’ll all get to meet Nicole, known to us here at Tasty Kitchen as Noshings.

Nicole describes herself as “thirty-er … something and mother to a wonderful daughter who also loves to cook.” That she and her daughter share a passion for cooking isn’t surprising, since Nicole derives inspiration from her own grandmother, who she says could make great food with almost nothing. In addition to sharing her recipes in her Tasty Kitchen Recipe Box and her food blog Noshings, she also owns an online fashion accessory shop on Etsy named Accessoire. Nicole tells us that it keeps her very busy, but that she loves it.

Her first love, though, is cooking, and fortunately for us, she loves taking photos of food, too. She admits that she’s a perfectionist when it comes to recipes, and insists on posting only those that she considers “totally yummy.”

One look at her Biegnets below, and obviously, that’s working to our advantage.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Meet Nicole of Noshings (Beignets)

Her recipes clearly show her creative side, from using a mason jar to make frappuccino (a recipe surprisingly called … Mason Jar Frappuccino) to re-purposing a disposable cup to make delightful, calcium-rich Yogurt Popsicles that both kids and adults will enjoy.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Meet Nicole of Noshings.

Her favorite ingredients are sugar, butter, chocolate, and vanilla (she insists that it must be GOOD vanilla), and looking at what she can do with them, as seen in her Cheesecake Fudge below, I’d say I’d always want to make sure she has those in her cupboard.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Meet Nicole of Noshings (Cheesecake Fudge)

As much as she loves those ingredients though, it’s sour cream that she absolutely must always have on hand. She says she uses it for anything from pound cake to mashed potatoes.

Although her recipe box does contain a lot of sweet recipes (double meaning intended), don’t miss her equally-delicious savory dishes, like her Chicken Mexicali below. Doesn’t that just look absolutely mouth-watering?

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Meet Nicole of Noshings (Chicken Mexicali)

Okay, enough of making each other hungry. At least, for a few minutes. Let’s ask Nicole some questions, and maybe even get a culinary confession out of her.

Q: What’s your go-to dish or meal?
A: Green chile chicken enchiladas, hands down, no contest.

Q: What is your favorite kitchen tool?
A: My pressure cooker. Pinto beans in 20 minutes, are you KIDDING ME??

Q: What gives you the most trouble in the kitchen?
A: Getting fondant smooth on a cake. I tend to get those aggravating air pockets underneath! ARRRGGGGGGH! Don’t you hate it when your cake looks like it has the mumps? So, I’ve been making bakery style cakes. No one cares if your whipped cream icing is a little messy.

Q: Most memorable kitchen flop ever?
A: Ok, so confession time? I removed a glass casserole dish from a hot oven that I had melted butter in for a “Dump Cake” and … um … dumped the can of pineapple in and it just exploded. Yeah, that was one of my crowning moments.

Q: Give us one of your favorite kitchen tips that you wish you’d always known.
A: In order to cut fudgy brownies with almost no hassle whatsoever, use a plastic knife. It glides right through the brownies without ripping them to pieces, even when they’re still hot!


Thank you for answering our questions, Nicole! I think there might have been two confessions in there, but don’t worry. No one’s counting.

To see all of Nicole’s recipes here at Tasty Kitchen, check out her Recipe Box and prepare yourself for all the yumminess in there. You can also visit her food blog Noshings, and her Etsy store Accessoire, where she has, among other things, handmade soaps that look almost good enough to eat.

It always comes back to food, doesn’t it?



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lori on 3.8.2010

I am having so much fun on this website!!! I saw you on Good Morning America! I made Djon green beans last nite! Awesome!

Sean on 3.7.2010

Wow, you make some good looking food.

Profile photo of Jeanne Gray

Jeanne Gray on 3.6.2010

You are laugh out loud funny!!! Cooking is so much more fun when you can do it with someone and the way yours are written I can almost feel like you are in my kitchen! Thanks for the recipes and the delivery….. you rock!!

Profile photo of crystalpierre

crystalpierre on 3.4.2010

Yum! Love Noshings, great recipes, thanks for so much for sharing with us!

Profile photo of Noshings

Noshings on 3.4.2010

you all are making me blush, Im not used to so much attention lol
thanks all, I hope to continue to fatten you all up in the most delicious ways!

Spruce Hill on 3.3.2010

Yumm! All of your recipes look so good! Not sure which one to make first!

Laura Young on 3.3.2010

I LOVE NOSHINGS! She visits my house every now and then…I had no clue she was such a talented cooky person…amazing felt brooches and hair clips? YES!

You make my day, Pioneer Woman…but such a small world….my neighbor is ON YOUR BLOG! wooot woooooot!

Peggy on 3.3.2010

Someone is reading my mind! I was just thinking the other day that I needed a recipe for Beignets! I also love your recipe for carnitas and posole – so fabulous!!! Tasty Kitchen is making me fat!!!!

Profile photo of Pam  (Bored Cook)

Pam (Bored Cook) on 3.3.2010

I’m a coffee addict and love some iced coffee. I normally make mine either in the blender or in a cocktail shaker. But I love the twist you use of making it in a mason jar. Especially since I have a ton of mason and canning jars around. I’m giving that a try next time I make them!

Nisha on 3.3.2010

Thanks for the recipes and tips. I will try those very soon!!!

Profile photo of rileygma98

rileygma98 on 3.2.2010

I’ve now put my pressure cookers in storage and bought an electric pressure cooker and I love it. It is so wonderful to use and it is silent which I think I prefer.

Profile photo of Noshings

Noshings on 3.2.2010

A pressure cooker is a busy girl’s best friend, srsly.
I’ll have to post some more of my go-to quickies for the pressure cooker.

Pola on 3.2.2010

Now I want a pressure cooker.

Renee on 3.2.2010

Might want to take a look at the cranberry shortbread link, too. :)

Man, those look good.

pati mk on 3.2.2010

Thanks for the plastic knife tip. Great tip to remember. I’m going to try it on toffee squares too.

TRMcMahon on 3.2.2010

would love to see more of your pressure cooker recipes – I too was terrified of my mom’s pressure cooker – she totally loved scaring us with the stories of beans imbedded in the ceiling!

Sandy ( Your Life, Organized ) on 3.2.2010

You rock! Thanks for the yummy ideas! That cheesecake fudge looks heavenly! mmmm

Profile photo of kaycarrasco

kaycarrasco on 3.2.2010

I was tapping the links and came across the “you big baby” intro to the Mexicali Chicken recipe. Just laughed and laughed and laughed! My mom would make us little ones watch the pressure cooker gauge while she did other things and I was so terrified of it, absolutely rigid and quaking every moment, you’d think I was waiting for an atom bomb to go off! And I’ve never quite gotten over that, despite the fact that my late husband made the world’s Most Amazing Pintos in a pressure cooker, and wonderful chicken and dumplings. Me? I stayed totally on the *other side of the kitchen* waiting for the food to be done. :) Thanks for the great memories! I’ve bookmarked your blog, it looks marvelous.

Profile photo of Noshings

Noshings on 3.1.2010

hi cathy, I haven’t posted that one, it was just in my profile for my favorite food…but, I suppose I could…. ;)

Profile photo of cathyt

cathyt on 3.1.2010

Nicole, your recipes look amazing! I can’t seem to find the Green chile chicken enchiladas that is your ‘go to’ recipe. I’d love to see that one so we can have them for dinner this week! Thanks for sharing!

Profile photo of Noshings

Noshings on 3.1.2010

you guys are making me cry, thank you so much *hugs*

Niteowl Nancy on 3.1.2010

Very nice website, Nicole. I must try the ugly mug cake…sounds delish! I just recently was introduced to “The World’s Most Dangerous Cake” (apparently I live under a rock) and your version looks a lot more tasty! Ree, thanks for introducing us to Nicole!

Profile photo of Ree | The Pioneer Woman

Ree | The Pioneer Woman on 3.1.2010

I absolutely love Noshings’ recipes! Thanks so much for letting us peek into your world, Nicole.

Cookin' Canuck on 3.1.2010

Those beignets are gorgeous! Lovely photography and it’s great to learn a little more about Nicole.

Laura in Little Rock on 3.1.2010

LOVE the Posole and Carnitas recipes posted by Nicole on this site. I’ve happily directed all the friends and/or family cooks I know to the recipes. Delightful, inexpensive and pleases both the kiddos and the “groans”.

Profile photo of Erika (TK)

Erika (TK) on 3.1.2010

I guess linkage oversight is a symptom of unexplained, self-induced hunger. :) All fixed now.

Memoria on 3.1.2010

I love the plastic knife tip, too!! Her photos look great!

Profile photo of pattilouwho

pattilouwho on 3.1.2010

i think i know what i’m making for dinner tonight!

Profile photo of emihill

emihill on 3.1.2010

Love the plastic knife tip–works great for cooled brownies as well! Her recipes sound yummy and I love her go-to meal of green chile enchiladas. Wish that were mine instead of pancakes or quesadillas!

Crystal on 3.1.2010

The link did not work for me either, but if you search for Chicken Mexicali it will bring you directly to the post, or here is the link:
Those all sound very delicious!

Alisa D on 3.1.2010

Oops… never mind. found it the “old fashioned way” by searching in the recipes! :) Looks delish. Can’t wait to make it!

Alisa D on 3.1.2010

I’d love to have the recipe to the Chicken Mexicali. Looks like there is supposed to be a link there, but it’s not working for me. Is it just me?