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Murphy’s Hot Hamburger

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I almost fell over when I came across this recipe on Tasty Kitchen. Submitted by AlishaGibb, the recipe’s from an old (and still open!) haunt in my hometown called Murphy’s.

I can’t even begin to adequately summarize what it is about Murphy’s that’s so wonderful. The burgers…the garlic salad dressing (I have that recipe, too)…the incredibly delicious French fries. A meal at Murphy’s is a treat, a splurge (calorically speaking), an unparalleled burger experience. Anyone who’s ever eaten there knows exactly what I mean. Kids come home from college? They go straight to Murphy’s. Adults come to town to visit their parents for Christmas? They pick up Murphy’s to go on the first night they’re there. Murphy’s is simply a part of the soul of anyone who grew up there.

The most famous item on the Murphy’s menu has to be their Hot Hamburger. I…I…I can’t even describe it. And I won’t even try. Instead, I’ll just show you.

Before I begin, just remember one thing: “Gravy Over All“.

We’ll revisit that in a minute.

Thank you, Alisha, for sharing this!


Here’s what you need. I didn’t have any beef broth, so I did beef bouillon cubes in hot water.



First thing we’re gonna do is make some fries, baby.



I have this lovely little french fry cutter. It’s a miracle, and it gets fries into my mouth much faster than if I have to slice them by hand.





These are about the thickness of fries at Murphy’s, if I remember correctly.



Drizzle some canola oil all over the fries and toss them around with your hands.



Then sprinkle on some salt or seasoned salt. I used Slap Ya Mama Cajun seasoning.



Slap Ya Mama on fries is so, so good.



Now pop the pan into a 425 degree oven and bake for 45 minutes, shaking them around a few times here and there so they don’t totally stick to the pan.



When the fries have about 15 minutes left, mix the hamburger meat with minced garlic, onion powder, and seasoned salt (or just plain salt would be fine.) Note: I went a little heavy on the garlic for this one pound of meat. If you’re unsure, cut the seasonings by half.



Use your hands to knead the meat mixture together until it’s thoroughly combined.



Divide the meat into fourths, then make the hamburgers. But Murphy’s doesn’t have lovely, uniform patties.



They just slap a wad of meat on the grill and flatten it into a rustic shape. At least I think that’s how they do it.

Either way, these are not perfectly formed patties. Imperfection is the way to go.



Cook the burgers on both sides until done…



Then remove them to a paper towel-lined plate. Cover them with another plate to keep warm!



There should be plenty of grease in the pan, but if not, feel free to splash in a little oil. Turn the heat to medium-low.



Sprinkle on 4 to 5 tablespoons flour, whisking as you sprinkle it in to make sure the flour evenly distributes in the grease.



Whisk it all together until combined. Ideally, you would cook this roux for a good 3 to 5 minutes in order to get the color as dark as possible without burning. (Murphy’s gravy is very dark brown.) But I was in a bit of a hurry.



Then pour in the beef broth slowly, whisking as you pour.



Now you just need to cook the gravy until it bubbles and thickens, about ten minutes or so.



Whisk as you go, scraping the sides of the pan to make sure you loosen all the bits.



Sometime during the cooking process, throw in a bunch (ya THINK?) of black pepper. Black pepper is a must.



Cook and whisk until it’s nice and thick.



By now the fries are ready. And they’re divine!



And now…I need to talk to you brace yourself. Place some fries on a plate.



Then place one of the burger patties on top.



And then…and then…GRAVY OVER ALL.



Yes, I just poured brown gravy over everything on the plate. Who wants to know?

And that’s the beauty of a hot hamburger. And if you don’t want to go through all the steps, you can take a shortcut and buy a packet of brown gravy mix—or even better, buy the stuff in the jar! I won’t tell anyone.

I’m pretty sure Murphy’s serves bread underneath the burger patty, then the fries over to the side, then drowns it all with the delicious brown gravy. That way, the bread underneath is not only soft from the grease of the burger…it’s deliciously soaked with gravy. Perfect!

You have to experience it once in your life.



Another option would be to serve the burger in its normal state—with a bun and everything—then serve the fries with a bowl of gravy. When ballet season was over every year and I felt like I could eat something besides carrot sticks, I’d go straight to Murphy’s and order fries with a side of gravy. It was my own brand of teenage rebellion.

Whatever you do, the fries must go with the gravy.

It’s a universal mandate.

Enjoy, and thanks again to Alisha for sharing this hometown treat!

Pioneer Woman

Here’s the printable recipe: Murphy’s Hot Hamburgers, by AlishaGibb


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Jana on 7.19.2010

All this is missing is the onions…..

onions and gravy over all.

Malissa on 6.25.2010

I would love the recipe for the Murphy’s Garlic Salad Dressing too! Please post a link to it.

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Christa on 5.3.2010

Hubby & the kids loved it!

earlene j smith on 4.28.2010

would love to be your friend too…
[email protected]

Profile photo of katstub51

katstub51 on 4.24.2010

i would love to have some of your recipes email [email protected] would love to be your friend

Monica on 4.15.2010

YOU are KIlling me!! I have been craving a Murphy’s Hot Hamburger with Cheese since moving from Bartlesville 13 years ago!! Whenever I mention it to folks they look at me as if I was just begging for a heart attack!! OOOH, I’ve got to try this recipe.

Loree on 4.14.2010

Those fries & gravy look so good. Can’t wait to make them.

Barb on 4.14.2010

My husband is going to make this if only because it has Slap Your Mama in the recipe never mind the yummy gravy. He LOVES that stuff! And yep he’s the cook in our family and I LOVE him. ;-)

Donna Mahnke on 4.14.2010

I must try this! It sounds and looks sooo good!

Christa Edmonds on 4.14.2010

Holy hamburger… I have got to make these tonight!

Mary Paige Boyce on 4.13.2010

You ought to suggest Murphy’s to Diners Drive-ins and Dives!

Kathy Apple on 4.13.2010

My husband used to frequent a local 24hr diner that would serve something called a Bolin Special. Basically it was a hamburger steak put between 2 pieces of Texas Toast (forgot to mention the 2 pieces of cheese melted on the patty), side of steak fries – all smothered in white gravy. He loves me when I make this – I love him so I don’t do it often and I use regular bread instead of TX Toast when I do. This recipe sounds delicious!

Joan on 4.13.2010

Who makes the french fry cutter you show in this recipe? Thanks, Joan

Robin Smith on 4.10.2010

My husband grew up in Bartlesville and every time we go home Murphy’s is our first stop. He will be so excited for me to make this. You are right the garlic dressing is to die for, we brought a big styrofoam cup of it back to Houston. Thanks for the little piece of home!!!!

Profile photo of giddycook

giddycook on 4.8.2010

oh, GEEZ! I want a Murphy’s Hot Hamburger right now!! And I’ve never heard of doing fries like that ether! I’ve gotta try it! I’ve made two recipes already this week from Tasty Kitchen, why not make it 3?!!

eeegee on 4.6.2010

shoot, after eating the fries and burger, I’d get a piece of bread and sop that pan out. No, forget the bread, I’ll just use my fingers…wow!!

Meredith Stevens on 4.6.2010

This sounds amazing! I may not be able to ever visit Murphy’s, but this gets me close to the experience!!!

curegirl0421 on 4.6.2010

I’m so making this.
My boyfriend will love it, and if he doesn’t, well….


Melanie on 4.5.2010

My friends in Canada all love this phenomenon called “Poutine”–gravy covered fries. This would be even better.

ElleA on 4.4.2010

I’m from Canada and fries with gravy is delicious as others have said – but if you think about it, it’s no different than mashed potatoes with gravy (except in this case the potatoes are cut and baked)!

twinmommy03 on 4.2.2010

French fries with gravy was my prefered hangover food (back in the day). This reciepe sounds yummy. Anything with garlic, homemade fries, and gravy can’t be bad :)

Lynn on 4.1.2010

That anonymous post above? That’s me. I was so hungry for fries and gravy that I didn’t register. LOL OK. I’m off now…to forage.

on 4.1.2010

Here’s the thing. Being from Canada, I’m a poutine fan. Fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy poured over the whole shebang, melting the curds into squeaky yumminess. I just think, however, that adding a burger patty to the top of poutine might, just might, bring poutine to a state of divinity.

Just saying I think I’ll have to give it a shot. hehe. I’m getting goosebumps at the thought.

Melanie H. on 3.31.2010

Fries and gravy? That is an Idaho thing. I must say that I haven’t indulged in that lovely pairing since my high school days. You know, when you could eat anything you wanted without the guilt or worrying about your weight. YUMMY. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks Ree!

Profile photo of irishcooker

irishcooker on 3.31.2010

It’s not good…it’s out of this world. Tried it last week and it was a big hit. Will make again, but we have to work off this one first. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Peggy Stenglein on 3.31.2010

This was really ,really good. Thank you.

Profile photo of christinesinclair

christinesinclair on 3.30.2010

Another success!! Thank you for this recipe. My 2 yr. old son loved the fries and my husband has 2nds. And I myself enjoyed this dish, it was quick and easy and Yummy to eat!

Debi on 3.30.2010

I made this for my hungry husband and boys……what a great meal. I used frozen fries, (I don’t have the handy-dandy fry cutter Ree has) and put sauted mushrooms in the gravy… very yummy!

Profile photo of thekitchenpixie

thekitchenpixie on 3.29.2010

I cannot even describe how supremely happy this makes me. I grew up going to Murphy’s. Every year my family all goes to Murphy’s before we head to Woolaroc for the finale of the OKMozart festival. My brother actually broke up with a girl because she hated Murphy’s; just wasn’t a future to that relationship :)

Natasha on 3.29.2010

Oh my goodness. My sister in law has told me that I need to go to Murpy’s and try the burgerswith fries and gravy. Needless to say it’s a long drive from my house for just a burger so I’m super excited that I can fix it myself now. Thanks Ree

doodles on 3.28.2010

I just heard my arteries slam shut!!! But anything specially fries with Slap Your Momma spices makes them over the top yummmy!!

Joy on 3.28.2010

Bartlesville OK, is a wonderful place LOL

Kerry Alonge on 3.28.2010

This was amazing! It was easy to make (except I didn’t do so good with the gravy!) and everyone loved it. I used diced potatoes instead of french fries since that was all I had.

Kerry Alonge on 3.28.2010

This was amazing! It was easy to make (except I didn’t do so good with the gravy!) and everyone loved it. I used diced potatoes instead of french fries since that was ll I had.

Cindy on 3.27.2010

We made a stop at the Bass Pro shop to get the french fry cutter tonight. It works great, remember to cut the potato in half before pushing it through the machine. It will take less force and won’t cause damage to the machine.

The 2 men in my house gave this a thumbs up and said they want it again. Pretty high praise.

Julie @ Another Chance Ranch on 3.27.2010

Okay, we were there a few weeks ago and this is what McD had. There were two pieces of bread, the fries on top of the bread, the hamburger on top of the fries, grilled onions (upon request) on top of the burger, and then the gravy over all of it.

The plate was huge and this covered the whole plate. McD loved it, so I will be making this at home.

Now for the garlic salad dressing, please.

Lisa Padley on 3.26.2010

Here in Canada, fries and gravy are normal and most places ASK if you want gravy on your fries when you order them with something.

LOVE poutine (fries, cheese and gravy) but when I make them at home I put the fries down first, sprinkle with shredded cheddar and mozzarella and then pour on the gravy…..THEN on the side I have some nice cold sour cream! Yummo.

Just dip your fork in the sour cream to get a little, the pierce some of the fry/cheesy/gravied goodness and consume! Sooo bad for you but oh so good.

Hungry now! LOL

Beni on 3.26.2010

I’m in the process of makin it. I’ll let ya know. It looks so good!

Melanie in Nebraska on 3.26.2010

That is the best thing I have cooked in a long time. YUMMY!

Profile photo of MS Hospitality

MS Hospitality on 3.26.2010

OMGoodness… I resisted this post for several days and I finally had to look. Supper tonight… Diet … get thee behind me.
My skinny husband is going to be so happy!

Cena on 3.26.2010

My family of 10 chowed down on this last night and you get 20 thumbs up. Even my 9 year old son who claims not to like gravy had it as pictured and loved it. I am also loving all the comments with variations. This goes on our monthly list. Oh, I served it with spinach salad and steamed fresh green beans. They got their veggies! I make oven fried potatoes all the time like this.

dani on 3.26.2010


Jan on 3.26.2010

You lost me as soon as you made gravy. *shudder* Now pour a nice cheese sauce over the fries and burger or even ranch dressing and it’s all mine lol!

Profile photo of shercole51

shercole51 on 3.26.2010

I made this last night and it was delicious! I found a french fry cutter at Bed Bath & Beyond for $15–didn’t expect it would be that great but was pleasantly surprised to find that it works very well.

Reverend on 3.25.2010

Well. I went and did that, and now I’m the happiest 900 pound gorilla you’ve ever seen.

Lennie on 3.25.2010

Fries with gravy is a Canadian staple; I am always amazed that others think it odd. You can’t go to a restaurant and order fries without your waitress asking if you want gravy. Anywhere across the country! It’s as ordinary with fries as is ketchup. (We also put vinegar on our fries, which doesn’t seem to be popular in the states either.)

This looks fab!!

Beth on 3.25.2010

My 7 yr old daughter would be begging me to make this for dinner tomorrow night if she was not already in bed. You don’t understand…she LOVES gravy.

Meme on 3.25.2010

Wonderful to be able to make these at home, but nothing beats the real thing, eating at Murphy’s…..and even your clothes smell of hot hamburgers with gravy over all when you get home! Everyone around you knows where you’ve been to eat!!

kc192 on 3.25.2010

Freaky, I JUST asked my husband (who grew up in your hometown) what he wanted for dinner and you know what he said??? “DOESN’T A MURPHY’S HOT HAMBURGER SOUND GREAT? CAN WE TRY AND RE-CREATE THAT??!” Great minds think alike! We’re having it for dinner!

Profile photo of Pateeta

Pateeta on 3.25.2010

This has restored my will to live. Thank you!

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