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How to Make Blender Hollandaise Sauce

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Have you ever tasted Hollandaise Sauce, and I’m not talkin’ the stuff in the paper packet? It’s dreamy. It’s a triumph. And it’s made with a lot of butter.

Hollandaise sauce begins with a lemon juice and butter base, and is emulsified with the addition of egg yolks. Hollandaise is the chief ingredient in Eggs Benedict, but is also perfect on asparagus and other vegetables, as well as fish and even a rare piece of beef tenderloin. While making it by way of a whisk can be a little on the challenging side, this is a nifty Blender Hollandaise that’ll make your spirit soar. And your tummy jiggle. And your hips spread. And your hiney droop to the floor.

In a small saucepan, melt 2 sticks of butter until sizzling. But don’t let it burn!

Separate three eggs…

And place the yolks into a blender.

Now, pay attention, darlings! Turn the blender on low to allow the yolks to combine, then begin pouring the very hot butter in a thin stream into the blender. The blender should remain on the whole time, and your should be careful to pour in the butter very slowly.

Keep pouring butter until it’s all gone, then immediately begin squeezing lemon juice into the blender. You should use the juice of one lemon. And check the blender to make sure the sauce is still liquidy and moving easily through the blades. If it’s not, add a little more juice and give it a stir, then blend again.

I like to add a generous shake of cayenne pepper. It takes a lot before the sauce gets too spicy, so don’t be too shy with this stuff.

You’ll notice the sauce is quite thick. But when I turned the blender back on to mix in the cayenne, it moved along just fine. Remember, if it’s too thick to blend, just squeeze a little more juice in there and give it a stir. But please remember to remove the spoon before you turn the blender back on. Please? Thank you.

That’s it—Hollandaise! (Here’s my Eggs Benedict recipe if you’d like it!.)

Make some this week. It’s a wonderful journey through decadence.



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Monika on 5.19.2010

Yummy! I love it too.

kiberu on 4.7.2010

I found it quiet intresting to make and taste as well
thax for the reciepe.

Natalia on 2.4.2010

I’ve been making this ever since I saw it on your blog and I LOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!

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myshoe on 1.27.2010

yum. i ate this with broccoli last week.

i’ve been making hollandaise this way for years, except i add a tablespoon of almost boiling water to the yolks while the blender is running before the melted butter. this thins it a bit, but it also stabilizes the yolks, and i like to think it cooks them enough.

and, if you’re halving this, use 2 yolks.

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karenbove on 1.26.2010

I’d forgotten all about making hollandaise in the blender! Great recipe…and I’m not particularly worried about semi-raw egg. I eat raw cookie dough and cake batter all the time :)

Barbie on 1.25.2010

Although DELICIOUS, hollandaise sauce and poached eggs are a food safety concern. (Poached eggs do not reach the proper temp for killing salmonella.)

The best solution is eggs pasteurized in the shell! Hard to find, but so darn worth it, especially if you’re serving someone who may not be in good health, a child, someone elderly or a pregnant woman.

daCook on 1.24.2010

I bought some lemons today just to make this! I have some asparagus from last seasons garden in the freezer and it is my favorite way to eat asparagus. Got to have that sauce!

Profile photo of richfoodforleantimes

richfoodforleantimes on 1.24.2010

Yep, I learned the exact same thing from Barefoot Contessa in Paris a few years ago! We have each year with asparagus.

April on 1.24.2010

Amazing! We had this for our Christmas breakfast this past christmas, even though my mother in law had to continue to remind us of all the butter. I’d rather have clogged arteries and be happy than eat her “mock” hollidase

Pegi on 1.22.2010

For anyone worried about salmonella from this sauce, the HOT butter partially cooks the eggs, while the acid from the lemon juice prevents pathogens from multiplying.
Besides that, salmonella is almost unheard of in a household kitchen due to the small batches and short amount of time between cooking and eating.
The risk of any egg containing salmonella is .001%, or 1/10,000.

claire in AZ on 1.22.2010

I’ve relied on this basic recipe for 30 or so years … first for Eggs Benedict and Champagne brunch on Lake Powell houseboat trips with friends, and then (by demand!) at our annual Christmas Eve brunch with same friends (after we all started having babies and houseboat trips became just distant memories!). Mine came from Joy of Cooking and I use extra lemon juice. I can make it up a day or two ahead and rewarm it when ready! Delish!

Patti on 1.22.2010

I have made this twice already. Super easy and my husband thinks it is better than some of the 5 star restaurants. I myself haven’t tried it. But a compliment from the hubby like that makes this a make again and again!

Karen C. on 1.22.2010

This looks sumptuous!

Diane Carol on 1.22.2010

In a pinch, try this: 1 C Hellman’s mayo, 3/4 – 1 C milk, 1-2 cups cheddar cheese. Mix/whisk mayo and milk in a saucepan over med/low heat to desired consistency…add cheese stirring to melt. Pinch of cayenne. It is a great “sauce” for lots of things, and I’ve been successful “substituting” it for Hollandaise.

Michaela B. on 1.22.2010

Thank you so much.. I’ll try this!

Naomi Wright on 1.22.2010

Since I keep the paper packages at home (for convenience) I am looking forward to trying and comparing…the REAL THING!

Gloria on 1.22.2010

This looks so good. I may just have to make this this weekend for myself. I haven’t decided yet what to put it on,eggs,asparagus, chicken cordon blue or green beens . All your ideas are great.

Kirsty on 1.21.2010

I prepared this Christmas morning and it blew everyone away. They thought they enjoyed the packet variety, but now they’ve all switched to Ree’s method. Love it!

Rebekah James on 1.21.2010

OMG!! Is that Herend Rothchild Bird china I see? I also have that pattern!

Vicki Carroll on 1.21.2010

Um, I didn’t know there was any other way to make hollandaise! Silly me. We’ve made it this way in my family forever. It is delicious, I’ll need to fix this for Mr. Bunny for breakfast this weekend – he just loves Eggs Benedict (or nearly any other way). Thank you again, Ree, for reminding me about a family classic!

Kelly on 1.21.2010

In a pinch it is delicious on a bagel with bacon, Spinach and paoched eggs.. sigh, hungry now!

Cyndi Harris on 1.21.2010

Honey, please put a slice of tomato between the English muffin and the ham and then you’ll have a feast!

sister sue on 1.21.2010

WARNING. Do not look at this picture if you have not eaten breakfast. I’m starving now.

TIFFV in KC on 1.21.2010


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mrsjaybob on 1.21.2010

Thanks for sharing this, it looks so much less labor intensive than the whisk that I use. But – it does work that flabby granny arm thing…

LuGene on 1.21.2010

OOH! I love this sauce. This was always a Christmas morning tradition growing up, mom would always have Eggs Benedict waiting after we saw what Santa brought us. I’ve continued the tradition with our family, and our kids love it too. If I remember correctly, mom’s recipe, which is almost identical to yours, came from a Helen Corbett cookbook ~ she was somehow connected with the Zodiac Room at Neiman-Marcus.

Thanks for the memories.

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plumellie on 1.21.2010


Heidi on 1.21.2010

My mom taught me how to make this same recipe probably 30 years ago. Only difference was Mom told me to warm the eggs in a bowl of hot water first. LOVE it. I serve it with Chicken Cordon Bleu and it is always a hit. I lost my mom 2 years ago but today you made me remember happy times and good meals! Thanks!

p. claire pertalion on 1.21.2010

i have made this with browned butter. it is amazing. try it sometimes.

Jen White on 1.20.2010

Thank you! You are really improving and expanding my dinners, my family doesn’t know it but they love you!!

Nancy on 1.20.2010

It’s a wonderful journey through decadence and a wonderful trip down memory lane. My mother used to make the best Hollandaise and I haven’t had it in forever! Thanks

Profile photo of sweetlips

sweetlips on 1.20.2010

Can you rewarm this sauce – or does it just separate. Maybe I can keep it warm in a thermos.

Profile photo of sugarlover

sugarlover on 1.20.2010

Sold! Going to make this recipe tonight….serve the sauce over asparagus….YUM :-)

NickyVW on 1.19.2010

We love it on our Scotch Eggs! Yummy!

thelushers on 1.19.2010

oh, don’t let mr. lusher see this!! we’ll be having eggs benedict at home, instead of just going out for them, and that is far too dangerous!

looks delicious though!

Kristin T. on 1.19.2010

Raw eggs can pose a food safety risk. To get around this problem, I have in the past used EggBeaters (which are pasturized & thus don’t raise the same health concerns) and have found they don’t alter the taste at all.

Profile photo of vpireiner

vpireiner on 1.19.2010

I’m with you Trish in MO….Grandma’s blender, no Cuisinart or Mixer :(

But my comment has more to do with the spoon and a blender (in this case my mom’s) than hollandaise…I was making strawberry daiquiris (the only drink I can make). I make a “special” concoction containing mixer, ice (just a little), rum (just a lot) and, yup…vanilla ice cream. Well, if you don’t add them in the right order and/or you don’t have a good blender, the ice and the ice cream just sit there. I, having little patience for things of this sort, stuck the wooden spoon into the blender just to mix them up…just to give them a swirl…just a little too far.

Needless to say, when we were painting the kitchen several years later, there was still strawberry daiquiri on the ceiling! Now, instead of using a spoon, I pick up the whole thing and shake it (with the lid on!)! :)

Profile photo of Trish in MO

Trish in MO on 1.19.2010

Hmmm now if I only had a blender.. or a Cuisinart.. or a Kitchen Aid Mixer. …..

pds on 1.19.2010

Oh dear. I just might have to make that by the vat-ful and send the children to boarding schools.

Mary Scott on 1.19.2010

I have a no fail recipe for making it in the microwave, it’s a life saver!

SMITH BITES on 1.19.2010

I used to make Eggs Benedict at home all the time – this has inspired me to get my recipe out again!

Kristen on 1.19.2010

At brunch one day, my father in law told my mother in law that hollandaise is cheese sauce =) Sometimes I just have to sit and bite my lip.

CAtoTXgirl on 1.19.2010

Oh my! I want this right now. Thanks for making it look so easy!

Beckie on 1.19.2010

Oh, my goodness. Just push it through my monitor!
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Spruce Hill on 1.19.2010

Oh Dear I love Hollandaise sauce! It’s EVIL!

Natasha on 1.19.2010

There is nothing better than butter, especially when it has been whipped into submission. Delicious!

Jenn on 1.19.2010

I can’t take it anymore! As someone trying to lose weight, I really should not be reading these blogs! ;)

Profile photo of Kelly @ Evil Shenanigans

Kelly @ Evil Shenanigans on 1.19.2010

I made blender hollandaise for Christmas last year and it was perfect! Really easy, too. I love hollandaise sauce over green beans cooked in garlic butter. YUM!

Renie on 1.19.2010

So, if I wanted to make this, but cut the recipe in half, should I use 1 egg yolk or two?

Profile photo of TMarie

TMarie on 1.19.2010