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Beer Bread

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Cheesy Beer Bread. Photo by Erika of Tasty Kitchen, recipe submitted by TK member BellaDonna.

Hello everyone! I’d like to welcome you all by name, and you know, I probably could. I’ve read through just about every single recipe here at Tasty Kitchen, and I’m telling you, sometimes I wish I could summon memory lapses at will. There are so many wonderful recipes in here that I think I’m good with my meal plan for the next 8.27 years. (I actually calculated that.)

One of the first discoveries that excited me was Beer Bread (look Ma, no yeast!). There are more than a few recipes for Beer Bread here, and they’re all incredibly simple. Using a bottle of pomegranate-raspberry beer, I made mini-loaves of bread in less than 45 minutes. They disappeared in about the same amount of time. I made another batch the next day, this time with cream ale and some leftover shredded cheese. (It was BellaDonna and her Cheesy Beer Bread recipe that made me do it.) Oh my. Adding the melted butter on top really does the trick.

So the next time you’re making some soup or a hearty salad for dinner and forego the bread because you think there’s just no time to make it, think again! Excluding the time spent preheating the oven, a loaf of fresh beer bread can be on your table in about an hour, or less if you make mini-loaves or muffins. Try it!

Happy cooking,

P.S. If you want to peruse the various recipes for Beer Bread here, simply type in “beer bread” enclosed in double quotes in the search box. That gives you results with the exact phrase “beer bread” and will save you from having to wade through other recipes with either “beer” or “bread” in them. Like beer-battered fish. Or bread pudding. On second thought, sometimes wading is good. You just might stumble upon something tempting enough to make you forget what you searched for in the first place.


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momof3 on 4.3.2010

FYI: Most beer is not gluten-free. My parents (both are gf) found some gf beer at our local grocery store. If you are super sensitive, then adding beer would not be the best for you.

Chili Diva on 2.10.2010

I just found this recipe. I can’t wait to try it with my next batch of chili. I know it will be delicious.

Profile photo of the country cook

the country cook on 1.25.2010

Once I discovered beer bread, I started playing around with other carbonated beverages (since we aren’t beer drinkers and don’t have it lying around). My favorite is Sprite bread!!! It’s got a slightly sweet flavor and goes wonderful with soup. If you want to fool your friends into thinking they are eating “healthy”, Dr. Pepper (or other dark colored drinks) make bread that has a “wheat” color to it.

Profile photo of poncacitygal

poncacitygal on 1.7.2010

Beer bread is one bread I can say I’m really good at making! I’ve come to the point where I don’t worry about calories, I just consider it as being fiber!

Profile photo of MS Hospitality

MS Hospitality on 1.5.2010

Yesterday was Beer Bread Experiments again. I used dry tandoori seasoning in the dry ingredients and sprinkled a Greek Herb blend on top with more tandoori seasoning in the butter. The beer was a really nice Christmas Ale by St. Arnold’s Brewery here in Houston.
OMGoodness! This was the best yet!

C.C. on 12.22.2009

Oh wow – it’s been so long since I made beer bread. Thanks for the flashback! Now I’m going to have to make some. :-)

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Profile photo of MS Hospitality

MS Hospitality on 12.22.2009

This Beer Bread thing has taken possession of my kitchen. Everyone loves it!

Shirleen Spencer on 12.20.2009

My kids look forward to my cream cheese pound cake.

Profile photo of thoughtpet

thoughtpet on 12.20.2009

I made this loaf of Cheesy Beer Bread with a Black Shiner (lager). It really takes on the flavor of the beer you use. This was my first loaf of bread to ever make…. I loved it, and will continue to be a bread making fool now with this recipe on hand.


Candy on 12.20.2009

I know it’s crazy, but we make Pasta with Shrimp and Brandy on christmas eve every year. It’s so good. it’s the best pasta ever.

We also can’t live without Cartellate. They are deep fried cookies made from a plain dough and then soaked in spiced honey. not xmas without them!

Nancy Holdaway on 12.20.2009

I love making sweet bread. I make it in different sizes and shapes. This year I made almond bread and it was soooooo good.

Linda in TX on 12.17.2009

Holy Beer Bread Batman! This was outta sight! (I used swiss cuz the cheddar was gone – it was great!) And you’re right – the melted butter was important.

Cindy on 12.17.2009

I’ve been making ”Beer Bread” since back in the 50’s….and always poured melted butter across the top before baking.

It is sooooo much fun to try adding all kinds of different cheeses….and Beer’s, as well as dried fruits too.

Jenny on 12.15.2009

A marriage of two of my favorite indulgences…beer and bread. I love mixing up a hot loaf of beer bread and soup for our cold winter nights. I’ve even made a strata for breakfast when the bread starts to get to dry Can’t wait to try someone’s suggestion of grill cheese…oh I’m thinking Swiss!!!!!

cary on 12.15.2009

Beer bread makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever, especially if the bread is a day or two old. It is also great toasted with butter and honey.

Victoria on 12.14.2009

I was thinking about this bread and its permutations all morning.
I guess I’ll round up some beer today and make it tommorrow.! I have Vermont cheddar in the fridge but then there’s pepper jack too and it would turn into a southwest kinda thing. so many choices!

Profile photo of Maria

Maria on 12.13.2009

I love how you changed up the flavors of the beer…that never occured to me and I love how easy this is. I’ve done it a few times but now I want to try out all sorts of flavored beers!

Profile photo of soufflebombay

soufflebombay on 12.13.2009

Gosh I love beer bread…thnaks for opening my mind to flavored beer! As a non-beer drinker I would never have thought of that!
Funny how I personally don’t like the smell or taste of beer (except in the form aof a beer kiss from my hubbie lol) but adore beer bread. Thanks…the oven is pre-heating now!

KentuckyCook on 12.13.2009

I make Beer Bread all the time. It is so easy to make and I can change the ingredients at will. I just made some with finely chopped Jalapeno’s, sharp cheese, and dried onion flakes in the mix. When it was done, I poured 1/4 cup of melted butter on top, then I added some shredded sharp cheese and French Fried crumbled onions on top. I then turned on the broiler and lightly toasted the top to a golden brown. YUM!

Profile photo of Christine

Christine on 12.11.2009

I Love the different possibilities with beer bread! It is all in the beer you use! There was a pumpkin Ale out recently … Mmmmmm Wish I had picked it up! Off to look for my Christmas Ale .. I know it is around here somewhere!!

Kathryn on 12.11.2009

Help! I can’t find the recipe for the Beer Bread mentioned above! I know this can’t be difficult, but I can’t find it!

Jill on 12.10.2009

This recipe was just awesome. Smell, taste and everything else a beer bread can be. I made it last night with just a Miller High Life and sharp cheddar. Loved the fact it didn’t have rise time, so I was actually able to put it together when I got home from work and we were able to have it warm at dinner.

Thanks Again!

Margo/MS Hospitality on 12.9.2009

Made the Peppery Double Chocolate Stout Beer Bread again tonight. My dinner guests loved it! They thought I had been cooking all day! Ha Ha! Little did they know how easy the recipe is. I’ve tweeked this recipe a whole lot. How many ingredients does one have to change to claim a new recipe? Rule of thumb on this would be just fine. Just wondering. ;0)

Profile photo of nhsara

nhsara on 12.9.2009

Oh, I plan on trying that bread…Bread is so fun to make…

Profile photo of dramaqueen

dramaqueen on 12.9.2009

Oh, my…this looks so yummy! I will have to try making this over the weekend! Thanks, Erika!

And, thanks, Ree, for adding yet another layer to this great recipe site!

Profile photo of Ree | The Pioneer Woman

Ree | The Pioneer Woman on 12.9.2009

Yay, Erika, for being so obsessed with food that you had already baked the beer bread and had your own photo handy. I think I’ll keep you around for awhile. Thanks for fixing, dear!

FYI, guys, we have lots of recipes and photos coming in on a daily basis, and we very rarely run across “rights” problems. But we’re here to make it right if it ever comes up—just let us know.

On another note, one of my photos was used on another site once. It was one of my son with his finger halfway up his nose, and I think it was used in a political/satire video.

What a legacy I’ve left!

Bella Donna on 12.9.2009

I apologize for any confusion about my beer bread recipe. I am in no way taking credit for Annie’s work! At the time I submitted this recipe here on TK I had not taken a photo of it baked so I googled beer bread photos snd picked the one that most similarly represented it. I am not familiar with Annie’s blog but now that I visited the link I see it was her picture. I apologize for any confusion but I wasn’t trying to take credit for anyone’s work.

Leslie on 12.9.2009

Just made this recipe this morning. I made 4 little loaves. Very delish! Thank you!

Profile photo of Erika (TK)

Erika (TK) on 12.9.2009

Did not realize the photo wasn’t an original submission. It has now been replaced with one that is. And I can verify that it’s original because, well, I took it.

We do ask for our members to submit only their original photos. For more information on submission guidelines, you can check out our brand spanking new FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section, linked to on the main page left menu bar under “Also Of Interest.”

Profile photo of stelang

stelang on 12.9.2009

Beer bread rocks! I made some for my housemates (there are about 60 of them) and everyone looooovvved this bread. Ahh the college life…

Elizabeth on 12.9.2009

Yeah..not your picture. Give credit where credit is due. This belongs to Annie’s Eats.

Kelsey on 12.9.2009

Bella Donna, I am amazed at how bold you are. Not only have you stolen a picture from Annie’s Eats, but you’ve come on here to comment about how flattered you are to find “your work”. You should be ashamed of yourself for taking credit for Annie’s work.

Relynn on 12.9.2009

Yeah…that picture certainly belongs to Annie’s Eats!.

Joelen on 12.9.2009

I believe the photo used in this post belongs to Annie of Annie’s Eats…

Profile photo of BellaDonna

BellaDonna on 12.9.2009

Wow I can’t believe my cheesy beer bread got a mention in this blog! HA! It originally started with just light beer but I’m a HUGE fan of cheddar bay biscuits (like the ones they serve @ Red Lobster) so I figured what the heck and threw a bunch of cheese in! It’s now a staple in our house and it’s the easiest bread I make! After reading all the comments I myself am going to try using flavored beers! Thank you Erika for the mention!!!

Profile photo of redheadkate

redheadkate on 12.9.2009

See I made beer bread for the 1st time a month ago and didn’t love it! I had read so many things online about how great it was. Wondering if it is possible that certain beers don’t work really well for the bread. Any suggestions?

Profile photo of MS Hospitality

MS Hospitality on 12.9.2009

Girl… between this beer bread and your pomegranate raspberry beer Margarita suggestion, I could be tipsy by the time Cute Husband gets home… LOL! Love this idea!

leslie on 12.9.2009

Pomegranate raspberry beer is in the grocery stores (Michelob) makes it. I take a can of frozen limeade and add 2 cans of water , 2 bottles of pomegranate and raspberry beer, and 1/2 C of Amaretto plus Patron Tequila (2 cups or so) and make the best Maragrita’s you will find. I don’t like frozen drinks–brain freeze-heart freeze–so just use it on the rocks. Awesome!!!

Profile photo of justkatie

justkatie on 12.9.2009

I *heart* beer bread.

Profile photo of bridget350

bridget350 on 12.9.2009

Oh, I can already tell…this blog is going to be DANGEROUS!!! ;)

Profile photo of daelith

daelith on 12.9.2009

This sounds like a good item to take my ladies church Christmas party Saturday. I just won’t tell them there’s beer in it.

Profile photo of Dandy

Dandy on 12.9.2009

Woo hoo! This is awesome!

Thanks for the serach suggestion, that really, really helps!

Profile photo of sprucehill

sprucehill on 12.9.2009

Oh yum that looks so good! I didn’t even know you could get pomegranate and raspberry beer! I do not like beer but that sounds good!

Profile photo of Kelsey Barnard

Kelsey Barnard on 12.9.2009

I just want to tell you that I love your blog, read it every day, and just bought your Pioneer Woman cookbook and love it too. You’re great.

Profile photo of Erika (TK)

Erika (TK) on 12.8.2009

Nat, I believe it is both the yeast in the beer and the added baking powder that help the bread rise. Maybe also some of the carbonation? I think some wines have yeast as well. It would be interesting to find out if it works. That peach chardonnay sounds lovely.

Nat Alea from OK on 12.8.2009

This sounds fantastic. I was wondering if you could use wine instead of beer? Is it the yeast in beer that makes the bread rise?? I have some great peach chardonay from Stable Ridge (LOVE) that sounds yummy.

Profile photo of texasokie

texasokie on 12.8.2009

Wow – that’s genius! Using flavored beers in your beer bread. I’ve always been a traditionalist, but chocolate, raspberry …. I love it. Ooh, what about coffee flavored or cherry wheat beers? Count me in!!! That will be my weekend project!

Profile photo of MS Hospitality

MS Hospitality on 12.7.2009

We don’t hunt but the garage fridge is Cute Husband’s beer territory. I didn’t invade it today…. almost… but the Double Chocolate Stout from Specs did the trick… and it’s still raining in Kingwood! Maybe there will be bread left for a photo tomorrow. MAYBE… LOL!!!

Abbie The Green Wife… the kitchen smelled wonderful… the beer and fresh bread with a hit of chocolate and the peppery chilie… Wow… What an aroma!

Profile photo of MS Hospitality

MS Hospitality on 12.7.2009

TK-E…. SCORE!!!!!!
I used the Double Chocolate Stout Beer and drum roll….. Ancho Chilie Pepper (2 scant teaspoons) in the dry ingredients with a sprinkle of red pepper flakes on top. I only had about a tablespoon of real butter (MUST make a grocery run tomorrow) and the tandoori butter I made for the Thanksgiving turkey. Sooooooooo I mixed the two butters. OMGoodness is this a great recipe. I think I could have added some extra sharp cheddar to it. I was afraid to put too many tastes together, but this bread could have handled the cheese, chocolate stout and ancho chilie pepper.
Thanks for initial post about changing the beer and spices … you inspired me to go for the gold! Or should I say Chocolate Beer! Whooo Hooooo!

Patrice on 12.7.2009

I had purchased prepared mixes from a “house party” company, partly because that’s what you do for a friend who has a food party. But I was sure I had the ingredients. Beer is a staple in this house. I kept thinking there must be a simple recipe instead of buying expensive mixes! And here they are. I intend to make some to go with beef stew and/or chili. Thanks so much for sharing and the tasty pictures! :)