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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Kitchen Talk (Picnic Safety)

It’s picnic time! Many folks will be outdoors this weekend waiting to watch the skies light up, as burgers and dogs and steaks and every possible cut of meat, fish, vegetable, and even fruit finds a place on the grill.

Warm weather and outdoor cooking is a match that just makes sense. Picnics, backyard barbecues, tailgating … many of us get giddy just thinking about them. (Don’t even get me started with ice cream and popsicles.) We know lots of you have fun outdoor things planned this weekend. And we love ya, so we want you to enjoy and be safe. Which brings us to this week’s topic:

Do you have any outdoor food safety tips to share?

Nanci’s dad is a food safety expert, so we tapped him for his top suggestions. These may be basic to some, but they’re still good reminders.

1. Don’t baste with marinade that’s been used to marinate raw meat, at least for the last few minutes of cooking.
2. Refrigerate leftovers quickly. Don’t leave them sitting out for hours.
3. Wash the outside of melons very well before cutting, so your knife doesn’t drag any nasty germs into the melon flesh. (TK member Terri mentions this too.)

Now let’s hear from you. Share your tips below so we can all be safe this weekend! (And if you have a story to share to drive home your point, you know we want to hear that too.)



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Avatar of Nanci (TK)

Nanci (TK) on 7.4.2014

I always hesitate to make anything mayo-based but I really love these salads at this time of year. These are some great ideas. And I have never seen the mesh food tents but I’ll have get some. Thanks for all of the tips!

Melody on 7.3.2014

I’m with Kim. I love mayo and sour cream based salads so have a cooler I keep just for setting them out. It has a lid which is good for transport but is one that comes completely off. It has a drain in the bottom for draining off just enough of the melted ice to make room for more. Cold water keeps it colder but you don’t want the dishes floating and tipping over.

Avatar of Patricia @ ButterYum

Patricia @ ButterYum on 7.2.2014

I like to bring foods to picnics in thermal/insulated dishes that stay hot or cold for several hours. I also like to use mesh picnic covers to keep bugs out of the food. I have to agree with others who suggest staying away from mayo based salads.

Avatar of Cathey

Cathey on 7.2.2014

I really try and stay away from cold mayo salads during hot weather, whether I’m serving 6 or 60. I like to make cold bean salads, corn salads, grilled vegetables. Most important everything gets covered with a food tent (mesh), no buggies by my food. I also make 2 or 3 of everything, this way everything is cold when presented, and no risk of anybody getting sick. When guests are finished eating, I throw everything out. That’s my plan when making multiples of everything, if they are hungry later I always have fresh cold in the fridge and a hot grill to go with it.

When we go to an invite I always bring a couple of bean salads (cold). I never eat a mayo based salad out. Once you’ve been bitten by food poisoning bug at a friend or families home, you would do the same.

Enjoy the long weekend all.

Tara w on 7.2.2014

I never thought about washing the watermelon! thanks for the tip!