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Keeping Knives Sharp

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Kitchen Talk (Keeping Knives Sharp)

Food processor. Mandoline. Mini chopper. Julienne peeler. Zester. Pizza wheel. Many kitchen countertops and drawers are studded with various little specialty items to make work in the kitchen easier and quicker. But strip those counters clean and whittle down the list of essentials to just a few basics, and one thing can replace a handful of other gadgets and tools: a sharp knife. Few things give me as much joy working in the kitchen as a properly sharpened knife. And few things have caused me as much frustration (and painful injuries) as a dull knife.

So tell us:

How do you keep your knives sharp?

Do you have any knife sharpening suggestions? Things to avoid? Knife storage tips? Or even favorite knives that have served you well throughout the years?

I have a small manual knife sharpener with multiple options for sharpening angles: one for Asian knives and one for European-style knives. It also has a honer, and so far that’s been working well for me.

Now let’s hear from you! Tell us about keeping knives sharp and working the way they were meant to work. We need to do all we can to save our fingers, man!



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Kristin on 6.6.2014

You should find a good sharpener, someone who knows their stuff and have you blades sharpened twice a year. And store them properly. Like out away the heavy winter knives during summer after they’ve been sharpened. And use the lighter Asian knives for the summer. And swap again in the winter.

Janice on 5.17.2014

I have a knife sharpener in my knife block…although I never use it..maybe I should!

KrissyC EsMommy on 5.17.2014

I use a honing blade to keep my knives in line, and have them professionally sharpened once every two years or so. I don’t dip them in water, just wash the blades and wipe off the handles and dry them immediately. Helps the wood on the handles not get all brittle and warped. I also store them in the wood block they came in. I avoid the drawer because they bang up with other things and it dulls and chips the blade that way. I’ve actually had the same set of knives for the last 13 years and they are still sharp, and still in excellent condition. I don’t recall the brand name, but I love them.

Avatar of peej2

peej2 on 5.17.2014

I have an electric knife sharpener. 7 strokes in each of the 4 slots and they are good to go. I would love to invest in a good set of knives, but until my sons stop being dumb…not happening.
I got a nice Cutco knife for myself and the first day one son cut through an aluminum can like the demonstrator had done, and the other one flipped the child lock off a lighter and broke the tip off. So much for that, although I just need to send it with $5 and they’ll sharpen it for me.

Lauralee on 5.17.2014

Never put them in the dishwasher. My son is a professional chef and takes care of them when he comes to visit.