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Share Your Cast Iron Tips!

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Share Your Cast Iron Tips!

I love cast iron skillets. They make me feel like I’m someone who knows what she’s doing in the kitchen. They can take a beating, go from stovetop to oven, and they’re pretty enough to go on the table. They photograph beautifully, too. Love them.

When it comes to cleaning, though, that love? Not so strong. I know folks who have impeccable-looking cast iron skillets and as many who have ruined at least one. For those of you in the know, please tell us:

What are some of your favorite cast iron tips?

I know you’re not supposed to use dish soap on them but is that a hard and fast rule? What if you’ve already ruined part of the pan? Is there a way to recover from that? What’s the best way to season it? Or store it?

We’d love to hear your tips or even your challenges when it comes to cast iron cookware. Share your thoughts below and let’s help each other out!



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Scott on 4.17.2014

I use Flaxseed Oil to season my pans. I bought some clearance Flaxseed Oil supplements, cut open a few and squirted the oil in the pan, wiped off really, really well, and baked at 425F for a few hours. Flaxseed is a drying oil, so it doesn’t get gummy or sticky. If you do this a few times and get a good seal, you don’t need to worry about keeping it coated in fresh oil after every use. It turns jet black, super hard, beautiful.

Julie H on 4.1.2014

I use my cast iron pans on my glass cooktop all the time. I’m just careful not to slam the pans down. I also make sure I lift the pans. My cooktop is induction, and cast iron works wonderfully well.

Kay Little on 3.28.2014

I think the best advise I can give is NOT to wash your cast iron skillet after you cook cornbread in them. Just wipe with a clean towel or paper towel and put back in the oven that has been turned off from baking the cornbread. This is a great way to keep seasoning a new cast iron skillet.

Sarah on 3.28.2014

Don’T use oil or grease to season cast iron!!!! The best tip I received was from a cook at a fur trading post reenactment. He said to use BEES wax! Simply wash out pan then put on stove top to heat. Then swish the wax in pan and wipe off excess. This leaves my pans looking beautiful and not smelling rancid like oil can do. I use my pans everyday! You can buy a chunk of bees wax from honey sellers online. A big chunk goes a long way.

logan on 3.27.2014

Cook bacon over a campfire. Do this three or four times, each time wipe the pan with cloth after it cools. Leave a layer of grease though as this helps keep the unseasoned pan from rusting. I’ve found this seasons a pan much better than any method I’ve read on the internet. Plus, it involves eating bacon and camping!