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Let’s Talk Food Gifts!

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Kitchen Talk (Food Gifts)

Food gifts are a great way to give something personal and unique. They also make the recipient feel extra special, because they know you spent your valuable time and effort making it just for them.

We’ve already established my lack of crafting skills and sadly, that extends into the realm of wrapping up Mason jars or assembling gift baskets. So our topic this week is:

What are your favorite food gift ideas?

Tasty Kitchen Blog Kitchen Talk: Food Gifts (Cowgirl Cookies, submitted by TK member Angie of Bakerella)

My favorite food gift ideas have all come from Tasty Kitchen. I love Bakerella’s lovely Cowgirl Cookies (I bow to her genius). The cookie mix looks so lovely layered in the jar, and for me, that’s already most of the decorating done for me. In fact, Bakerella’s original blog post includes instructions on how to package them, complete with downloadable labels and instruction tags in pink or brown so you can gift these to boys or girls. I think these are perfect for a family with kids.

Tasty Kitchen Blog Kitchen Talk: Food Gifts (Cranberry Butter, recipe submitted by TK member MissyDew, photo and guest post by Natalie Perry of Perry's Plate)

My other absolute favorite is this Cranberry Butter from MissyDew. It’s so quick and simple and everyone I’ve given it to has loved it.

Tasty Kitchen Blog Kitchen Talk: Food Gifts (Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls)

Betsy loves their tradition of giving cinnamon rolls. She says, “Delivering something to a friend’s door is great, because you get a chance to stop in and say happy holidays. I remember making those rounds with my mom, and it was always a fun, happy experience. Also, everyone can use an easy breakfast during the busy season. I’ve had friends come to expect the cinnamon rolls and look forward to the special delivery.”

Tasty Kitchen Blog Kitchen Talk: Food Gifts (Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls)

It’s a cliché that bears repeating because it’s true: It’s the thought that counts. People appreciate whatever they receive and often we worry too much that what we make isn’t impressive enough or packaged nicely enough. Those who truly love us will always be grateful for us—the gift is simply a nice bonus. But it’s always nice to learn new ways we can make our gifts a little bit more special for them because we love them too.

So if you have any great tips for food gifts or just suggestions for pretty packaging, we’re eager to learn!



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sanchana on 2.25.2014

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gift bags on 12.24.2013

These presents audio amazing – I’d really like to get any of them! My spouse and I like to mix up liven combinations and put them in designed jugs for presents. So far, the most well-known ones have been Jose’s rib rub and my Saccharin sea sodium combination.

Misha on 12.11.2013

I have several friends who have come to expect one of my cookie trays. I make around 20-25 different cookies and candies and also include a jar of my homemade salsa. Not everyone can have sweets so for them I pack a gift bag with some of my salsa, bar cheese and hot pepper jelly. I include the cream cheese, crackers and tortilla chips in the gift bags so they can begin eating as soon as they receive it. :)
I am very interested in the Bloody Mary mix and the Sriracha Sea Salt Blend if recipes could be shared please.

Angela Williams Duea on 12.10.2013

These gifts sound wonderful – I’d love to receive any of them! My husband and I like to mix up spice blends and put them in decorated jars for gifts. So far, the most popular ones have been Joe’s rib rub and my Sriracha sea salt blend.

    Avatar of Erika (TK)

    Erika (TK) on 12.11.2013

    Sriracha sea salt blend? Sign me up!