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Easter Cuteness

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I’m always blown away by the creativity and imagination of our TK members. As one with two left thumbs with no sense of color matching, who can pipe frosting only if the intended shape is “lumps of no discernible form,” seeing all your creations fills me with awe and, okay, a tinge of jealousy.

I’m working on that jealousy part, but let me tell you. Ya ain’t makin’ it easy.

We get a constant stream of cuteness here, and Easter seems to bring out the best in you. And that inspires me and gives me hope that, perhaps someday, I can finally work my way up from lumps. Here are a few that I aspire to!

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Easter Cuteness. Ravenous Bunny Cupcakes from TK member Tisa of Blessings from My Kitchen.

Ravenous Bunny Cupcakes by Tisa of Blessings from My Kitchen. Ugh. The fence. The cute little bunny bottom sticking up. The carrots. The hula skirt on the bunny. We’re not worthy!

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Easter Cuteness. Bunny Cupcake from TK member Fanny of Oh Sweet Day!

Bunny Cupcake by Fanny (TK member lululu) of Oh Sweet Day!. How cute are these!

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Easter Cuteness. Raspberry Easter Egg Cupcakes from TK member Krissy of Krissy's Creations.

Raspberry Easter Egg Cupcakes by Krissy of Krissy’s Creations. So adorable. And that color!

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Easter Cuteness. Glamour Peeps 2.0 from TK member Meghan of Buttercream Blondie.

Glamour Peeps by Meghan of Buttercream Blondie. I know. Talk about piping skills.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Easter Cuteness. Easter S’mores Cookie Pops from TK member Sommer of A Spicy Perspective.

Easter S’mores Cookie Pops by Sommer of A Spicy Perspective. Cookies that taste like S’mores. Sold!

What did I tell you? Easter cuteness indeed! Have fun making some of these with the kids. They’ll think you’re a genius! Which you are, really. Especially if you can make something that resembles a bunny without people asking why your cupcake looks like a water buffalo. (Been there.)

Happy decorating!



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Avatar of Laurie {Simply Scratch}

Laurie {Simply Scratch} on 3.28.2013

I wish I had a ounce of their creativity and decorating skills! Amazing!

Karen Sharp on 3.28.2013

these are all adorable –
wish I still had all my cake decorating stuff so I could do some for my “new” 3-yr-old granddaughter.

suzi beeman on 3.28.2013

Piping skills, yes, but that lady even made her own MARSHMALLOWS!!!!

Leysa Rought on 3.28.2013

Those are very cute! I want to try some next year when the grandbaby will be 1 1/2.
They will be so much fun to make. Or at least try to make anyway. :)

CarolinaGirl on 3.28.2013

Don’t worry Erika, I’m cake/cupcake decorating challenged too! I’ve even taken the basic cake decorating course and still stink at it, so I am also a little jealous of those with decorating skills!