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Thanksgiving: The Supporting Cast

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Thanksgiving Supporting Cast!

While your holiday spread may already have its main star (who is probably already defrosting and maybe brining in your refrigerator right now), let’s take a moment to show some love to its supporting cast. We’ll do this quickly, too, before some big ol’ bird gets wise and starts crashing this post.

Turkeys. They can be such divas sometimes.

First up: gravy. Because let’s face it, sometimes that bird needs a little help. And even the moistest of turkeys never hurt from a bit of gravy slathered over it. Member and culinary expert sallypv says that the question she gets the most on turkey day has to do with making gravy, and she shares her Spare the Angst Classic Turkey Gravy to help those of us who share that gravy stress. Want a quick tip on how to kick up your gravy from the get-go? Check out Amanda’s neat trick below. Hint: the turkey gets wrapped in something that makes everything better.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Thanksgiving Supporting Cast! (Gravy)

The Best Turkey Gravy Ever by manda2177, i am baker, i am mommy How to Make Turkey Gravy: Recipe & Troubleshooting by cookincanuck Herb Gravy by elanaspantry Apple Cider Turkey Gravy by aspicyperspective

Next, let’s make some cranberry sauce or relish. It does double and triple duty, too. Aside from its usual turkey responsibilities, you can also slather it on your biscuits, eat it plain, or serve the extra sauce with dessert. Plus, it adds such a beautiful color to your spread. It’s a hard-working berry, that one.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Thanksgiving Supporting Cast! (Cranberry Sauce)

Spreadable Red Wine Cranberry Sauce by Beau of Crockpot Apple & Cranberry Sauce with Orange & Crystallized Ginger by cookincanuck Cranberry Sauce by The Fauxmartha Cranberry Sauce by tomatotomata Cranberry Relish by whatmegansmaking Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce by daxphillips

And of course, there’s stuffing. Which, in many cases, ought to get equal billing with the bird. I mean, seriously. I could make a meal of stuffing and gravy and be perfectly content. (Uh-oh. I heard an ominous gobble behind me. Wait … false alarm. That was me. Hmm. That should probably scare me more, right?)

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Thanksgiving Supporting Cast! (Stuffing)

Double Bread Stuffing with Brown Butter, Bacon and Sage by HowSweetEats Sage Sausage Stuffing by CouponClippingCook Southern-style Cornbread Dressing by Terri of that's some good cookin' Skillet Stuffing by georgiapellegrini Bacon, Feta and Pear Stuffing by Schnoodle Soup Stuffing by Heather Christo Turkey Sausage, Apple, and Cranberry Stuffing by kandktestkitchen

If you need to avoid gluten, you can certainly make the necessary substitutes for any of the recipes above. Or check out a few more options that are already gluten-free.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Thanksgiving Supporting Cast! (Gluten-Free Stuffing)

Cranberry Apple Stuffing by elanaspantry Gluten-free Quinoa with Sweet Potatoes and Dried Cranberry Stuffing by With Style and Grace Wild Rice and Cranberry Stuffing by Jennifer @ Mother Thyme

Now that I think about it, with sides like these, I almost think I won’t miss the bird. (Did you see that? I think the turkey just gave me the evil eye.)

So while that diva is bathing and prepping herself (or himself—guys can be divas, too) for the big day, have some fun browsing the great recipes we have here and fill your table with all kinds of holiday goodness. Who knows, you just might discover your newest holiday favorite!



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Anita Johnson on 12.13.2011

This looks so good! I’m glad that Christmas is around the corner so that I can have some more Turkey and Ham. I can never get tired of this, especially when I get a chance of enjoying a good meal and cooking for them during the holidays!

Tica Schad on 11.28.2011

Mmmmm…. Thanksgiving! That’s what it was! Now I know why I woke up a couple weeks ago with an intense craving for Pumpkin Pie… I thought it was the baby in my tum putting in his order for the day. Down here in New Zealand we are at the tail end of Spring heading straight for Summer, and Thanksgiving almost slipped past my radar…. full-blooded American that I am… and yet, I guess my blood still knows what time of year it is even if I do not. SO… although I skipped the turkey and dressing (too hot to think of such things!) I consented to my intuition (and to baby’s order) and made Paula Deen’s pumpkin pie recipe which uses cream cheese, and Butter (of course)… even roasted my own pumpkin (thanks to tutorial from Pioneer Woman)… but pumpkin pie was not enough, and the “Dreamy Apple Pie” from this here blog was a must try as well… I…. well… I honestly don’t have the right words to describe those pies and how perfectly they hit the spot and sent me straight back to my roots in the good old US of A, reminding me again of that all important season of Thanksgiving that we celebrate at home. So my husband, myself, our 7 (soon to be 8) kids and a group of Kiwi friends, sat around a bon fire in the warmth of a New Zealand Summer night, and shared a bit of American tradition. And why not share the ‘sweetest’ bit?? Score 1 for the American’s!

Julie on 11.27.2011

My Thanksgiving would be rated a 10. Why? My family was there; siblings, children, and grandchildren. The food was deeelissh; everyone contributed- 2 turkeys, stuffing, brussels sprouts, cornbread casserole, mashed potatoes, salad. And of course, dessert: pumpkin pie, cookies, and a brandy alexander cheese cake. Everyone was pleasantly plumper as we left the table!!

Trish on 11.27.2011

I would have to give it a10. Everything was perfect,turkey brined,dressing,sweet potatoes in a fabulous sauce,mashed taters with maybe the best gravy I’ve ever tasted(turkey drippings from the all clad roaster) green beans,cranberry relish,pumpkin pie,pecan pie. All of this prepared and served by my son. What a blessing!

Cyndi on 11.26.2011

I would rate my Tday at around a 5 for food, 10 for the company. Not a big fan of turkey and so if I hadn’t brought a ham I would not have eaten anything but sides. :(