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Looks Delicious! Gefilte Fish

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Looks Delicious! Gefilte Fish, recipe submitted by TK member Elana of Elana's Pantry.

I’ve never had gefilte fish before. Honestly, for the longest time, the thing that came to mind first whenever someone said “gefilte fish” is that outtake from Rush Hour 2 where Chris Tucker is desperately trying to say “gefilte fish” and miserably fails each time.

(Sorry. Inadvertent movie confession moment there.)

But this Gefilte Fish from elanaspantry? It made me forget the movie and just want to to try and make it at home. It’s gluten-free and sounds like an excellent dish whether you observe Passover or not.

We love Elana. She always shares such great recipes with us, and thanks to her original blog post, I even learned what gefilte fish means.

Try your hand at making this classic Passover dish. Happy Tuesday, everyone!



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Barbara Linklater on 4.22.2011

You must try it with a mixture of pickeral and whitefish and lots of pepper.

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julies on 4.21.2011

Looks good and a little different from my great grandmothers recipe.
Going to have to try it.

Usually you use more than one kind of fish, if available :-)

Michelle on 4.20.2011

Gefilte fish reminds me of Ruth Reichl cooking for the superstar in her memoir….

d.liff @ yelleBELLYboo on 4.20.2011

Oh man I can’t stand gefilte fish – but my Bubby always served them out of a jar. My coworker also made them with halibut and salmon (but in a bundt pan) and she said they came out great. Next year I’ll have to try to make my own!

Nancy on 4.20.2011

Can’t tell you how much our kids love gefilte fish. I’ve actually seen groups of kids try to rush it after services (while the adults watch in wonder.) But, all gefilte fish is not created equal and I hope this lets people all have the opportunity to try some of the good stuff.

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yeshasettler on 4.20.2011

Our gefilte fish is usually made with pike and white fish or carp and white fish.

aurea on 4.19.2011

for the people with the comments… try cooking the recipe first THEN make a comment about it. It is no help!

Misty Pearson on 4.19.2011

Haha! I always think of Rush Hour too when I think of gefilte fish! But Im glad to finally learn what it is! Thanks!!

Diane on 4.19.2011

Never have even seen a recipe for this. Looks interesting and I’m going to try it…

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is on 4.19.2011

the name sorta scares me, but it sure does look delicious!

Diana K. on 4.19.2011

I thought the same thing! I can still hear the director yelling “GE-FIL-TE FISH” at him! After that movie, I’ve always wondered what it tasted like. Look’s like this is the recipe to try :)

MeganAnne on 4.19.2011

The only time I’ve ever eaten and liked gefilte fish is one year when my mom made it. But this recipe looks like it deserves a try.

Maggy on 4.19.2011

I’ve never made Gefilte fish either! But this recipes looks doable and delicious.