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Looks Fabulous! Holiday Platter Ideas

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Holiday Platter Ideas

Our Tasty Kitchen members continue to amaze me with their crazy creativity and talent. It’s so inspiring, and you all are just so lovely about sharing your talent.

Today I want to show you just a few recipes that I thought would make lovely and impressive additions to any holiday platter. They’ll make everyone smile and think you’re a genius.

First, we have Strawberry Christmas Tree Brownie Bites from sweettooth. You can see her original blog post with photos of what they look like inside. She just used a regular piping tip to make the trees, and what a great idea to use the strawberries as a base!

Speaking of strawberries, check out her Santa Hat Brownies as well. So cute, so easy, and so festive.

Then we have beautiful Cookie Cutter Cookies from taracooks. In her original blog post, she explains that she used a grass cake decorating tip to make these beautiful cookies. Brilliant, I’m telling you.

And finally, if piping intimidates you or if you want to add something cute and whimsical to your platter that even the kids can make, look at The Christmas Mouse from Clabbergirl. Isn’t that adorable? You can put them in strategic spots around your buffet spread and your guests will surely get a kick out of them.

Do you have any favorite additions to your holiday platter? Any special decorating tips? We’d love to know!



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Sabrina on 1.8.2011

It is -7 C. Yes I mean Celsius! It is a damp cold you can feel in your bones here in SW Ontario.

Mary Alexander on 1.8.2011

It’s down right chilly.

Donnagram on 1.8.2011

We have so much snow and it keeps on coming. Soon we will have to tunnel out of the house. My husband is so tired of his snowblower.

Darlene Jensen on 1.8.2011

It is 12 degrees here this morning in North East Nebraska with snow in the forecast for this afternoon and the next two days.

Vicki on 1.8.2011

It is chilly here in Arkansas. We may have snow or most probably ice on Monday.

Tina on 1.7.2011

I live on California’s Central Coast, so “cold” here is like a Spring day elsewhere. Even though I still wear a jacket at work!

Marol Ammond on 1.7.2011

It is very cold here, only 16 degrees! Could really use that pot for some hot soup!

Canal Fulton, OH

Stefanie on 1.7.2011

I live in Virginia Beach and it’s not supposed to really get cold until next month. However it’s been really cold for a good month and a half. With lots of snow. We don’t get lots of snow. We get 5 inches every 7 years. We had a huge snowfall last year and we’re on our second this year. Crazy weather, I tell you.

Karen Fritts on 1.7.2011

It is cold here 20 degree’s, but sunny for a change, I would love to win that cooking pan !

Erie, PA

Profile photo of layton03

layton03 on 1.3.2011

I have also seen the “hugs” kiss as the head for the mouse which looks really cute too. My grandsons really like these :)

Katie on 12.23.2010

Oh the mouse! So so so adorable!

Kate on 12.23.2010

What will I be doing this weekend??? Cook, wrap, eat. Repeat. Or was that wrap, cook, eat, repeat. Or eat, wrap, cook, repeat. Or … maybe I should skip straight to the Santa-nog and let the rapping eaters shnook the cooks. (“shnook the cooks”? Where’d that come from — I definitely need more coffee…)

Bonnie on 12.23.2010

Staying home… all my adult children and their families are coming. I’m going to just savor the time with them.

Pam Early on 12.22.2010

I work for a non-profit providing women in third world countries with a sustained income, and have not had time to cook any this week! Everything looks great! We are going to see my mother-in-law for Christmas Day and she is an amazing cook!! Looking forward to it! Merry Christmas!!

Profile photo of mrstbq

mrstbq on 12.22.2010

I use the “cherry cordial” kisses for the heads. Goes with the chocolate covered cherries.

barb turner on 12.22.2010

I use the “cherry cordial” kisses for the heads. Goes with the chocolate covered cherries.

karen on 12.22.2010

I have made these mice for years. They are the hit of any party but I display them differently. I have orders for them all during Xmas for office parties and home parties,they aren’t as easy as you think.
Ofcourse I match size of ears on every mouse!

Nonnie on 12.21.2010

Looks yummy. I used to make the little mice with my granddarlings when they were little. We always had a blast and made a big mess! A little dot of pink from a purchased tube of icing on the eyes makes him really scary!

LoriM on 12.21.2010

Love to make cornflake wreaths – using the Rice Krispie Treats recipe with corn flakes instead of rice krispies – and lots of green food coloring. Experimented with sprinkles, powdered sugar, red hots for holly and snow. Tasty and pretty on a cookie tray.

Sheila P on 12.21.2010

I’ve seen these mouse treats plated up w/ a little wedge of cheese in the middle of the tray and all of the mice circling and facing the cheese. Adorable!, and they always get ooh’s and aah’s. Tasty too!

Profile photo of clarelaine

clarelaine on 12.21.2010

We have made the mouse for years. Our are “blind” and we use m & m’s for ears.

Kathy C. on 12.21.2010

I want to make those strawberry trees and santa hats. oh my gosh they are so adorable!

christine on 12.21.2010

those christmas tree cupcakes look lovely!!

Tina Biffle on 12.21.2010

well, here is my holiday decorating tip for anything you can put a pine cone on. You need a skewer, a rose making piping tip, a piping bag, and brown frosting. Start at the top of the skewer and pipe a normal looking rose, then start at the bottom of the rose and add some more layers to make it look like a pine cone. When you are ready to transfer onto a cake, all you have to do is kinda squish the side of the pine cone to the place you want it, and then pull the skewer out. It leaves the pine cone in place then you can add some tree branches or a poinsettia….but they are easy, (I made a lot of pine cones whole I was trying to actually make roses…)

AngAK on 12.20.2010

I made a bunch of the mice this week. I use boxed chocolate covered cherries, like Cella, for the body. faster and less messy than dipping all those cherries and we like the taste of the chocolate covered cherries. I use red licorice strings for the tail.

[email protected] on 12.20.2010

So cute!

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is on 12.20.2010

I love the Christmas trees!

Clabbergirl on 12.20.2010

Glad you guys like the idea:) These are very popular in our house but not because they are so cute and tasty. My three boys like the leftover dipping chocolate. They try to outdo each other by finding strange things to dip and then they dare each other to eat the creations. Chocolate covered pickle chips, anyone? If you want cute, check out Black Olive and Cream Cheese Penguins by Abigaele. I found them on Allrecipes years ago. They are soooo cute on veggie trays or alongside dips. Oh yeah, the leftover olives make great alien fingers!

Profile photo of ClaraW

ClaraW on 12.20.2010

That mouse is one of the most creative things I have seen in a while and so easy. Way to go Clabbergirl. Thank you.

Jacki on 12.20.2010

I want that mouse! Too cute!!

Jodie ( on 12.20.2010

LOVE LOVE the Christmas trees and Santa Hats!
I just added red velvet cake to my peppermint patties, bon bons, cookies…so many recipes so little time!

Miz Booshay on 12.20.2010

I just adore cute food!!!

MOV on 12.20.2010

I’m all about the mouse. Should I do a companion piece that would be a larger CAT?!

Lorrie McD. on 12.20.2010

LOVE the Santa Hat brownies………….I think even I could handle those!

Profile photo of Serve at Once

Serve at Once on 12.20.2010

Those Santa Hats are soooooo adorable. And those little mice are tugging at my heartstrings! If anything ever made me weep at a buffet table…it would be those.

But I’d probably have to be a teeny bit hormonal first. ;)

Sandi on 12.20.2010

Wouldn’t the little mouse or Santa hat make cute placecards…Adorable Add a little tag or pipe on the names.

Carissa Casey is Pretty/Hungry on 12.20.2010

TOO cute! There just isn’t enough time in one weekend to do all the baking I want!

I made some realy pretty blondies yesterday that would look great on a Holiday Platter as well!

Cheryl E. Smith on 12.20.2010

Anything you can make with the young ‘uns gets my vote

Christina in MN on 12.20.2010

I must try that Christmas mouse.

TanyaHollas on 12.20.2010

I LOVE the Santa Hat brownies.. adorable! Got to figure out a way to add these in to our christmas spread!

Heather (Heather's Dish) on 12.20.2010

that Christmas mouse is probably the cutest thing i have ever seen!