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Pie vs. Bread

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Pie vs. Bread

It’s the day after the Thanksgiving Throwdown and there was some mighty fine food being thrown. The dessert round was a battle between pecan pie and pumpkin bread pudding, so we figured it would be fun to have a little re-enactment of that match here today. It’ll be Team B (for Bread Pudding) against Team P (for Pecan Pie) wrestling for a spot on your holiday table.

Anything involving dessert is worth re-enacting, right?

First up, Team B. Moist, rich, comforting bread pudding. In a variety of flavors so you can use your favorite.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Pie vs. Bread (Team Bread)Clockwise from top left: Pumpkin Apple Bread Pudding from smokinchestnut, Banana Bread Pudding from Kelly @ EvilShenanigans, Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding from Bindi, and Lemon Ricotta Blueberry Bread Pudding from Food for my Family.

Team P struts in with pecan pie in different incarnations: bars, muffins, cheesecake, or just dressed up with chocolate.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Pie vs. Bread (Team Pie)Clockwise from top left: Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie from A Cozy Kitchen, Maple Pecan Pie Bites from EatLiveRun, Pecan Pie Caramel Cheesecake from Lauren’s Latest, and Pecan Pie Muffins from blackhawkwife (photo by missamy).

You be the judge! Will it be pie or bread pudding on your table? Cast your vote!



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Merrie on 11.22.2010

I make a homemade pecan pie every Thanksgiving & Christmas because it is my hubby’s favorite, but he also LOVES anything pumpkin, so this year I will make your pie & Bobby’s pudding. BTW…quit fretting about the top you wore on the throwdown…YOUR GORGEOUS inside & out! Love your blog!

Dixie Lee on 11.21.2010

This Carolina girl would die without pie.

SheilaW on 11.20.2010

Pumpkin Apple Bread Pudding is by far the best!

Profile photo of bobbieh

bobbieh on 11.20.2010

Is there no where on TK where you can ask for advice about a specific topic or food?

Kathryntwoshoes on 11.20.2010

Pie! It’s flakey, sweet, juicy, tart, creamy, crunchy, eat it warm, eat it cold, on a plate, bowl, or still in the pan, eat it with a spoon, fork, or with your hands. Mmn, pie, the perfect food group!

LeahS on 11.20.2010

I love pie, so it would have to be pie.

Michelle on 11.20.2010

Pie pie pie :-)

Watched the throwdown, recorded it so I can share it with my sisters this weekend. It was great! I can only imagine how warm it was with the lights and the cooking.

Jewel cooke on 11.20.2010

Several of PW pies….

Cindy on 11.20.2010

Pie! I’d take pie over bread, cake, anything. I’m making 3 different pies and a cheesecake for Tday. I’m not a cheesecake lover, but my sweetie is. Coconut cream pie is my to-die-for pie!

Profile photo of ninabean

ninabean on 11.20.2010

Ive never had bread pudding on thanksgiving. always had pie so for me it wouldnt b the same with out the pie. however i might make the bread pudding sometime this week.

Carol B on 11.20.2010

The comments page is not working for the contest!!!
I am trying to enter. I will be cleaning house and tackling the pile of dishes that may equal Ree’s laundry pile.

Michele Hill on 11.19.2010

Pie! Pie! and more Pie! Team P all the way!

Happymom on 11.19.2010

After looking at both those pictures it should make your mouth water just to think about pecan pie. Pie wins out every time

Melissa S. on 11.19.2010

Pie! And possibly pumpkin cheesecake.

Becky on 11.19.2010

Pecan pie is always a taste of home. Perfect for Thanksgiving!

Leonora on 11.19.2010

I’m having your Pecan Pie.

I made it last Thanksgiving and will make it again this year…besides did you see all of the ingredients in Bobby’s Pumpkin Pudding. I’m sure it is delicious but way too many ingredients.

I loved the throwdown and seeing and hearing you, and also seeing your friends and family. I enjoyed it thoroughly!! :)

Debbie Smith on 11.19.2010

I have to be with the P Team. Although I am going to have to try that Pumpkin Apple Bread also sometime soon.

candice on 11.19.2010

I am going to see Harry Potter and pack for Thanksgiving.

Delana on 11.19.2010

Has to be Team P, always Pecan Pie on our table. I think I would ran out of the house if it wasn’t there.

Profile photo of kaycarrasco

kaycarrasco on 11.19.2010

Well, I may be biased, but… Pie and only pie, kids. I’m a Thanksgiving baby and my traditional birthday “cake” has always been pumpkin pie. And who messes with tradition, ya know? :)

Emily W. on 11.19.2010

I will be pigging out on every type of food I can find! Who needs to wait ’till thanksgiving? Would LOVE a mixer in that color!

Caroline Logan on 11.19.2010

Well – I’m voting for the bread pudding because the one Bobby Flay made was FANTASTIC. That’s the one I’d want!!!! :)

Debbie J from East TN on 11.19.2010

Going to be cooking Bobby Flay’s brussel sprouts. I love brussel sprouts and those looked yummy.
Sure did enjoyed the throwdown. Recorded it and have already watched it two times

Momcat on 11.19.2010

Pie! Almost everyone in my family gags at the mere mention of bread pudding. However, my daughter is making her Pumpkin Trifle, so it’s going to be a moot point this year.

Sarah on 11.19.2010

Pie hands down! Either Pecan or Apple Cranberry pie. Although, that Pecan Pie Cheesecake looks divine!

vetmed on 11.19.2010

Nuts, I like all of them- I just regret I don’t have time, space or a small enough waistline to eat all of them!

Janis Ann on 11.19.2010

Don’t have to think a nano-second …. Pecan Pie

Lana in South Mountain (ON) on 11.19.2010

Pecan Pie will always win in my books.

Gwen M. on 11.19.2010

They both sound good, but am a little more partial to pecan pie this time of year. Hard decision!!

Elaine on 11.19.2010

Pie! I only make pie on the holidays…

Theresa on 11.19.2010

OH, so much fun!
I don’t have cable, so I asked my girlfriend, who is also a P-Dub fan, if we could watch at her place. This meant she was allowing me to bring my 3 kids ( 11yr., 4yr., and 5 month old) to her place. We had a blast! Thank you for inspiring so many and making GOOD food! Excited about your victory and definitely PIE!

Pam Keeting on 11.19.2010


deb in kansas on 11.19.2010

pie oh my PIE!!!!!!!!

Profile photo of ggintexas

ggintexas on 11.19.2010

Team B…. Pecan Pie has always been a little to sweet for me. Would love to have Bobby’s recipe from the Throwdown

Nana Ann on 11.19.2010

Pie Pie Pie – I just can’t decide what other kind besides Pecan – apple upside down is really really good too!!! BOTH!!

Tiffany Noel on 11.19.2010

Solution . . .
Bread Pudding for Thanksgiving breakfast . . .
Pie for Thanksgiving dessert!

Vickie R on 11.19.2010

Made and love the pecan pie muffins, love pecan pie. ALSO love bread pudding. My mother made it all the time when I was a kid.
So my vote = Both on the table !!

Jen Wallis on 11.19.2010

I loved watching you kick Bobby’s butt on Throwdown, even though I like him a lot. It was wonderful for people to see how awesome Oklahoma is! I am so proud of the way you represented our state. I can’t wait to make the pie for Thanksgiving.

Profile photo of sleepycathollow

sleepycathollow on 11.19.2010

Bread Pudding! (with pie on the side! :) )

Nicki on 11.19.2010

Oh it is PIE!!!! My family would FREAK OUT without pie!

cheryl on 11.19.2010

Pie and pie’s cousin cheesecake. These will both be at our table. Probably my college son’s two favorites triple berry pie and buttermilk pie and some version of cheesecake. Been dying to try the pecan pie cheesecake that was a featured recipe few days ago. Um but now TK has thrown out a few recipe that intrigues me- Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie. Oh so many pies so little time.

Dawn Plumer on 11.19.2010

I love pie, and have found no substitute for a flakey crust. So pie will be served at my Thanksgiving meal.

I am going to relaxe with my family and do nothing. We are so busy during the week we take the weekend to be able to relax.

AnnieA on 11.19.2010

Pie, of course, and “pe-can” is my favorite! You seemed so at ease! And MM is such a hunk!

Lois Arnold on 11.19.2010

Pecan pie, of course!

Julie on 11.19.2010

Pecan Pie. Oh yes

Kashia H on 11.19.2010

thats tough but Id have to say “Pie”…everybody like pie!

Charissa R on 11.19.2010

It will be pie. It is not Thanksgiving without pie – and it will be pecan pie, of course.

Jean F on 11.19.2010

:: Thud::

that Pumpkin Apple Bread pudding looks absofreakinglutely divine!

Sharon on 11.19.2010

I have tasted very few bread puddings I have loved- PIE has my vote!

Ken on 11.19.2010

Since pecan pie is the only thing I contribute to the meal, beside washing the dishes, I’ll have to go with pie.

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