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That’s STILL the Best Frosting I’ve Ever Had

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The mixer giveaway is still going on through noon today and winners will be announced Friday. Meanwhile, I wanted to re-post this recipe again for a slightly controversial frosting that I love so much I just made it again this week. And I realize it’s strange to call frosting controversial, but the comments on the original post did show mixed reactions and results. I happen to love it. Let me know if you’ve tried it yet!

From the TK Blog archives – March 2010

I’ve been intrigued with this frosting recipe for months, not just because of its alluring title, but also because if its ingredients. Five tablespoons of flour? In frosting? Let’s just say my interest was piqued.

I finally got around to making it yesterday evening; Marlboro Man’s grandmother has some old friends staying at The Lodge and I wanted to take them a treat. So I whipped up this frosting, slapped it on some chocolate cupcakes…and wound up considering not sharing them with the guests because it was so delicious.

You owe it to yourself to make this frosting sometime in your life.

You’ll just have to trust me on this.

Thank you, MissyDew, for submitting!

Here’s how you make it:


First things first: I made chocolate sheet cake cupcakes. They’re the best cupcakes around.

Here’s the recipe:

The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake (or Cupcakes!) Ever

Let your cupcakes (or cake) cool completely.



Begin by pouring 5 tablespoons of flour into 1 cup of milk. I used whole milk because I can if I want.



After adding the flour, whisk it together until combined, then place the saucepan over medium heat. Whisk it as it heats up and thickens, and stop when the mixture is very thick.

Cool the mixture completely.




The mixture will be very, very thick.



Add 1 teaspoon of vanilla to the cooled flour/milk mixture.




Stir it around to combine.





Pour one cup of sugar into a bowl with one cup of butter.



Whip it around until it’s light and fluffy, scraping the bowl once or twice to make sure it’s all mixed well.



Add the cooled flour/milk/vanilla mixture. Make sure it’s not the least bit warm!

I’m bossy. Sorry.



Next, just whip it on medium-high until the mixture resembled whipped cream.



This was slightly tricky for me, as I was afraid of overbeating the mixture and causing everything to start breaking down and falling apart. I’d say this is about 45 seconds of pretty hard beating.



And then it was time for the rubber to meet the road.





This was spread with a big spatula…



This was spread with a dinner knife. The frosting definitely has a whipped cream consistency; it’s not thick like a decorator icing.



Before I allowed myself to taste it, I made some sprinkled ones for my punks.





This makes for a crunchy cupcake!


And now…for the moment of truth.


THE VERDICT: Okay. Let me just explain something to you. After I took this bite, I looked around for the hidden camera. I was certain someone was playing a trick on me. This frosting is so UNBELIEVABLY divine, I almost couldn’t believe what was happening to me. The consistency is light, the flavor indescribably delicious, and a perfect complement to the rich chocolate cake. And don’t just take my word for it—after my daughter took her first bite, she looked at me and said “WHAT is this FROSTING?”

Even she knew she was in the presence of greatness.

Here’s the frosting recipe:

That’s the Best Frosting I’ve Ever Had

Note: I would probably recommend making the frosting on the same day you intend to serve it.

Thank you to MissyDew for sharing such a great recipe!



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Karen C on 10.7.2010

I couldn’t agree with you more, I love a ton of it on a cupcake! Can you figure out how to turn it into chocolate? That would be great.

Jodie on 10.7.2010

I haven’t made frosting in years…you have inspired me to try this. LOVE the sprinkles on top by the way…the only way to make a cupcake!!

Jenny Peterson on 10.7.2010

I have actually tried this type of icing on a cake. It was delicious. I will write this down to use as my go to frosting recipe. Thanks for the reminder.

EG on 10.7.2010

I made this when you first posted it, and the texture was weird. Or maybe the taste was weird. I don’t remember. But my favorite continues to be Martha’s Meringue Buttercream. Heaven help me.

Twila on 10.7.2010

I found an interesting recipe for icing yesterday that I would love to try but am on a very strict diet and cannot cheat. You mix together a tub of cool whip and a tub of store bought whipped icing. Sounds so good to me.

Emily on 10.7.2010

I made this frosting for my sons fifth birthday and had a big party with too many crazy boys (and their families) running wild in my house. I must have over mixed the frosting because it did start to break down. It was certainly not the prettiest cupcake I’d ever made but EVERYONE asked what kind of frosting it was. It was still a big hit. Ugly and all. Thanks for the recipe.

Peach on 10.7.2010

I made it! Being skeptical as to the ingredients and anything comparing to buttercreme frosting, I did a half recipe, and it quickly disappeared! It was good and almost light tasting without being “whipcreme” frosting!

Profile photo of Jeanne (aka NanaBread)

Jeanne (aka NanaBread) on 10.7.2010

This must be an old Depression era frosting. My grandmother made this most of her life. She would spread it over red velvet cake and sprinkle it with shredded coconut, or make it just like Ree and spread it over devil’s food cake. It is divine. Thanks for the memories and the new copy of the recipe for my drawer!

Marina on 10.7.2010

Alright, you made me do it. I’ve currently got a sheet of cupcakes in the oven and am printing off the frosting recipe as we speak. It looks like I’m going to be eating cupcakes for lunch!!

Susan on 10.7.2010

Yes, this recipe called roux or cooked icing has been around for a very long time. I believe it was originally made to frost the red velvet cake. I remember reading, somewhere, a long time ago that since the cake was popular in the warm South, this icing didn’t soften or melt as quickly as a cream cheese icing .

Jen on 10.7.2010

I made it for my son’s 3rd birthday party and everyone loved it! It’s definately a keeper in our home and I’ll be making it again!

Julie on 10.7.2010

I wish I had those cupcakes and frosting for breakfast RIGHT NOW! ;-) Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to try it!

Janet on 10.7.2010

I have made this frosting at least half a dozen times since you first shared it. It is the stuff of dreams, absolutely the best.

Heather on 10.7.2010

The frosting is the BEST! I found that it took me a couple of tries to get it really right. My kids ask for it, will you make that YuMMY frosting? What are we going to put it on?? Our fingers!! This stuff is SO good!!

Kristi on 10.7.2010

I make this one all the time – I really love it on chocolate cake. I tastes like the cream in a Twinkie or Ding Dong. I have tried it on a cinnamon swirl cake – my husband liked that best but I still prefer it on chocolate cake (just the box kind – like Swiss chocolate or Red Velvet). Try it – you’re in for a treat :)

hsmompt on 10.7.2010

This is my Mom’s favorite recipe for frosting for Red Velvet Cake–thanks for sharing and for the tips!

Heather (Heather's Dish) on 10.7.2010

i’m always looking for great frosting recipe…this one sounds like a great one to bookmark!

and don’t you love it when you make faces when you really enjoy food and make sure no one else is there? happens to me all the time :)

Jean F on 10.7.2010

:: drool ::

Becky on 10.7.2010

I haven’t made this particular recipe, but my grandmother makes one similar to this (with the flour and milk). If you ask her to taste any other frosting, the best response you’ll get is: it isn’t bad, but it isn’t as good as my frosting. On the other hand, I prefer other frostings. I could put cream cheese frosting on just about anything. Variation that I like better: using this type of frosting with cocoa powder mixed in. Mmm..chocolate frosting :)

AGinTO on 10.7.2010

Oh yeah! Looks like a winner to me!!! MUST. TRY. THIS!!!

bonnie on 10.7.2010

I hear cupcakes calling my name, may have to try this out :)

Melanie on 10.7.2010

Yep, I’ve made it twice, my family loves it.

Penny Wolf on 10.7.2010

Where have you been dear? This is an old recipe that IS the best.
I have known it to be the icing/frosting to red velvet cake and not that heavy,usually poorly made cream cheese concoction.

Caitlin on 10.7.2010

I have made this several times for cupcakes for work functions and people always beg me to make more–the frosting is THAT GOOD. I usually make it the night before to great success. The icing does not harden or spoil over night!

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is on 10.7.2010

I haven’t made it yet, but I’m going to try this weekend!

Joanne on 10.7.2010

My mother always put this on chocolate layer cake. It was my favorite. But…instead of butter it had shortening. Actually, it was called “Spry frosting”. Spry was a brand of shortening and I believe the recipe was found on the label on the can. This would probably be in the 50s or early 60s. My family doesn’t care for it like I do so I will definitely have to try it with the butter and see if that makes a difference. Thanks for the wonderful memory!

Christy aka Mamarazzi on 10.7.2010

hmmmm, I honestly thought my mom made the best frosting ever, I think I may have to put this frosting to the ol’ taste test! Looks good, but will it stand up to the Ree vs. My Mom challenge?

julie von blom on 10.7.2010

This was my Grandmothers all time –always make Icing. She would and I still do put it on my RED VELVET CAKE!!!! Delicious !

Wei-Wei on 10.7.2010

I just looooooove this frosting. I’ve made it twice and it was BEAUTIFUL both times! I just could not stop eating it. I think I could survive on this frosting alone.

Regan on 10.7.2010

That looks so yummy. I will definitely have to try that one!!!

Tabitha (FromSingletoMarried) on 10.7.2010

Oh my – looks amazing!

Amanda @ Confessions From HouseholdSix on 10.7.2010

OK, now I think I need to make some cupcakes today. Those just look so good.