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Looks Delicious! Spicy Margarita Shrimp

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Looks Delicious! (Spicy Margarita Shrimp, submitted by TK member Damielo)

Mmmm. Spicy Margarita Shrimp. This dish has so much going for it that it’s like a fiesta on a plate. Shrimp, avocado, tequila (woohoo!), triple sec, curry, cumin, turmeric … it’s enough to make one want to grab a sombrero and sit under a tree with a mariachi band.

Yes, sometimes my visualizations puzzle me too.

Tasty Kitchen member Damielo promises that the marinade will work with chicken or white fish as well, and you can serve this on rice, quinoa, or a salad if you want to go the low carb route.

Thanks for such a gorgeous recipe, Damielo!



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Wendy2 in WA on 9.28.2010

These are FANTASTIC! Made them for my husband, our daughter, and son-in-law and it has become my SIL favorite dish. YUM!

Sheila on 9.27.2010

Wow — these are absolutely fantastic! My husband has requested they become part of the cooking rotation! I’m trying to decide if the marinade would work with tilapia. Served with cilantro & lime rice – AMAZING!!

Charlotte Knox on 9.25.2010

I am always looking for new ways with shrimp and this fits the bill for us at the Knox house. Yummmmmm,

Ella on 9.24.2010

Margarita sounds perfect! Who needs to bother with all the other ingredients. I’ll just boil that shrimp and sprinkle it with some leftoverfromthemargarita lime juice and we’re done!! Thanks :)

Marge on 9.23.2010


Dee on 9.22.2010

Margarita! I will be trying this recipe!

Krikit on 9.22.2010

You had me @ Margarita — never mind spicy and shrimp. ~:)

Natalie on 9.22.2010

Can’t wait to cook! This is the type of dish I will cook every night once my high school freshman, fish-avoiding, yet totally lovable child is in her dorm room at college. on 9.22.2010

Not only does it look good, it has bumped my meatballs off the menu for this evening. I have everything on hand and will be preparing this instead! I can’t wait

Suzanne @Window On The Prairie on 9.22.2010

Love shrimp anyway, so this is right up my alley. Suzanne

TanyaHollas on 9.22.2010

I want this now! Lucky for me I have shrimp at home.. now I just need avocadoes, limes & oranges… :)

Profile photo of Food for My Family

Food for My Family on 9.22.2010

Yum! I just got a sudden craving for a giant plate of lime-y shrimp, and I haven’t even finished my morning coffee yet.

Shannon on 9.22.2010

This looks so yummy! We love anything with shrimp at our house!

Profile photo of 3kidsinwp

3kidsinwp on 9.22.2010

Margarita? That’s all you needed to say! I will be trying this one!

Spruce Hill on 9.22.2010

You had me at avocado!

Ms Bon on 9.22.2010

This sounds and looks great! Drat…. can’t find the mariachi band, thats a shrimpy idea! Good music & good food mm mm good!

Heather (Heather's Dish) on 9.22.2010

Love that it’s spicy and sweet – total winner in my book!

Jessica @ How Sweet It Is on 9.22.2010

Tequila and avocado sold me.

Tabitha (FromSingletoMarried) on 9.22.2010

What a great picture! I think I have to try this recipe based on the picture alone! :)