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How to Chop an Onion

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The only reason I’m going to show you how to dice an onion is that I was an embarrassingly advanced age (relatively speaking) before I finally figured it out myself. And I want to share that with humanity! I don’t want you to be clueless like I was for so many wretched years.

DSC_0073Start by cutting the onion in half from root to tip.

DSC_0074Then lop off the top end.

DSC_0075Then peel off the outer layer.

DSC_0076Then make several small, vertical slices all the way through the onion.

DSC_0078Next, rotate the onion 90 degrees and slice again, creating a dice.

Rocket Science: that’s what I have to offer the world.


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collegecook on 5.10.2010

If you hold your tongue to the roof of your mouth while your mouth is open the onion won’t make you cry.

Alexandra on 1.27.2010

Am lovin’ these tutorials!

This stuff right, is what I need to know. The basics, please…where else to go for the basics???

Meredith Crosland on 1.26.2010

Awesome onion tutorial! :) Another way I chop onions, is to call my kids in the room, and hand them the nifty Chop Wizard, and let them go to town. Works like a charm every time!

Avatar of fire wife katie

fire wife katie on 1.25.2010

Can we have a similar tutorial on how to properly chop garlic? :D

shauna on 1.22.2010

And another comment from me–it is in reply to Bonnie’s question as to why we need to cut onions this way. It obviously isn’t the only way to cut onions, but IMO, it is the safest. With this tecnique, you are not “chasing” the onion with a very sharp knife but are creating a flat and stable surface before you cut into it. It works well with tomatoes as well.