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Hi, folks. Welcome to Tasty Kitchen!

For a long time, we’ve wanted to create a happy little place on the web where people who love to cook could easily share recipes. Where the community would be able to tap into the bounty of tried, true, and tested recipes that exist in the arsenal of home cooks everywhere. Where recipes could easily be shared, searched for, found, and printed—and, most importantly, cooked, baked, prepared … and enjoyed!


It’s a Piece of Cake!

Tasty Kitchen is simple, just the way it should be! To search for specific recipes (Lasagna, Eggs Benedict, Chocolate Chip Cookies), just type the recipe in the search field at the top of the page. Or you can browse recipes by category: Main Dishes, Breakfast, Soups, Desserts, to name a few. Or try our Advanced Search feature, which lets you do more like exclude certain ingredients or filter by cook time or ratings. Just take a look around and familiarize yourself. New recipes will be added every day.


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When you become a member (it’s free!) of Tasty Kitchen, it opens up a whole world of fun. Communicate with other members via Wire posts or direct messages, browse members’ common interests—music, hobbies, and favorite foods—and become friends with other Tasty Kitchen users you enjoy.


Share Your Favorite Recipes

Submit your very best recipes so the community can give ‘em a try. A good photo is helpful but not required.

As you try out recipes on Tasty Kitchen, be sure to come back and rate them; it helps other folks who will read the recipe in the future. Besides, it’s fun to click on the little red rating mitts! Leave reviews/comments, too. This is your community! New site functionality will be added all the time. As always, let us know anytime you see something that could use tweaking. We want this to work for everyone.



This is your site, too, so please weigh in! (Please try to provide as much specific information as you can so our feeble minds will understand.)

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