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Looks Delicious! S’mores Pretzel Hand Pies

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Looks Delicious! (S'mores Pretzel Hand Pies, submitted by TK member Stephanie of Girl Versus Dough)

It’s Friday! Not just any Friday, too. It’s the fifth and last Friday of August, the Friday before a long holiday weekend, and for many, the last Friday of their summer vacation.

It’s a Friday that needs something extra special, so enter chocolate and marshmallow creme and cream cheese and pretzel buns. As if we needed another reason to enjoy s’mores, Stephanie completely takes it up a notch or twelve with these S’mores Pretzel Hand Pies. Talk about the perfect sweet and salty and creamy and chocolaty treat.

Thanks for sharing this, Stephanie! Go check out her blog, Girl Versus Dough, for more of her wicked good recipes. She makes a brie and jam version of these pretzel hand pies, and they look incredible, too.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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Share Your Breakfast Ideas!

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Kitchen Talk (Breakfast Ideas)

The first day of school is just around the corner, and some have already started (sorry!). Back in my school days, that meant every weekday morning was spent trying to linger in bed for as long as I could get away with, milking it for every last minute of sleep possible. Which, in turn, often meant rushing out the door without so much as a hint of breakfast. Not a crumb or drop of milk in sight. It’s a wonder I made it through third grade.

So let’s talk about breakfast! We need quick, easy, or make-ahead ideas for all the sleepyheads like me. Tell us:

Do you have any kid-friendly breakfast ideas to share?

My son was an even worse sleepyhead than I was, and I didn’t think that was possible. He loved toasted pita bread triangles spread with peanut butter and drizzled with honey. Easy to eat even as he was running down the driveway to catch the bus.

How about you? Have any ideas to help a busy parent trying to get the kids to school on time? Share the wealth below!


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Let’s Talk Pots and Pans!

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Kitchen Talk (Pots and Pans)

I have a pan problem. I have every pan I need, really, but I can’t help myself when I see pictures of new pans, particularly some specialty pans that I may never need more than once or twice. I think the only thing worse is my love for camera lenses, but at least that has an emergency stop built-in because lenses are too expensive to buy on impulse. But show me a cute little cast iron skillet that can barely hold one egg, or a pretty comal when I already own two, and I have a hard time looking away.

I know I’m not alone in my love for cookware, and though I have my share, I do have a few favorites. I know you do too! Tell us:

Of all the pots and pans you own, what’s your favorite and most used, and which one do you use the least?

My most-used pan is a three-way tie between my 9″ cast iron pan, an 8″ stainless steel skillet, and my Dutch oven. I feel like, with them, I can tackle anything. Least used? I bought this really cute canning vessel for small batch canning (holds 1 jar) one or two years ago. I haven’t used it yet because it’s apparently too small to balance on my stove grates, so I think zero times counts as the least used, yes?

How about you? What can’t you live without? And do you regret any impulse buys? Time to look through your kitchen and survey those pots and pans!


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Let’s Talk Tomatoes!

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Let's Talk Tomatoes!

We’ve been seeing more than a few summer salads here at Tasty Kitchen lately, with good reason. These warmer months, the abundance and quality of produce in the market is almost enough to make me forget about meat. Much of it is local and allowed to ripen a bit more on the vine or branch or tree, and the berries are sweeter, the lettuce crisper, and the beans … snappier. But if there’s one fruit (masquerading as a veggie) that truly represents summer around these parts, it’s the tomato. I see tomatoes growing in people’s gardens, in pots or in raised beds, and I see them in bin after bin at the local market. They come in every color, size, and shape, and I have yet to meet one I didn’t like.

So today’s Kitchen Talk topic is all about the tomato. Tell us:

What are your favorite tips when it comes to tomatoes?

It can be about choosing tomatoes, your favorite variety of tomatoes, growing tomatoes, cooking tomatoes, canning tomatoes, the most delicious or even unusual dish you’ve had with tomatoes … as long as it features the tomato, we want to hear it!

In the summertime, I just like eating tomatoes plain. Give me a bowl full of sweet cherry tomatoes (currently, the Sun Gold variety is my favorite) with a sprinkling of salt, and I’m a happy camper. I also love oven-roasted tomatoes in sandwiches, pizza, and pasta. And there’s a reason the BLT is my favorite sandwich, and—surprise!—it’s not because of the bacon. (Not the lettuce either, in case you were wondering.)

But we want to hear from you! We know you love your tomatoes too, because there are over 6,600 recipes here in Tasty Kitchen that use tomatoes. So come share your favorite tomato tips and dishes with us below!


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Looks Delicious! Jalapeño Popper Pork Chops

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Speaking of sinful indulgences, take a look at this recent recipe from TK member

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What’s Your Most Sinful Dish Ever?

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Today, I figured we should throw caution to the wind. Let's hold nothing back. I'm not even going to ask you for your favorite indulgences. No, that won't do. I want the ultimate entry on your list! Tell us:

What's the most shamelessly sinful dish you've ever made---or eaten?

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Looks Delicious! French Burgers with Easy French Fries

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It's Friday! That means we have another summer weekend almost upon us, and hopefully that weekend brings with it some grill time. If you're looking to change up your usual burger fare, have I got the burger for you.

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Share Your Quick and Easy Summer Snacks!

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These days, we're all about the quick and easy: shirts that don't need ironing, little robots that clean the floor (not that quick but definitely easy), dishes that clean themselves and walk themselves to the cupboards (quick and easy, just not reality yet). There's no other season I truly appreciate quick and easy like summer. See, summer is when we have a constant…