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Kitchen Talk: Homemade Ingredients!

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Kitchen Talk (Homemade Ingredients)

We love Homemade Ingredients here at Tasty Kitchen. Love. Not only because you have full control over what goes into your food but also because the flavors you get blow store-bought versions out the water. Plus there’s the street cred. Oh, the street cred.

We’ve had a few favorites here at the TK Blog. Like the homemade tortillas you see above. Or refried beans to go with those tortillas. Or impress everyone with homemade ricotta. Be prepared for the double takes and Elaine Benes-esqe “Shut up!” shoves when you tell them you make your own anything.

Homemade creations also gives us reason to buy more Mason jars. Because you really can never have too many Mason jars.

We’re always on the lookout for more ways to make stuff at home, so this is where you come in! Tell us:

What ingredients do you like to make at home?

I like making the basic condiments at home. I have a shelf of homemade mayo, mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce, and hot sauce in my fridge. When friends see that, they first blink in disbelief and then they swoon. I think they do it to humor me, but I’ll take what I can get. I’ve also been making my own Greek yogurt for years now and wish I did it more often.

How about you? Do you make some on a fairly regular basis? Or less than you wish you could? Or maybe you’re looking for a homemade version of a favorite item. Whatever it is, let us know!



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Avatar of Kitchen Bird - Jayme Muir

Kitchen Bird - Jayme Muir on 9.24.2014

Adding veggies, olives, chives, and fruits to plain cream cheese always make a bagel exciting! Could also use as a dip for pita, pretzels, or veggies.

hardyS on 9.20.2014

Browned butter flax tortillas—they make soft tacos taste Sooo good. Also, mango pico de gallo. Also, I wanted to try the goldfish crackers recipe I found here even though I don’t have a food processor and they turned out Great! Everyone who has tasted them loved them!!

Avatar of Kari Lindsay

Kari Lindsay on 9.16.2014

Since I started making my own tortillas (super simple) store bought are a disappointment.

Karen E on 9.14.2014

I try to make everything from scratch. I can A LOT and so I always have all my tomato products, veggies, jams, pancake syrup, sauces, ketchup, pickled most anything.
I love homemade yogurt because it has so much less sugar. I make my own cheese (chevre & ricotta so far). I make my own soap which helps my youngest who has eczema. I prefer homemade salad dressing because I know what all the ingredients are. Homemade ice cream is a breeze. I love to can things like chili and spaghetti sauce, chicken and vegetable mix along with broth to make quick meals.
It matters to me what my family eats so if I can make it I usually do.

Rani on 9.12.2014

I make my own Paneer, the Indian cheese; more tender and tastes so much better than store-bought. I also make my own pizza dough (Bobby Flay’s recipe).