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Let’s Talk Tomatoes!

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Let's Talk Tomatoes!

We’ve been seeing more than a few summer salads here at Tasty Kitchen lately, with good reason. These warmer months, the abundance and quality of produce in the market is almost enough to make me forget about meat. Much of it is local and allowed to ripen a bit more on the vine or branch or tree, and the berries are sweeter, the lettuce crisper, and the beans … snappier. But if there’s one fruit (masquerading as a veggie) that truly represents summer around these parts, it’s the tomato. I see tomatoes growing in people’s gardens, in pots or in raised beds, and I see them in bin after bin at the local market. They come in every color, size, and shape, and I have yet to meet one I didn’t like.

So today’s Kitchen Talk topic is all about the tomato. Tell us:

What are your favorite tips when it comes to tomatoes?

It can be about choosing tomatoes, your favorite variety of tomatoes, growing tomatoes, cooking tomatoes, canning tomatoes, the most delicious or even unusual dish you’ve had with tomatoes … as long as it features the tomato, we want to hear it!

In the summertime, I just like eating tomatoes plain. Give me a bowl full of sweet cherry tomatoes (currently, the Sun Gold variety is my favorite) with a sprinkling of salt, and I’m a happy camper. I also love oven-roasted tomatoes in sandwiches, pizza, and pasta. And there’s a reason the BLT is my favorite sandwich, and—surprise!—it’s not because of the bacon. (Not the lettuce either, in case you were wondering.)

But we want to hear from you! We know you love your tomatoes too, because there are over 6,600 recipes here in Tasty Kitchen that use tomatoes. So come share your favorite tomato tips and dishes with us below!



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Avatar of Hannah | The CanonRebel

Hannah | The CanonRebel on 9.3.2014

Tomatoes are sooo versatile, and I like to use them in sauces, and salads, but another great way to eat cherry tomatoes (or grape tomatoes) is tossed with 1/4 cup of red wine vinegar and 1 tbsp of sugar.

Avatar of kay43026

kay43026 on 8.17.2014

The BEST way to eat a fresh, vine ripened, tomato is in a BLT. Pair it with corn on the cob & a cantaloupe and my perfect summer meal is complete

Nancy on 8.16.2014

When the garden tomatoes are at their peek, my favorite way to preserve is to make roasted tomato sauce and freeze for winter serving over pasta.

Joan in VA on 8.15.2014

I love tomatoes … any shape, any color, any way you want to fix them. But, it wasn’t always this way. When I was about 10, my mother couldn’t get me to eat a tomato (except the ones in spaghetti sauce). One day, I came home from having lunch at a friend’s house absolutely raving about the wonderful sandwich I had just eaten. Yeah, you guessed it … a tomato and lettuce with mayonnaise on white bread. My mother just shook her head and tried to not laugh in my face.

Avatar of Cathey

Cathey on 8.14.2014

Grow them, if you can’t buy fresh local farm grown. Nothing beats a farm or garden tomato. Tomato with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and really good balsamic and EVOO, yum. That was our salad side tonight.