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Let’s Talk Pots and Pans!

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Kitchen Talk (Pots and Pans)

I have a pan problem. I have every pan I need, really, but I can’t help myself when I see pictures of new pans, particularly some specialty pans that I may never need more than once or twice. I think the only thing worse is my love for camera lenses, but at least that has an emergency stop built-in because lenses are too expensive to buy on impulse. But show me a cute little cast iron skillet that can barely hold one egg, or a pretty comal when I already own two, and I have a hard time looking away.

I know I’m not alone in my love for cookware, and though I have my share, I do have a few favorites. I know you do too! Tell us:

Of all the pots and pans you own, what’s your favorite and most used, and which one do you use the least?

My most-used pan is a three-way tie between my 9″ cast iron pan, an 8″ stainless steel skillet, and my Dutch oven. I feel like, with them, I can tackle anything. Least used? I bought this really cute canning vessel for small batch canning (holds 1 jar) one or two years ago. I haven’t used it yet because it’s apparently too small to balance on my stove grates, so I think zero times counts as the least used, yes?

How about you? What can’t you live without? And do you regret any impulse buys? Time to look through your kitchen and survey those pots and pans!



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Alyse on 8.25.2014

I cannot live without my 6 1/2 quart dutch oven.
I also use my half sheet pans every day. I know they are not pots but they are pans.

justina on 8.24.2014

My cast iron skillet of course, I make cakes, and cornbread, fry bacon and a lot more, and my cookie sheets that I bought at Sam’s and don’t remember the brand they have circles on it. I bake a lot more than cook.

marlab on 8.22.2014

I have a set of Saladmaster pots & pans from the early 70′s that my mom had bought for my grandmother. I remember the salesman came to our house and cooked a dinner with the pots/pans for demonstration. Like the old Tupperware parties! They are stainless steel and still look great. On Ebay they are considered “vintage”. I still think they look better than the newer style. Use my iron skillets, too. Over the years I have tweaked my wares so there is really not anything I don’t use.

AJ on 8.22.2014

I adore my Le Cruset Cast-Iron Braiser and use it more than any other. It is worth its weight in gold! Not only is it a dream for braising, it is great for sauteing, perfect for one pot stove top meals, and goes from stove top to oven. It has also become my favorite baking dish for savory things. I always use it for mac and cheese and it is perfect for casseroles like king ranch chicken. Least used is my cast-iron grill pan as cleaning it is a nightmare!

Bev Howard on 8.21.2014

I love my cast-iron/enamel Dutch oven! Least used, my 8″ non-stick frying pan.