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Keeping Your Stove Clean

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: Kitchen Talk (Stove Cleaning Tips)

Summer is just around the corner, and for our family, that means we finally get to fire up the grill outside, uncover the patio furniture, and invite more friends and family over to eat, drink, and enjoy the sun.

But in my area, warmer temperatures coupled with a healthy dose of regular precipitation also means we sometimes find ourselves seeking cover from rain, or worse, mosquitoes. And when the party moves indoors, people mill around the kitchen. Where the stove is. Which gives me a sudden anxiety attack and I start fretting about the state of said appliance. Oh, I should have cleaned my stove last night. And maybe not fried bacon there this morning. Gah, I hope they don’t look up and inspect the hood!

When you cook almost every meal at home, it’s hard to keep things spotless. Gunkless. Splatter-free. We’d love to know how it’s done, so tell us:

Do you have any stove or hood cleaning tips?

Any suggestions for getting them clean—or keeping them clean? I’ve heard a bit of oil is great for stainless steel, but I haven’t tried it. Some say a solution of baking soda and water can help with scuffs, and some use vinegar for porcelain or enamel. I’m not sure what works and what doesn’t (other than plain old soap and elbow grease), so come share your tried and tested tips below and let’s brainstorm together!


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